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Age of Modern Magic

Game Master Dragonborn3

Magic is back! How are you dealing with that, and do you even know? For that matter, does anyone else on Earth?

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Shadow Lodge

Here is the discussion thread, where we'll, you know, discuss stuff. :)

Male Human

Ready for approval, I think?

I haven't purchased gear yet -- I presume we have access to everyday items as they exist in 2012, so long as they're not too expensive?

Shadow Lodge

This is correct.

Ivan is good to go.

Female Half-elf Inquisiter (Sarenrae) 1/Cleric (Separatist) (Sarenrae) 1/Monk (Monk of the Healing Hand) 4- Init:+6, HP:33/33, AC:21/T:20/FF:16, Perception:+15, F:8/R:8/W:13 (+4vs enchantment), CMD:24, CMB:4 SPEED:50 ft

Jared is ready for approval--I believe. Again except gear.

M Dwarf Alchemist 1

I think Alistair is ready to go. He'll have a car, probably a Subaru, an iPhone and an iPad, at least.

Shadow Lodge

Both are good to go. Just remember that I changed Magical Talent's cantrip into an at-will spell-like ability instead of once per day.

I'll post up Roger when I get home this evening for approval!

Male Human Bard/1

and here he is. So, I learned that Greenwich Village ain't where it's at anymore. Different Village. :D

Shadow Lodge

Looks good for play. Could you make what he doesn't have smaller though, so I can find it easier?

Sure--I used the {smaller} tag, but it probably doesn't show up well.

I made them small and ooc now :D

Shadow Lodge

Your good to go then! Post whenever you have the time.

Male Human - Garuda-Blooded Aasimar Gunslinger 1

Alright, what do you think?

Shadow Lodge

Axel is good to go. I'm getting all kinds of ideas from these characters...

Also, I don't know if everyone is waiting for the others to be done or what, but you can post as soon as your character is approved(and you have the time/motivation for it).

Male Human - Garuda-Blooded Aasimar Gunslinger 1

I can post an intro for it, but I am unsure where we would be all meeting up. We do have a varied background, now that I look at it.

Shadow Lodge

Ah, I can see how that would be a problem. How about we go with the idea Lyn had, and the characters talk a little bit through the messageboard? To most it looks like a weird RPG site, but to those who are changing, a lot of the people online are describing how they got their "powers" in an eerily similar way to how the main characters got theirs... and on the same day too.

After that, they can choose to meet up if they want to.

Now I just need suggestions for a site name that doesn't sound cheesy or really is far too obvious.

Male Human - Garuda-Blooded Aasimar Gunslinger 1

Well, if White Wolf is prevalent, why not a varient on the Changeling books? Make it look like a play by post board?

It could be a variant of, nicknamed Power from within or something similar?

There, got all the class stuff done and she's ready to go.

And I am completely stumped on the messageboard name. But I'm not having the best time with creative thought right now. :/

Shadow Lodge

Ah yes, White Wolf, the company with the wonderful Geist: The Sin-Eaters game.

What do you think of "UnknownPower"* as a site name, under the guise of a pbp? Could be funny if two people are in the same internet cafe -even right next to each other- and not know it! XD

Elise is ok to post.

*Gah, seems to obvious. :/

Shadow Lodge

Had to look up "synchronicity" to see what it meant. I had no clue there was a word for this sort of thing!

Male Human
Dragonborn3 wrote:
Had to look up "synchronicity" to see what it meant. I had no clue there was a word for this sort of thing!

's a good word.

And two good Police songs!

Male Human - Garuda-Blooded Aasimar Gunslinger 1

I might not be very responsive over the next couple days. My wife just went into labor.

Male Halfling Rogue 4 HP : 34/34

Well, that slightly trumps PBP. :)

Shadow Lodge

Wife in labor > PBP

Don't worry about it. Math says the wife in more important.

Female awww, but that would be telling unknown

Yes, definitely trumps PBP. :)

Hope it goes well and congrats. :)

Male Ratfolk Grenadier 8/ Shadow Illusionist 5 + PF Savant 3
Axel 'Ace' Arandorn wrote:
I might not be very responsive over the next couple days. My wife just went into labor.

Just got my wife and brand new baby girl home today, so I know just what you'll be going through for the next two days! Congrats and don't expect sleep the first day.

Male Human Bard/1

Heh. You may not be very responsive for the next month. Kids are awesome, though. Looking forward to introducing my daughter to the Beginner Box in another 5-6 years.

Male Human into Catfolk Level 1 Rogue

Jeremy is ready for approval, as well as scale-backs on skills and the like still needing your determination.

Male Elan 1 Cryptic

Here we go...

Male Elan 1 Cryptic

Crap! I need to pay more attention, I had no idea the game was up already!
Do I need to intro my self, or did you have something in mind?

Shadow Lodge

Just make the stuff he doesn't have access too smaller and italicized and you're good to go!

Male Elan 1 Cryptic

Ok..that's all of the Elan stuff aside from a feat, right?
If so he's good to go!

Shadow Lodge

At this moment, that's it. I didn't have anything in mind, so feel free to intro yourself and pop in wherever you think makes sense.

Male Drow (noble) 14 Ranger

How widespread is this 'event'? When did it happen (i take it a few days ago) and is it getting major media coverage?

Shadow Lodge

It's not, actually. It happened a few days ago in-game, and the only coverage of it at all has been the one website. Which is weird because, if some posts on that site are to be believed, this was a worldwide event.

Space Wolf Wolf Scout (Rank 1) | Wounds: 23/23 | Armor rating: 8 | Fate: 4/5 | Renown: 6 | Active Conditions: None.

Feliks reporting for duty.

(will fix gear tonight)

Male Elan 1 Cryptic

ok, intro posted and edited accordingly.

Shadow Lodge

Feliks is good to go.

Shadow Lodge

So it's starting to look like I'm going to need to get a new charge cable for my computer. It's been acting up the last few days, and today it finally stopped charging my computer. So if no one hears from me for a while, don't worry, I haven't forgotten you. It just sucks that I might not be able to participate in all my games! :(

Male I am a meat Popsicle

heh .. ya know, that message is starting to look really familiar now DB3 .. lol

Male Human - Garuda-Blooded Aasimar Gunslinger 1

I am back now. Unsure how to jump back into things, however.

Male Human Bard/1

Time stop!

Shadow Lodge

So... who thought I was dead?

Turns out it wasn't the charger cable. See, the loop on my laptop bag broke one day while I was walking and it fell. This cracked the motherboard in three places.

Honestly, I've had plenty of chances to get online, but without all my pdfs(and music), it just didn't feel right.

With any luck I'll get my computer back today though!

Male Human - Garuda-Blooded Aasimar Gunslinger 1

Huzzah! The game has returned!

Shadow Lodge

Yep, decided to get back online since fixing my computer was taking far longer than I had expected.

Hmm... bump for the game thread.

Shadow Lodge

Are people ready to move on a bit? I know there might still be some interaction at that party Roger is at.

M Dwarf Alchemist 1

I'm good.

Yep, I'm all set.

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