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Against the Cult of the Reptile God - Group 1 (Inactive)

Game Master Chainmail

Terror by night! current map

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Just posting with my updated character sheet: bumped up to 20 pt build, added language/skill for increased INT and changed one feat (dropped Combat Reflexes and added Dodge for that extra bit of "tankiness" with MOAR tank!).

Additionally, I would add (in the hopes that it might improve my chances of selection) that I am no longer a Pathfinder "virgin" as I completed my first face-to-face gaming session this past Saturday and I am currently involved in a PbP scenario for PFS play.

Grand Lodge

so, basically, if we just roleplay the character, cool. but if we roleplay the teenager PLAYING the character, even cooler? hmmm, this is gonna get a little compllicated. heheheh. Then we kick it up a notch and do a campaign where we all have to go undercover for TRIPLE ROLEPLAY! a teen, playing a character, pretending to be someone else! AAAAAUGH MY HEAD!!

Logan1138 wrote:

Dude, you rolled 3d6 for AD&D? Now that is hardcore! Our group "wussed out" and rolled 4d6, dropping one and putting them in any order we wished. We left the "3d6 in order" stuff behind when we moved from Expert to AD&D.

We actually did something that I've never heard from anyone else. We rolled 3d6, but 7 times. Then you discarded the lowest set of rolls and placed them how you wanted. So it was still 3d6, but you got the mulligan.

Two entries allowed. Adam, if you can make a better entry than Brask, go for it.

I don't know if it's going to he better than Brask. I'm starting to wonder if I made him too good, no one's tried to start anything yet. ;)

I've had an idea peculating in my head and I wanted to see if I could get it to work.

Ping Ibbleting Painter, Bard, Shelynite, and always getting in trouble for painting things she's not supposed to.

Ping's Story:
Ping really should have known better.

She ducked under a stack of boards and sprinted to the next intersection before leaning in to try and round the corner. The thunder of armored feet surprisingly close behind. The guards came crashing through the pile of rubbish just as the gnome rounded the corner and saw the lead of them, a comically over-sized curly mustache painted on his face.

She really should have known better.


"I was just painting!"


"It's an Improvement!"

The guards slowed to round the corner and then picked the pace right back up. Unfortunately for them, Ping had gotten very good at moving very fast for her size. She darted into a busy street and weaved through the crowd and emerged a few seconds later, right in the middle of a group of guards. All of whom were looking at her.

"Uh, Hi! Would you like a song?"


"Ping. What am I supposed to do with you?"

The old, but well dressed man sighed as he sat in a tasteful chair that went with the lovingly carved desk and the chair Ping now sat in.

Well, squirmed in.

"This is the fifth time in two months the guards have hauled you in here after catching you painting on other people's walls. The only reason no one really complains, is because you are a really good artist. That won't last. You're bound to paint the wall of a person who'll not appreciate your work, and they will likely press charges of vandalism."

"B-but I can't help it! I see a blank wall and I can't help but imagine what would go there!"

"I know, and that's where we're at a loss. We don't know what to do with you, the other clergy and I. It also doesn't help that you painted a mustache on that one guard. Although, it was funny."

The priest gives a smile to the gnome before going on.

"Anyway, we have word that a band of adventurers is looking for some of your, ah, skills. Don't deny you have those picks I've seen you use them to get to your brushes a few weeks ago. I'm hoping that a stint with them will curb some of your more, ah, free-spirited activities."


The gnome looked at the small sleepy village, and gave a great sigh. The adventures had scoffed at her when she showed up with a pack full of crafting and painting tools. The fact that, if it wasn't for her mismatched eyes and pink hair, she'd look like a street urchin with the cap she always wore on. She was sent to a small little town to attend to the needs of those who follow Shelyn, and hopefully grow the church some.

She dragged her feet and walked into town. And hopefully a place more accepting of an obsessive painter.

Ping is like most of her faith. She's kind and loves art in all of it's forms. She sings and dances with grace, and loves to play the flute. Her true love, though, is painting. If there is a bare wall, and she has a few hours, odds are she'll have started a beautiful piece before anyone notices. She also likes to make jewelry and clothing, but she lost her tools for the latter after a narrow escape from the guard in her previous home.

She detests goblins and reptilian humanoids, although she'd never harm one unless they tried to harm her first. She gets along wine with just about anyone else, as long as they don't try and stop her from painting.

At 3 feet 2 inches, and 34 lbs, Ping often looks like a young street urchin at first glance. She wears a coat over a long-sleeved tunic and a vest of hardened leather (one of her concessions to the fact she may be fighting). Her pants go over calf-high leather boots that have seen many drops of paint. Her pink hair is covered by an almost too large cap (Like this) that can be pulled down to cover her silver and violet eyes (silver on the left, violet on the right). Her skin is almost normal in comparison to her eyes, being like a very pale human's.

I'd like to submit Mithrellas a half-elf cleric of Shelyn.
As an ordinary high school boy named Mitch he's a bit of charmer and gambler. He has a Susan B. Anthony coin that he considers his luck charm and he often calls for her blessing saying, "Lady luck don't fail me now." A real charmer he tries to weasel his way out of things often with his good lucks and witty tongue. I see him as the face man for the team and built him to have a fairly high diplomacy score. When he crosses over into Greyhawk he finds that the face on the coin has changed to that of Shelyn and that it grants him divine powers.
A friend of mine may come on as a brother character to Mithrellas.

Submitting Ariadne Ornelos. I would also be rp'ing a teenage boy Tom Arnold rp'ing a chick character.

"Aww man, memori, you played the chick last time! It's my turn. Besides my orphan rogue girl is waaaay cooler than your dumb cleric.

I will take out the archetype, and the traits

I actually had the high school kids from 'Breakfast Club' as the teenagers.
Juvenile delinquent
Popular girl
and of course, Long Duc Dong the zany exchange student--yes he is from a different movie, but too funny not to make the list.

Presenting, Bizzlemont Blacktop, master glassmaker and gnomish illusionist extraordinaire!


Bizzlemont Blacktop of the Moorwenth Blacktops is a charming, but studious and, typically for a gnome, obsessive little man. At the young age of 37, he left his home set on a singular purpose: Making glass. He wanted to learn the secrets of glassmaking and to become an expert in glass of all types. He was fascinated with the transformation of the materials and how it could be molded and shaped into both useful and decorative objects. During his travels, he has picked up quite a bit of other skills. One of them is wizardry, of which he quite fancies the ability to make illusions. Like glass, it seems to appeal to him because it can be made to do almost anything and can fit exactly what you need for a given occasion. Over the years, Bizzlemont has spent time with both glassmakers and mages, trying to perfect his crafts. While a passable mage, he has already made a name for himself in glasswork, turning out some beautiful pieces of blown glass as well as working on the stained glass for a couple churches. Rather than settle down, however, he has decided to continue his journeys to find new and exciting ingredients and glassmaking techniques. Practicing his illusions can’t hurt either. He has recently shown interest in shoemaking as well...


Bizzlemont, or Bizzle or Biz as he is known, stands 3 foot 4 inches and weighs in at just under 40 pounds. He wears spectacles at times, though just as often they are sitting on his head, making people wonder if he actually needs them at all. He has a dusky complexion and bright red hair which he wears in a tail hanging just below his shoulders. He is usually seen wearing his workman’s overalls, which can change color nearly daily. Biz is usually bright and happy fellow, though he can become fixated on a single task with the exclusion of all else. He can be absent-minded, but he usually comes back around to things eventually.

Game outside the game:

"What do you mean 'Illusionist', Rodney? And why all that bit about glassmaking. How's that going to help?

"That's what he does. Right now he's more known for his glassmaking than being a wizard, but that will probably change soon. And he specializes in making illusions to fool people and his enemies."

"Hey, you don't even have Magic Missile on here! How are you going to fight with out that? And Evocation is an opposed school? Does that mean no Fireballs?"

"That's right, my friends. We're going to be playing smarter, this time. Rather than blast the hell out of something, I'm going to be outthinking it. There are better ways to fight than with force."

*grumble* "I liked Fireball"

Bizzlemont is played by Rodney, a very typical nerd who wants to prove how clever he can be, and how it will be so much better than blasting.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Finished my rogue, Strang. Not exactly iconic, but what I would've been hard-put to choose against when I was 15.

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber


Recruiting will close COB Friday. Description for first adventure:

Terror by night! The village of Orlane is dying. Once a small and thriving community, Orlane has become a maze of locked doors and frightened faces. Strangers are shunned, trade has withered. Rumours flourish, growing wilder with each retelling. Terrified peasants flee their homes, abandoning their farms with no explanation. Others simply disappear......

No one seems to know the cause of the decay--why are there no clues? Who skulks through the twisted shadow of the night? Who or what is behind the doom that has overtaken the village? It will take a brave and skillful band of adventurers to solve the dark riddle of Orlane.

by Douglas Niles

Current Applicants:


Mithrelas-Half elf-cleric(Shelyn)(F)

Strang-Half Orc-Rogue

Melee Frontliner

Wild Card

Mithrellas is a dude just to be clear. Not that I was offended or anything.

"Oi! Who're ye callin' a wil' car'? I'll gnaw yer kneecaps off!"

The frothing at the mouth dwarf Starts to charge forward, but then notices the the pink haired gnome he'd been grouped with.

"An' why did ye pair me wit' a gnome?! She don't look like much o' a fighter."

This is Ping


The normally mischievous gnome hides in a corner and keeps her eyes on the rabid dwarf.

"Why oh why did I wind up with a frothing at the mouth dwarf!"

Grand Lodge

"hmm, need to learn a spell to calm emotions. those two are going to be trouble."

Current Applicants:


Mithrelas-Half elf-cleric(Shelyn)

Strang-Half Orc-Rogue

Melee Frontliner

Wild Card

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

So the character requirements are:
Races: Core Races only
Classes: Core only (no archetypes)
Wealth: average
Traits:None, get bonus feat
HP: Level 1: Max, then ?? Assuming here

Nuts no archetypes, Otherwise I would have a Fighter(Polearm master) ready

Elgoron wrote:
"hmm, need to learn a spell to calm emotions. those two are going to be trouble."

"I'm tha definition o' calm ye pointy-eared bastard! Could I dae this if I wasn't?"

1-2 He grabs Ping
3-4 He grabs Ariadne
5-6 He grabs Mithrelas
7-100 He grabs a random female NPC
1d100 ⇒ 63

The dwarf reaches out, grabbing the closest thing that was female and not goblinoid. With surprising strength, he pulls her into a long wet kiss before letting her go.

Max hp average wealth.

Grand Lodge

"now how many times can you do that before someone punches you for it?"

Still waiting on word from the GM about this one punching me.

"Mmm, Depends oon how droonk they are, how droonk Ah am, and how mooch they like me."

"Oh no. Shelyn help me, I'm trapped in here with an insane dwarf."

Mismatched eyes wide in terror, Ping hunkers down in her corner and pulls her oversized cap over her ears. She looks at the others hoping that someone will quiet Brask, not realizing that'd likely involve a fight.

Silver Crusade

Dotting for a human Cleric. Going way back to the Red Box for this... the Cleric I played when I was fifteen.

Oh, the memories...

Here is Belrain the Acolyte! (For Capricornus) Cleric of... The Light. Or the Force. Depends on when you ask. Eager to get out and fight evil!

Clerics are just Fighters that cast spells, right?

"Is that a Halfling? Where are her hairy feet?"

"Huh?" Ping looks around confused.
"I don't see any halflings?"

Grand Lodge

"go on then, Brask. go for the record. bonus points if you keep count."

HA! the recruiting isn't even done and we're already at it. good times.

"Are... aren't you a Halfling? I mean, you don't look quite like one and you're not a human girl... Waaaaaaait... Are you a girl Dwarf?" Belrain asks, eyes widening.

Annoyance crosses her face for a moment before answering.

"Well, at least you didn't ask where my mother was. I'm a gnome. You don;t get out much do you?"

Belrain clamps his mouth shut, then opens it, then closes it again before speaking again. "Gnome... Huh." he says, narrowing his eyes suspiciously. "I've never met a Gnome before. And now that I have... uh, well, what are you?" he asks, then blushes. "I'm sorry. I mean, tell me about your kind!" He tries to smile in a friendly manner.

Elgoron wrote:

"go on then, Brask. go for the record. bonus points if you keep count."

HA! the recruiting isn't even done and we're already at it. good times.

"Whoa lad, I dannae just go around kissin' wimmins laek this! Ah need tae get ready fer that."

Brask orders and downs two jugs of ale faster than should be mortally possible. The alcohol seems to have little effect on him, as he's not even tipsy. Although he does release a thunderous belch.

"Naoo I'm ready."

Same deal as before.
1-2 He grabs Ping
3-4 He grabs Ariadne
5-6 He grabs Mithrelas
7-100 He grabs a random female NPC
1d100 ⇒ 69

Another random girl finds herself the subject of a sloppy, wet, whiskery, dwarven kiss.

Grand Lodge

" heh. I could do this all night. quick, somebody cast neutralize poison to kill his buzz. hilarity will ensue."

Okay, I plan to run two groups. As long as I am moving content over to pathfinder, I might as well duplicate some effort. Recruitment is not closed, but the below people have guaranteed slots. Congratulations!

I will try to open up the discussion and gameplay threads Monday.

Group 1
Belrain Divine
Bizzlemont Arcane
Lido Rogue
Terion Fighter
Adam with Brask or Ping (his choice, I like them both)

Group 2
Mithrelas Divine
Elgoron Arcane
Strang Rogue
Durahl Fighter
Ariadne Rogue

Group 2 discussion
Group 2

I plan on augmenting to six in each if there are more submissions.

Delighted to be travelling back in time with you all!

I think I'm going to go with Ping. I'll keep Brask as a back up though, in case Ping bites it.

Main reason being that while +6 is good for a diplomacy score, I don't think that's good enough to negate the damage Brask would do with his charming personality.

Besides having a scared character jump into another character's arms don't work too well when you're 4' 4" and weigh close to 200lbs buck-naked.

Grand Lodge

aww yeah, time to mage it up in this cazbah.

Lantern Lodge

It seems you forgot my application for Ama Freewater, rowdy cleric of Shelyn.

Gnomes together, Ping! Happy to have a Bard along the way.

Ama is in, put an alias together. May have to separate the gnomes, you know how that is!

Yay! Someone sane! It's a pleasure to meet you Bizzlemont.

Lantern Lodge

GM Tribute wrote:
Ama is in, put an alias together. May have to separate the gnomes, you know how that is!

Which Group? Ama link here

Ama can join group 2--link above if you need it. I will kick both groups off tomorrow. Columbus Day, how fitting.

FOR THOSE OF YOU SELECTED--Intro is posted, please check in by CoB Wednesday to keep your spot.


GM: Comon' Jeff, you're late. We've already got characters and we're about to start.
Jeff: Sorry, sorry. My mom made me sit Dillan again. Gimme a sheet. Scribbles hastily. Ok, got it.. im making a .. dwarven barbarian.
Others: Aw man, not Flaeg again! Dude, you gotta play something else.
Jeff: Nope, that's what I'm playing. Now shut up and let me roll him up.

It is Flaeg's for the taking.

Jeff: DONE!

*Which group am I in.?* <- meta-out-of character

Flaeg is in group 1 -- I upped the buy to 20pts so Flaeg can bump is CON to 18 or find another way to spend extra five points.



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