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Adventure to the Jade Regent (Inactive)

Game Master mathpro18

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Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 2

"That is quite a lot of money for some ears, maybe he has weird thoughts too? I am sure the Ancestors would approve of taking trophies though and I have to do everything to please them. Otherwise they may regret giving me the gift. With a few ears, I could buy myself some fresh herbs and food, oh and maybe some new cooking tools too. Masaru, if we do go to make them pay, I would like to follow you along. You look strong and big!"

I finish eating my meal and look to Ameiko, "Have you finished with your soup?"

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

The Varisian swordsman chuckled, shaking his head to dismiss her compliment. He offered her a smile then and rubbed his chin thoughtfully, his eyes appraising the Halfling. He didn't know her talents and all he understood of her was that she was not of this region and was a bit of an oddity. In the very least, she was of a good nature which meant a lot. "Well then, it will be so. On the morrow we'll head out and I'm sure a few others in town would like to join our hunt," he spoke, considering a hunting party for goblins.

Ameiko looks up at Kerri "Yes I've finished. And I'm fine with you going out goblin hunting but don't feel you need to do it for me. Just go out and have some fun but be careful because I have a feeling this bounty is going to go to peoples heads. I sometimes wonder what the sheriff thinks before he makes decisions like this..."

The evening seems to streach into the wee hours of the night and Tani is practically worked into the ground serving round after round of drinks to the overjoyed(and soon drunk) towns people. After the first couple of rounds she also has to fend off some advances from some of the more drunk townspeople, some even trying to cop a feel of some very personal areas but you're able to fend them off. Eventually though the night does come to a point where everyone goes home and goes to sleep.

The two patience rest through the night quietly which allows Kerri and Masaru to eventually fall asleep once the noise downstairs dies down.

Caerwyn you are up early as the citizens of Sandpoint don't seem to rest very long considering the drunken night before. In you're attept to keep the piece amongst some still drunk people you're approached by the Sheriff. He looks rather worried and you think that he's realized the mistake he made the night before.

"I need you to do me a favor. I want you to round up the people that were responsible for helping Shalelu and Ameiko yesterday because I want to see if they will take on a special mission for me. You will be involved as well. I'll fill you in all at once so gather them up and have them meet me in my office."

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

I wake up after a particularly tough night at work. I am exhausted. While I normally do have the occasional drunk try to feel me up, yesterday was extra occasional. I normally would be amused by such attempts but my mood was rather dampened. More than a few fools got a shuriken stuck in there hands.

I crawl out of bed and spend the next hour cleaning up and doing my make up Taking 20 to disguise myself as a beautiful Tian maiden. Total 28

Once I have properly dolled up I head downstairs and prepare breakfast for the girls. I bring the food upstairs and head in, knocking first. "Its Tani, I have breakfast and I'm coming in." I wait a moment before entering. I enter and bring each of the girls their meals along with some tea. No booze.

"Are you two better?

Shalelu is up looking out of the window as you walk in. She starts at your voice and turns to look at you. "Before you start I'm feeling fine so I figured some fresh air would do me some good."

Ameiko is still sound asleep, her back turned towards you. She is snoring quietly.

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

I sigh and simply shake my head. Keeping my voice low so as not to disturb Ameiko I say "What are we going to do with you girl. Here I brought some food. This will help you get back to the goblin killing in no time." I move a chair next to where Shalelu is sitting. I set Ameiko's food on an end table. I then give Shalelu her own meal with my famous herbal tea.

"The great Shalelu, hero of Sandpoint, slayer of my deadly hunter and savior of my life taken down by goblins. What happened? Was it just an off day or something? Never known you to have had so much trouble with goblins." This comes out as a bit teasy but also with a good bit of concern. As far as I am concerned, Shalelu is my superior and savior. Someone defeating her is as surreal as someone defeating Lamathsu. Who among the goblins was so strong? Could it have been the licktoads famous mounted warrior Tark Bashflat or perhaps the equally famous licktoad master assassin, master thief, and master dimwit Klepy? I wonder.

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

When it got late and the two women had fallen asleep he quietly took his leave. The two women were in safe hands and the threat of goblins were far removed from the Dragon. Before he turned into the hall he gave one last look to the sleeping Ameiko, smiled, and then vanished. He returned to his small apartment in Sandpoint and retired. Sleep came easy and he rose with the sun the following morning. Masaru attempted to teach himself his father's style which was a daunting task. All he knew was what his father left in his journal and the stories of his father from his mother and Varisians who knew him before he passed.

As the sun crested the horizon he was in a quiet patch outside of town with his shirt and vest on the ground next to his gear. He practiced with his father's sword, performing elementary sword strokes. Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal sword strokes cut the air in swift movements. He did have the strength Kerri had spoke of, his frame possessing an athletic form. His muscles were defined from the rigors of training he put himself through and the odd jobs he picked up with the caravans that came through Sandpoint.

Shalelu blushed a little at Tanimoto's questions. "I was simply out numbered...thats all" she replies simply. She then takes the food you offer her and begins to eat.

Ameiko stirs awake muttering as she wakes. "my stomach hurts..."

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

I look at Shalelu with a look of concern. "So, you just goofed. Seriously I was kind of hoping you lost to something big or the like. Oh well, on the bright side it means there isn't too much to worry about. Feels weird to say but please be more careful out there."

I notice Ameiko. I get up and take her meal to her. "Morning boss. I brought you breakfast. Oh and don't worry, I took care of the store last night. Maybe with some more of the old bat's healing you to will be one hundred percent today. Where is Gadfry? He usually knows where to find the old lady. Anyways eat up."

I stand up and look once more to make sure the girls are alright. I look to Shalelu with a serious expression.


[b]"I am going to answer the sheriff's call to hunt goblins. If you were over run so easily their numbers must have increased a good deal. They seem to be getting bold. I have only heard stories of what transpired years ago during the rune lords, so I have little experience with facing these beasts. However, I think it is time to put my skills to use once again. Man it has been a good six months since I put away my trade but now is a good a time as any to bring it out again. Really need to work my skills back again.

Players and DM:

Only Shalelu would know that I am a ninja. As far as everyone else is concerned I am merely another Tian Maiden working as a barmaid for the dragon. To the following I am a crossdresser: Gadfry, Kerri, Ameiko, Shalelu

Male Half-elf Rogue (Scout)/1

As the Sheriff heads off Caerwyn thinks to himself "Damn, a 'special' mission. I was looking forward to earning some extra coin today. It's almost a week until payday and I'm almost broke."
As he enters the Rusty Dragon he notices Tanimoto coming down from upstairs "Are the ladies feeling better this morning?" He orders an ale and a bowl of porridge from the young barmaid "Got to stretch my coin a litter longer than I thought."
As the Tian woman brings him his breakfast he asks her "Do you know where I can get a hold of the others from last night? The Tian swordsman and the little halfling? The Sheriff has a special mission for me to undertake and he wants the others to accompany me, yourself included. Can I assume that Godfrey is in the stables?"

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

I serve an ale and some breakfast to the rogue. "Here you go sweety. Its on the house. Thanks for you help the other day. The girls are fine. I took them some food."

I cross my arms and give Caeryn a quizzical look. "Gadry usually hangs in the stables yes, the other two will likely drop by sooner or later to check on the girls. I am curious though, why would the sherrif ask a sultry barmaid like myself to go on a "special mission"?

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

That morning Masaru would arrive at the inn after he bathed from his morning training. He looked fresh with his long, dark hair still wet and his clothes crisp and clean from the clothes line. He smiled as he walked in, greeting fellow patrons as he made his way up to the bar. There he greeted Caerwyn and Tanimoto. He asked the barmaid then, "Did Ameiko and Shalelu sleep well last night? If they slept anything like I did, I am sure I'll be a log in my next life." He chuckled and asked, "Can I trouble you for breakfast? Anything will do, Tanimoto."

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

I nod at Marasu. "Sure deary. And its on the house. Thanks for your help last night. The girls seemed to sleep well. Shalelu is already up and about. Caerwyn says the sherrif hae a special mission for us. Interesting huh?"

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 2

I take my leave the same time as Masaru, quickly turn back to Ameiko, "Get some sleep, I want to see you feeling better tomorrow, okay?" I purposely don't say anything of the reason I will be hunting the goblins.

I head back to my usual little spot just outside of the town, near a small river. I set up a small tent, that looks big enough for me but anyone else would have half their body sticking out of it. I struggle to sleep, through concern of Ameiko's well being, but eventually fall asleep.

I wake up at sun-rise still groggy, so take my furs off and take a dip in the river. As the cold water hits my pure white skin, I get goosebumps, but thoroughly enjoy myself. Once I have been in the water for 10 minutes, I climb out and put my furs on again, while I am still wet. I rummage through my backpack and take out another piece of fish, some more vegetables, herbs and dried fruit.

Once I have finished my breakfast, I pack up my stuff and tent and head back to the tavern. Once there I knock on the door gingerly and poke my head around the door shyly. Seeing Tanimoto, Masaru and some guard sitting at the bar, I walk in and take a seat next to Masaru. "Hows Ameiko, Tani? Oh, could I be so bold as to ask for the usual glass of milk please?"

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

Sorry I haven't been on earlier today, it's been rather...hectic to say the least. But I just found out that my fiance and I are having a little girl!

Godfrey steps out of the woods by the stables adjusting the hides around him so that the weight is worn evenly. He takes the time to adjust the straps of his wooden shield as he walks to the Rusty Dragon. And clenches a sprig of mistletoe in that hand as well. He usually doesnt need it that birthmark on his wrist usually does the trick but better safe than sorry. His dagger is secured at his waist and he is playing with the club. Throwing it in the air and see how many times on end it can spin before he has to catch it. He hurries into breakfast as everyone is finishing and grabs a few items and either hand carries them or stuffs them in a back pack. He says with his mouth full of food Well, the kami are with us today, shall we call ourselves a team then?

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 2

I look at the man who introduced himself as Godfrey yesterday, "A team, would make sense to. Means more Goblins can be vanquished. What say you, Masaru, should we enlarge our duo? Well no matter the answer I would very much like to see Ameiko before we go to repay those critters ten-fold for what they done to Ameiko and Shalelu!"

I turn to Tanimoto, "Would it be all right, if I were to go upstairs and see how Ameiko is doing? At least to tell her that I will be going out soon, with someone to help me and keep me safe?"

Congratulations Godfrey!

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

"The more the merrier as they say? I don't have any problems with Godfrey joining us, he said, nodding as he ate his breakfast. He seemed to be in a hospitable mood, polishing off the plate from a vicious appetite. He washed it all down with fresh milk and then with a dining cloth wiped his face clean. He murmured in content, pressing his plate, utensils and mug away from himself as he glanced to Kerri before he looked to Godfrey. "I'm sure this goblin hunting business will stretch out my muscles well enough."

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

All the assembly of our new party I let out a girlish giggle. "Well then I guess we have a team then. Feel free to have at the ale on me." I look to Kerri "Both are awake and you can go see them. They seem to be doing much better."

I look at the others and sigh. "Well I guess since we will be working together I think it is a good idea we get to know each other. My name is Tanimoto Shoji of the Shoji sect Ninja clan in Minkai. I came here about five months ago feeling from a rival clan. I am the last Shoji. I survive thanks to Shalelu. I have been working here ever since. My skills are stealth, hidden weapons and disguise. Now you know everything. So anyone else care to introduce yourselves?

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 2

I speak up, "I am Kerri Corynian, from the Gronzi Forest near Restov. I travelled seeking knowledge to become my clan elder and happened upon this town about 8 years ago. Where I was saved by Ameiko, since then I have tried to help her in any way I can. Luckily I do not get in the way easily. I have no special powers or attacks, but the Ancestors granted me with their gift at birth and lend me their powers when I am in need of them. I am not good in combat due to my weak body, but from a distance, the Ancestors can hit a foe with their powers. Some call it magic, but I have always known it as the Power of the Ancestors."

Once everyone has introduced themselves, I head upstairs and have a few words with Ameiko, see how she is doing, if there is anything I can get her and finally tell her I am slightly concerned travelling with all these biggenses.

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

I'm nothing special. I'm good with animals. Especially dogs. Other than that nature comes to my aide when I ask sometimes. I have been studying how the animals fight for the past couple years and feel as if I am getting an understanding of how that works. he shrugs and looks at the club in his hands oh and I hit things with a stick

Male Half-elf Rogue (Scout)/1

At Tani's question, Caerwyn answers "I can't begin to know what the sheriff has in mind, but you were able to keep your wits about you last night which is more than I can say about most of the people here."
As Masaru finishes his breakfast Caerwyn follows up Tamimoto's statement "The sheriff approached me this morning and asked me to round up all the people who helped out with Shalelu and Ameiko last night. That would include the two of you, Godfrey, that strange little halfling, and myself."
Afetr Kerri and Godfrey join them Caerwyn will roll his eyes at the thought of joining some sort of "team", but will keep his counsel to himself. As the others go around introducing themselves and begin to look at him Caerwyn lets out a long exasperated sigh "Oh, all right. I'm Caerwyn Callandriil, of the Sandpoint miltia. I spend most of my time out beyond the village, exploring the wildnerness and reporting back whatever I find to the Sheriff. Occasionally Shalelu will join me and my patrol to explore with us. She has taught me a great deal of my woodscraft and I would desperately like to strike back at those who hurt her, but duty calls." So saying he will explain to the late comers, that the Sheriff would like to meet with all of them to discuss some sort of mission he has for them. He stands up from the table and picks up his bow and a large weapon that looks like an oversized scimitar "Whenever you are ready." This last phrase in couched as not "quite" a request.

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

Masaru was not the one for long winded introductions, preferring humility. He would simply introduce himself with a bow of his head as, "Masaru." He smiled, the expression warm as he looked to the motley crew and wondered exactly what they could accomplish. He rest his hand on the hilt of his sword and with his stomach full was ready for whatever the countryside would throw at him. He pushed himself to his feet from the bar and looked to them all. "Very well then, lets set to business before lunch. I wouldn't press my luck but perhaps we can be done by nightfall."

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

"It is goodt too have a new clan. Well The girls are good but I need to prepare." With that I head up stairs to change. I don my ninja attire and redo my hair so that it is pulled back into a ponytail. I wear a skin tight body suit and pieces of armor. I also put on my weapons and other gear. Even after all that, I look more like a ninja but not any less like a girl.

I head to see Shalelu on last time. [B]"Hey Shalelu. I'm finally going back to my old craft. Sheriff has asked us to kill goblins and that is what I am going to do. Wish me luck and you be sure and finish healing soon." I let Shalelu say whatever she needs to then head back down to the group.

Once I now stand before them definately looking like a female ninja I state. "Well I am ready, lead the way."

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

Godfrey pauses to look at Masaru, Why are you scared of the dark? Don't worry I'm sure Kerri will protect you from the bogey men..

Upon seeing the not so subtle ninja trample out the tavern, Tani, I think you forgot to shave this morning he says jokingly.

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

Before I head up I look down at Gadfry and smile. "Your right my legs have been feeling a bit prickly. Thanks."

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 2

As everybody prepares to leave, I come back down the stairs and pick up my bag. "The Ancestors and I are ready." I have no weapons on me, no armour, just my bag and furs.

Male Half-elf Rogue (Scout)/1

As everyone appears ready, Caerwyn will lead everyone over to the Sheriff's office.

Thanks for your patience in my absence.


Ameiko smiles at you and nods. "Let me know how it goes and if you find anything interesting will you? I know you will be fine, you're ancestors have always looked after you."


Shalelu's face brightens up as you tell her you're leaving. Oh good that means I don't have to put up with my babysitter" she says in a obvious teasing tone. She face then turns serious Seriously watch you're self out there, its been a while since you've practiced your craft and those goblins are dangerous."

As you guys leave you see Koya coming up the road. "Sheriff asked me to stay with the girls, he knows what a handfull Shalelu can be... she pauses and sighs. He also mentioned that he is going to be sending you on a special mission. If it happens to take you south of Sandpoint can you please keep an eye out for my Sandaru? He left with a caravan a week ago and I'm worried about him what with the extra goblin activity on the roads."

You part ways with Koya and then head to see the Sheriff. He is in his office and he stands to greet you.

"Thank you all for coming. Over the last couple of weeks several merchant caravans and travelers have been attacked. The other attacks haven’t been as violent as the one on Ameiko and Shalelu. As I'm sure you know those particular attacks lead to me lifting the ban on the collection of goblin ears and I fear I may have acted to rashly. As of right now a small army of our less...intellegent citizens is mobalizing to take out the goblins. I fear this will only lead to them getting hurt, mainly because the citizens don't know where the goblins have been concentraiting lately. According to Shalelu's latest reports the Brinestump Marsh is where we believe the goblins have been congregating. I need for you to venture into the Brinestump Marsh, find the goblins and eliminate them, and while your there see if there are any more threats to SandPoint lurking amongst the murky depths of the marsh. On your way try to make sure there isn't to much chaos happening on the highway and try to keep it clear for travelers." He pauses and reaches into a satchel he had resting over his chair and starts to dig through it. Eventually he finds what he is looking for and pulls out a map and hands it to Caerwyn.

"This will get you to the marsh. I should warn you that Brinestump Marsh may not be as large as the Mushfens farther to the south, but the swamp is dense and tangled. It’s easy to get lost in the place. Since we find nothing of value with in the swamp no one has really taken the time to map it so we’re not really sure how large it is. If you wish, though I wouldn’t waste my time, you could go pay old Walthus Proudstump a vist. That old eccentric Halfling claims to be the “warden” of the swamp…to much inhalation of swamp gas if you ask me. There is a fishing trail that leads from the Lost Coast Road directly to Walthus’s rundown shack in the swamp if you want to speak to the old coot though.

For your help in this matter I will increase the bounty to 10 gold per ear you guys collect and if you can bring me the head of their cheif, a powerful goblin known as Gutwad, I will giving you an additional 300 gold. Good luck and god speed."

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 2

To Ameiko:
"Don't worry we shall come back to see you safe and unharmed."

During the Sheriff's speech I remain silent and pay close attention, but when he mentions an old eccentric halfling my my wonders, "Another Hin, out here? Him I would like to speak to and learn his clan's ways and legends."

At the notion that the bounty will be increased I look happy and begin to speak to myself quietly, "That is a lot of cooking tools I could buy with that money. They could be of good quality too, I could even get that knife ...!" I speak a bit louder without realising it, "...but to get it means I need to kill them, that's it, we will kill them all! I will have that knife!"

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

Godfrey smirks at this though he is kind of torn. Taking a life is nothing to take lightly but the lives that may be saved. The Goblins have to pay. He then looks over at his compatriots sees their reactions, when the sheriff concludes he answers K

Male Half-elf Rogue (Scout)/1

As the Sheriff finishes the last part of his speech Caerwyn nearly drops the map in his hands. "Here I waas hoping to make a few silver out of this, now it looks like I'll be making quite a few gold. This is indeed going to be a better day than I had hoped for"

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

Damn, Masaru reasoned, rubbing his chin thoughtfully as he considered a bounty in gold compared to silver. I could put good use to a pocket lined with gold rather than silver... He would grin ear to ear, nodding before his eyes swept across his would-be companions and made a thoughtful sound. "Very well," the half-Tian swordsman spoke. "We have one too many goblins lurking out in the swamps. Lets pay them in kind for their deeds and thin the herd."

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

I am standing behind the group as the sheriff speak, arms are behind my head sporting a bored posture. At the mention of 10gp an ear I let out a low whistle. After the sheriff hands Caerwyn the map I announce. "Guess that makes you leader. Lead away."

Caerwyn leads you through Sandpoint to the western exit. On the way you all notice that Sandpoint is a little more...alive than it has been in the past few months. There are several people heading out of the town holding all sorts of interesting weapons. A few you know right away won't succeed in killing goblins but the owner seems to be indifferent to that fact. After some pushing and shoving your way through the crowds you eventually make it to the gate and out onto the Lost Cost road. The crowds seem to follow you for a little ways but after an hour most of them have dispersed off the road and into the thick hinterland wilderness.

You travel south for a little ways before you hit a mountain range and it pushes you west to the cost to an area known by the locals as The Pyer. You follow the cost for another hour before you cross the Cougar creek and leave the mountains behind you. Another hour passes and you enter into the area of the hinterlands known as the ashen moor. At this point in time I need perception checks(DC 10). If you make it please read the spoiler below.

DC 10 Perception check:

You notice an explosion of color up ahead and a few seconds later a wagon traveling a couple hundred feet in front of you bursts into flame.

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

perception1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

With that Godfrey readies himself with club and shield position himself towards the front of the group.

Male Half-elf Rogue (Scout)/1

Leader. I like the sound of that. Caerwyn thinks to himself. As he rolls up the map and places it in his backpack he turns to the others and says "Is there anything anyone else needs to get before we go? If so, lets say we meet back here within the hour."
After leaving the Sheriff's office Caerwyn heads back to his room and begins packing his belongings into his backpack. Soon all his meager possessions are stored in his pack with room to spare.
After paying for his boarding Caerwyn heads over to the Rusty Dragon. Entering the inn he nods to the few patrons sitting in the common room before heading upstairs the to Shalelu and Ameiko's room. After knocking he waits for an acknowledgment before entering.

In the room:

As Caerwyn enters the room, he nods his head in greeting "Shalelu, Lady Ameiko." he says before turning to the elf maiden. "Well, the Sheriff has given me a mission to destroy the goblin tribe that has been attacking the caravans recently. Turns out that they are living out in the Brinestump and he wants me to take the others out and end their attacks permanently." He shuffles his feet somewhat nervously as he continues "Truth be told, I wish it were you out there with me. I trust you at my back, while I don't know about the others. Get well, and you as well Lady Ameiko, and I'll see you when I return to tell you all about it." With that he picks up his pack, turns, and heads out the door.

After leaving the Dragon, Caerwyn waits for the others at the Sheriff's office

Caerwyn the party meets up with you and you head out. See my post above for what happens

Male Half-elf Rogue (Scout)/1

Perception check: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (14) + 6 = 20

As the wagon bursts into flames, Caerwyn shouts "Fireworks. Looks like we found our goblins."
So saying he draws his sword from the scabard and makes his way cautiously up to the scene of the attack.

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

Caerwyn heads back for an hour, I merely linger about asking folks about the goblins of sandpoint and seeing what I can learn about our foe. Mostly looking for details on goblins themselves like specs, weaknesses, their offensive capabilities, and anything on tribe organization and which of the little green devils are more dangerous than others.

I use my charms in the right places to gather this info.
Diplomacy for gather information on Gutwad's gobbies:1d20 + 11 ⇒ (11) + 11 = 22
I am doing this for about an hour so if it is possible, I'd like to take 20 and get a 31 instead. Your call if I can do that.
I will also ask Shalelu about goblins to as she seems to have a good amount of insight on them.

After the hour is up I return to the meeting point and wait for the others. Once we head out I keep quiet but alert.

Perception:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16

At the sound of the explosion I quickly draw both weapons. I notice that my off hand is not as coordinated as it used to be. "Let up on my training for six months and I lose abilities. I should've listen to the old man. Oh well. Gonna have to work on it. Hopefully killing goblins is a great way to sharpen one's skills." I put away the off hand weapon and hold my exotic wakazashi out ready for action.

I advance with the party but stay close to the rear ready to hide should it be the favorable method of combat. Also to clarify, what is the terrain like? Are there a lot of places to hide?


Durring your hour you're able to find out that not much is known by the townspeople about gutwad himself but Shalelu is able to tell you much about him, having crossed paths with him the night before. She doesn't admit it at first but if you push she will admit that he got away.

"Watch out for his fireworks, thats what burned Ameiko. He's also profeciant with bows so watch for ranged attacks. Other than that I didn't get close enough to really engage him...he slithered off before I could deal with him. His minions are standard goblins though so I'm sure you'll be well prepaired for a fight against them."

Pretty much you know whats in the bestiary.

There are a few larger rocks along the side of the road. To the right you can still see ocean. On the left are flat plains. As you three prepair for battle people start running out of the wagon and back up the road towards you guys. "GOBLINS! one of them screams as they run past you and then ask you for assistance.

Caerwyn and Tani you're able to spot a familar face as Sandru jumps down from the wagon and draws a short bow and starts firing off into the group of goblins that you see approaching from the left. He doesn't seem to notice you guys though.

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

Perception 1d20 ⇒ 6

Masaru's eyes wandered as he took to the trail with his companions. He had gathered his belongings from his apartment before they left for a journey he didn't know what to expect from. He had donned simple hardened leathers with a cloak draped over his shoulders. A worn haversack with brass buckles and packed with supplies and tools was carried on his back. He walked with one hand on the sword secured to his belt, his mind wandering here and there. He couldn't help but drift off as they walked along the road, thinking of things like Ameiko in Sandpoint, his late father, or the gold he would line his pockets with.

His companions drew his attention and he snapped out of his daze, glancing as weapons were drawn and Caerwyn cried. He looked up the road to try to see what they had caught as he slowly drew the long, curved sword from his hip. He glanced between his companions before he settled his eyes on Tanimoto and the small curved blade she drew. Her introduction had left him curious but he said nothing, taking on a two handed grip as he held the sword firmly between his hands. He breathed deeply, eyes focusing on the road ahead as he moved with them cautiously ahead.

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 2

During the hour of preparation, I am sitting my Amieko's side. Speaking with her and making sure that she is well. I follow Caerwyn out of the room to meet up with everybody else.

Perception : 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11

Seeing the explosion and fire, I start speaking in a foreign tongue to myself and perform some complex hand gestures, the gestures ending in a manner that look like a box that gets gradually smaller. Every time the box gets smaller, so do I until I am only half my normal height again!, "zezhuanth iri letoclo ve gahri nomeno tafiaf. xurwk coi zyak si shilta ti qe ocuirtor."

Ancient Ones help me survive this encounter. Make it so I cannot be seen.

I have cast "Reduce Person"
AC increased to 16.

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

Well I always knew that I would see fireworks, I was just hoping that it would be with Shalelu or Ameiko Godfrey continues to boast as he approaches the cart with everyone else. Still unknowing that his foster brother is nearby he uses more caution than quip as he is usually accustomed to.

He readies the shield and club, and staggers himself from the other warrior looking companions in order to make it harder to get to the more squishy companions and to be closer to the front lines in case of injury.

He takes a moment to look at the others smirks and then focuses on the battle ahead, though he was think if only they knew my true nature, sometimes being in this form confines me, I've gotten use to it but still, still maybe one day I will grow those other tails and take a place in the Kitsune culture.

DM Rolls nothing to see here:

Goblin Init:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 221d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 241d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 101d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 111d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 91d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11
Godfrey:1d20 + 3 ⇒ (15) + 3 = 18
Kerri:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10
Masaru:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5
Tani:1d20 + 3 ⇒ (19) + 3 = 22
Caerwyn:1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23
Sandru:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (9) + 6 = 15
Sandru attack:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 121d6 ⇒ 2

As you guys ready weapons and make your way towards the burning wagon, the goblins start to advance out of the forest. There are six of them and three of them are armed with fireworks. Sandru fires an arrow but it flies over the head of one of the goblins. Hearing you approach he cries out "Get them, they've destroyed my wagon!"

Okay so you're officially under initative order. To speed things up I rolled it for you and I will also be rolling any necessary saving throws for you guys(also to speed things up). I want you to post 2 different actions you can do on your turn, just in case your first action isn't possible by the time you're turn gets around to you. See the spoiler below for initatives. You do NOT need to post in this order I just thought it would help if you wanted to coordinate actions.



Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

Action 1: Charge Attack (Power Attack), Action 2: Move up to 30' and Attack (Power Attack)

Charge Attack (Power Attack) 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7
Move up to 30' and Attack (Power Attack) 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14

Masaru's hand tightens around the hilt of his sword as swift steps carry him forward. He runs up on a goblin, dark eyes focusing on the filthy creatures and with a to-handed swing attempts to cut it down with a deft stroke from hip to shoulder. His training often didn't include living creatures or small ones at that. He furrowed his grow as his blow would no doubt cut the air. The Varisian swordsman stepped into the strike, the arcing flash of steel bringing him back as he slid a foot back and brandished his sword back before him. Patience, he told himself. Focus, you can do this.

He will either charge if not attacked or engage an enemy who engaged him. If another player attacks the same goblin, a flanking bonus would be applicable in both cases. Power Attacking nets him 1d8+7 damage currently.

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

Godfrey grips his club tight then remembers a looser grip will make it hurt more due to the momentum that will be generated. So he let's loose and starts at a sprint attempting to flank the goblins to drive them down the center so the rest of his companions can take them out in a bottle neck form. His actions are only strengthened at the sound of his foster brothers voice.

charging club1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6
damage1d6 ⇒ 4


Upon hearing the sound o his brothers voice but knowing his née found friends may be in danger Godfrey hunkers down in a defensive posture with his shield poised in front of him securely.

Full Defense

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 2

Action 1 (If beyond 30 ft from me):
I look at one of the goblins holding a firework, I start whisper some words in a foreign tongue, "zezhuanth iri, nar vhira nomenoi wioti, xurwk sia hatob nar astahi vis!" and begin to perform some complex hand gestures. I finish by pointing at the goblin. Out of my fingertip a small, icy blue dart of energy (It looks like a bullet, but made of pure energy) flies towards the goblin, striking it directly in the shoulder. As soon as the energy has hit its target, it seems to dissipate instantly. (Casting "Magic Missile")

Magic Missile Damage : 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2

Action 2 (If within 30 ft from me):
I look at one of the goblins holding a firework, I start whisper some words in a foreign tongue, "zezhuanth iri, nar vhira nomenoi wioti, xurwk sia hatob nar astahi vis!" and begin to breath in. My eyes, lips and finger nails turn to an icy blue colour, I then spit at the goblin, but it is not spit that comes from my mouth. It is a small perfectly spherical ball of solid ice.

Elemental Spit Attack : 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23 (This is against their Touch Armour Class)
Elemental Spit Damage : 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4 (This is Cold Damage)

Draconic (both actions):
Ancient Ones, strike down these foes, make my dart strike them true!

Male Half-elf Rogue (Scout)/1

Option #1
Caerwyn will move up to the goblin nearest the wagons and draw his sword.

Option #2
Caerwyn will draw his bow and fire an arrow at the nearest goblin holding a firework.
Attack roll: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

If possible I will move to flank with someone against a goblin if they have not already killed it.

Attack:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (6) + 5 = 11 For:1d6 + 1d6 ⇒ (3) + (2) = 5

If there is no easy move to flank then I do the following.
I charge the nearest untouched goblin.
Attack:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8 For:1d6 ⇒ 3

Round 1 summary

One of the goblins that isn't holding a firework draws his short sword and then moves to engage Sandru but will miss with his attack. Caerwyn you move to flank the goblin with Sandru but will miss with you're attack. A goblin moves up to Caerwyn while drawing his sword and will attack, his sword striking Caerwyn for 3 damage. The goblin shouts something out in goblin. Tani will move to flank the goblin that attacked Caerwyn but her attack misses. Seeing Caerwyn get hit Godfrey charges the goblin that hit him but he swings wide with his club, narrowly missing Tani. Sandru will drop his bow and draw his scimitar and try to hit the goblin he's flanking with Caerwyn. His blade goes through the goblins body and he flings the body over his shoulder into the burning wagon. He looks at the party and says Come on guys, at least try and keep up." One of the goblins holding fire works lights one and it fires off a candle like shot at Masaru but misses and hits one of the other goblins. Another Goblin with fireworks tries to fire his firework at Masaru. This time the candle like spark hits Masaru in the face and does 1 point of fire damage and 1 point on non lethal damage. Masaru you are also blinded for 1 round. Kerri your magic missile goes off. One goblin will make his way towards Godfrey and tries to poke him with his sword but the goblin misses. One of the other goblins will try to fire a firework at Kerri but the spark hits the ground before getting there. Masaru you're blinded but you still try to move up towards the sound of combat and thankfully you're able to move full speed so you make it to the goblin by Godfrey. Your attack misses however.

Sandru's attack:1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 221d6 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6
Acrobatics check for Masaru:1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19

Okay guys you've made it through 1 round of combat. Again give me 2 actions and if you could post your current hp and AC that would be great.


The goblin shouted out "Get others, I get these."



Attacks on players:

Attack on Sandru:1d20 + 1 ⇒ (20) + 1 = 211d4 ⇒ 4
Attack on Caerwyn:1d20 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 21d4 ⇒ 3
Attack with firework:1d20 - 1 ⇒ (20) - 1 = 19
Attack with firework:1d20 - 1 ⇒ (19) - 1 = 18
Confirmation of Critical:1d20 - 1 ⇒ (14) - 1 = 13
Attack on Godfrey:1d20 + 1 ⇒ (12) + 1 = 131d4 ⇒ 1
Attack with firework:1d20 - 1 ⇒ (16) - 1 = 15

Party Saves:


Goblin:6 damage(dead)
Goblin:4 damage(1 lethal, 1 non lethal)

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