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Adventure to the Jade Regent (Inactive)

Game Master mathpro18

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You are all in the rusty dragon. Its about 6 o'clock at night and the usual group is starting to come in for dinner.
Five years have passed since the beginning of events that surrounded the attempted raise of the Runelord Karzug. Sandpoint stands rebuilt after those events nearly destroyed it, proving that it is a tough little town.

Spirits are high amongst the inhabitants of Sandpoint, their fears of annihilation by goblins and rune lords having been pushed to the back burner and a general sense of peace washes over everyone in the town. Caravans still get attacked from time to time but it’s nothing like it used to be. Though attacks have been on the rise lately.

Night is starting to settle across the port town of Sandpoint and the usual start to fill the Rusty Dragon, save for one person. The owner, Ameiko, is no where to be found. If you stop and think about it she's been gone for a couple of nights. You figured it had just been so she could get supplies but she shouldn't have been gone this long. Just as your panic starts to set in, a hush falls over the bar. A familiar figure enters the bar, blood coming from her mouth and she is covered in scratches and some rather bad looking burns. The figure is none other than Shalelu and she looks to have been recently attacked and badly beaten. She slumps into a chair, breathing heavily, and then calls to Tanimoto "ale…and some bandages please dear. Oh and I need someone to go get Ameiko...I was to weak to carry her the rest of the way so I left her near the center of town. Just a warning...she's unconscious."

You can make me a heal check to try to identify the weapons that made the cuts on her and also to help bandage her up, she has several nasty looking cuts that are still bleeding, though it looks to have stopped for the most part. You can also go look for Ameiko.

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

I am working my shift attending to the patrons in Ameiko's absence. When Shalelu bardges in I hasten to her side. "By the gods what has happened too you?" I look around at the patrons for any familiar faces. I recognize a Samurai I have seen about and call out to him. "Ameiko is in the center of town! She is unconscious! Go get her before some prowlers do!" I leave Shalelu for a moment to fetch some bandages and strong ale. Returning I attempt to evaluate the damage.
Heal:1d20 + 1 ⇒ (7) + 1 = 8
Unable to determine the cause I do my best to assist her in treating herself.
Heal check for applying bandages DC 15:1d20 + 1 ⇒ (16) + 1 = 17

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

Masaru was a man of mixed descent, his heritage stemming from a Tian father and Varisian mother. He had a darker complexion that matched his dark eyes and long dark hair. His facial features were notably different from the native Varisians, giving him an exotic air. The swordsman, who had been attempting to follow in his father's footsteps, was quiet as he had been at the Rusty Dragon for the last couple of nights concerned for the proprietor. It hadn't been like her to have been gone for so long. When the elven ranger arrived he stood up as alarm washed across the tavern. His gaze darted to Shalelu and then to Tanimoto before he glanced to the door. "I'll go get her," he assured the two of them, nodding as he briskly moved outside.

He collected his sword from the door, rushing outside to find Ameiko. He dressed in the traditional garb of a Varisian, his appearance no more foreign than parts of his facial structure and the unique sword he carried on his hip. His gaze swept across the town before he started heading for the center where he expected to find an unconscious woman.

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 1 HP 6/6 | AC 14 T 13 FF 12| Fort+2 Ref +3 Will+3 | Initiative +2 | Perception +0 |

All through the tavern there was the usual hustle and bustle and I was sitting in the same corner as always, away from all the big people. The regular's recognise me, I am just under 3 feet tall with skin as white as freshly fallen snow, with my hair a dark shade of purple. I only ever seem to wear furs and they just about cover up my modesty.

I see Tanimoto working behind the bar, as usual and Masaru sitting by the bar, like he had been for the last couple of nights. Although I have never spoken with them, I have heard their names in passing. Sitting quietly I was enjoying a nice glass of milk when Shalelu falls through the door covered in blood and injuries. I am horrified to see such a wounded person and I am too scared to even move, but once she mentions that Ameiko is out in the town centre, all on her own and unconscious I jump up and run out the door without a second thought.

I don't grab anything on my way out, I just want to get to her as soon as possible. As I get to her I try to pull her away, but she is too heavy and she doesn't even budge. Then I see Masaru coming towards her, "He looks strong, he should be able to carry her inside!" "O...o...over here!"

The whole time I am with Ameiko I stay on guard and try to protect her.

Male Half elf Rogue (Scout) 1
Character Information:
[HP: 13]; [Armor Class: 16; Touch: 13; Flat Footed: 13]; [BAB: +0; CMB: +2; CMD: 15]; [Saves: Fortitude: +3; Reflex: +5; Will: +1]; [Initiative: +3]; [Perception: +7]

Caerwyn sat at a table near the bar, waiting for the rest of his patrol to arrive. They had out searching the area around town for any sign of bandits who may have been preying on the caravans of late. While the attacks have growing more recent there has been little cause for alarm, yet, but the Sheriff wanted to find the source of the attacks before it became more than a nuisance.
As his sapphire blue eyes scanned the room, he noticed her as she stumbled into the taproom. Leaping to his feet his first thought was "By the Gods, she's been hurt." He makes his way toward before anyone, save Tani, can react.
Rushing to her side Caerwyn quickly looks at Shalelu's cuts and scrapes
Heal check:1d20 ⇒ 2
Yep, I suck
Placing a hand on the elf's shoulder he listens to her tell the others about Ameiko. Looking at the exotic looking stranger Tani had singled out Caerwyn tells Shalelu quietly "Don't worry, we'll go get her."

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

Hmm I will elaborate on Tani a bit so people know what they are seeing.
Tani appears as a short slender and attractive woman with sky blue eyes and long silky black hair usually kept in a ponytail. Her skin is as white as snow and many would perceive her as an angel. She works as a barmaid for the Rusty Dragon. Good friends with the owner and a bit over facinated with Shalelu. Tani appears Tian but at the same time there is something not quite human.

Those of you who frequent the Dragon:

Tanimoto is in fact a guy who dresses in drag for fun.

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

Masaru knelt down beside Ameiko's body, a frown tugging at his lips as almond hues sweep over her with concern. He glances to Kerri, the small Halfling taking on a defensive posture which would have made him chuckle in another situation. "Alright," he spoke, his tone low and laced with nervousness. "Let's get her back into the Dragon," he breathed, hooking his arms under her legs and back before he slowly rose, carrying her back to the establishment with the Halfling no doubt on his heels. His gaze swept the center of town one last time before he would return with Ameiko, ordering willing patrons to him.

He wasn't sure what happened but was sure that Shalelu would fill them in sooner than later. He found the most comfortable place to lay her in the tavern, glancing back to the Halfling. He knew who she was although he wouldn't necessarily count her as a friend, rather an acquaintance. "Kerri, come here and support her head," he requested, shifting so he could slip out of his vest which he offered to the Halfling to use as a makeshift pillow once folded up. ”Somebody, go find the priest or anybody who can take care of these two.” His brow knit as he looked her over once more to appraise her injuries.

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

The wild boy often seen around the stables whom Ameiko has employed as a stableboy for the sheer knack he has with animals approaches with the bandages. Mistress Shalelu, your hurt. Allow me to tend those wounds for you.

Heal Check1d20 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 2 = 21

Hmm, He says, looking at the at the wounds, the various bruising and scraps and cuts and gashes, Out hunting goblins again? He finishes wrapping the lacerations and clasps her shoulder and with a firm squeeze and a soft word he sets out to help Ameiko in the town center.

Cure Light Wounds1d8 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7
To Shalelu it feels as if a dog is licking their wounds, soothing the pain

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 1 HP 6/6 | AC 14 T 13 FF 12| Fort+2 Ref +3 Will+3 | Initiative +2 | Perception +0 |

As Masaru picks up Ameiko's unconscious body I feel relieved, but not enough to lower my guard. I follow Masaru closely still keeping an eye out for any sign of what could have hurt Ameiko and Shalelu this much.

Perception : 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21

Once back in the "Rusty Dragon" I remain by Ameiko's side. When Masaru requests that I support her head, I do it immediately. When Masaru asks somebody to go and get a priest, I remain by Ameiko's side. I look up at Masaru and whisper, "Thank-you."

"If she recovers from this, I will owe this big-folk greatly. But first off, let her recover ... Ancestors help her."

I look back down at Ameiko and quietly whisper a few words in a foreign tongue, seemingly to myself, "zezhuanth iri, petranas origato sia thurirl lleisgar vur zhin mojka de nomenoi ezoukeic."

Ancient Ones, please let my friend rise and walk away from these wounds.

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

Back in the Rusty Dragon having finished with bandaging Shalelu. The Stableboy sees his employer in worse shape than his mentor, and truth be told he has always had a crush on the both of them. Without hesitation he clears of a table in a hurry and has the others set Ameiko on the table. He gets a bowl and places it on the table as well. Godfrey immediately proceeds to cleaning of the wounds and banadaging them up after taking a moment to what appears to do is pray.

Guidance Heal check, taking 10 if possible1d20 + 2 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 2 + 1 = 6

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

I and the stable boy finish with Shalalu and Ameiko is brought in.
I sigh in distress and look at the stair. "I will prepare rooms for them. Quickly. Bring the two of them with." I head over behind the counter and fetch the keys to a large unoccupied two bed room. Quickly leading whoever is carrying the two girls to the room. I make sure the beds are fit and await the carriers to lay the girls down.

Once they are down I find two basins and rags. I hand one to the stableboy. "Here clean up Ameiko and I will clean Shalelu. The rest of you. Find that creepy old woman who has been slinking about these parts. Heard she can heal magically. And someone else fetch the sheriff please."

I wait for response.

Masaru steps aside as Godfrey, the stable boy, asks that Ameiko be moved to a table. He nodded to him and glanced to Kerri, offering her a reassuring smile. "Come now," he spoke in a low tone, once more carefully moving her to the table so that he could attempt to mend her wound. Afterwards Tanimoto got keys to the rooms upstairs and requested that the two women be brought upstairs. He complied and once more carefully moved her, each step slow and sure not to injure her any further, to a free bed once a door was unlocked. He laid her down and if another had not already moved Shalelu, he would return to carry her body upstairs.

His expression had steeled into an impassive mask, eyes looking to both woman with concern as he momentarily remained by Ameiko's bedside. As Tanimoto set to take care of the two woman, he considered propriety and glanced to Godfrey. "We'll let the two girls here keep an eye on these two," he explained, gesturing to Tanimoto and Kerri. He was oblivious to the fact that Tanimoto was indeed a young man. "We'll split up and go grab the sheriff and Koya. You know Koya better than I so I'll go call on the sheriff. Alright?"

He glanced across the room, concern the only emotion he let tug at his features, before his eyes settled on Ameiko one last time. He quickly took his leave of the tavern to find the sheriff so that he could inform him of the latest turn of events. They may need to raise the security of Sandpoint if something had injured Shalelu so badly. After all, she was a hardened scout in the surrounding area. Even Ameiko was a retired adventurer which only raised his concern. His sense of duty urged him to step up and help out if necessary, even if he wasn't part of the militia.

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 1 HP 6/6 | AC 14 T 13 FF 12| Fort+2 Ref +3 Will+3 | Initiative +2 | Perception +0 |

I follow Ameiko up the stairs with everybody else, making sure to be close behind Masaru. Once she is laid out on the bed I stand in the corner trying not to get in the way, when Tanimoto says about someone going to get a healing woman I move towards the door. But stop when Masaru says that Tanimoto and I should keep an eye on them.

With that I move over to Godfrey and take his basin and rag and get to cleaning up Ameiko. Once Masaru and Godfrey have left the room I look over to Tanimoto while wiping off some dirt of Ameiko's brow. "So, he doesn't know your a man yet? Well to be fair, I too was fooled when I first saw you."

I bend down to the basin and dunk the rag into the water, where I pull it out and ring it dry, as much as possible. Before starting to clean Ameiko's hand and arms.

Wow great reactions guys. I have a feeling this is going to be an EXCELLENT game. And it's good to see your abject hatred and disrespect for Koya remains in affect Tani lol.

Masaru and Kerri you don't notice anything threatening on your way back to the dragon but you do see members of the town guard rushing about town. They seem agitated and more on guard than they have been lately. Masaru as you carry Amieko back to the rusty dragon you notice that most of her injuries consist of severe burns that have burnt through part of her dress, exposing very red and blistered flesh along her midsection. You make it back into the inn and eventually take her into a bedroom and start cleaning her up.

Masaru you're able to find the Sheriff out in the streets trying to deal with the town guard. He comes right away once you mention what has happened. Godfrey you are able to find Koya and she agrees to follow you quickly back to the dragon.

Shalelu grows impatient with all the attention she's getting and once the bandages are appled she shooes off Tani. "Enough...I'm fine...just a few scratches from those bastard Goblins. Amieko is much worse off than I am." She will take a few long sips from the ale and then she breaks out into a coughing fit. She waves off anyone that would try to approach her.

A few minutes go by and then an elderly woman enters the room flanked by the sheriff and Masaru and Godfrey. The old woman goes right to Amieko's side and starts tending to her wounds and the sheriff goes to Shalelu to get the story from her.

Shalelu's story(known to anyone that followed tani into the private bedroom):

Shalelu does her best to recount the events of the night, though she has to stop a few times to cough and then will take sips from the glass of ale that she brought with her.

"I was out on one of my usual patrols when I heard the blood curteling scream. I was traveling the Lost Coast road and rushed off into the woods a little bit. Thats when I spotted it...Amieko on the ground badly burnt...and goblins all over. There must have been 12 of of which was holding a spent firework casing. I'm not sure how he got it but I'm almost positive thats what hit Amieko. They were binding her feet and starting to drag her off when I got there. It was a hard battle and they had several more fireworks that they tried to burn me with but I eventually won." she pauses to pull out a string that had about a dozen ears on it. The sheriff sighs, as he had banned the collection of goblin ears a couble of years ago but he knew better than to start lecturing Shalelu now.

"I then rushed to Amiekos side and picked her up and did my best to get her back here...but my strength gave out when I was in the middle of town. I trusted that nothing bad would happen to her and I rushed here to get help."

After Shalelu gives her account Koya looks at the men in the room and clears her throat. "Excuse me gentleman but I want to examine these ladies and I am sure they don't want you in the room for that part. I ask politely that you wait in the hall and when I'm done I will let you know.

Caerwyn Callandriil:

Several of your patrolman come and report in about increased goblin attacks on wagons traveling between Sandpoint and Magnimar along the Lost Coast highway. They also mention that some of the wagons have been being burnt by fireworks. This doesn't make sense because as far as you know there should be no way for Goblins to have access to fireworks.

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

Even when Shalelu tries to keep me away I respond sternly. "Come now your injuries need to be cleaned. I respect your abilities but now is not the time to be stubborn."

When Koya and the sheriff show I back off a bit.

I pretend like Koya isn't talking to me when she tells the "men" to leave the room. I try and stay close to Shalelu with genuine concern.

Tani make me a disguise check if you want to try and stay in the room. Also do your best not to blush because you're going to be getting an eyeful lol.

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1


Would Koya find my crossdressing offensive? Or should I go with the prissy young girl offense with her. Just trying to justify me and Koya's distain.

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

Masaru obliged the old seer, previously having recommended propriety for Ameiko. He was a man who tried to follow a code he didn't quite understand, something he managed to find in his father's journal regarding values of compassion, courage, courtesy, duty, honesty, honor, and sincerity. He nodded to Koya, thanking her in a soft voice before he would step out, concern written clearly on his features as he began to fail masking his feelings. He leaned back against the wall in the hall as he waited. He dipped his head and rubbed his brow. Deep down he was sure that she would pull through but all the same he was concerned for her health. He looked to Godrey and glanced down the hall as commotion was heard from downstairs.

"Should we go see what the guards are musing about?" He was indecisive on whether to wait on news of Ameiko's recover or be more vigilant in the light of the recent attack. By Shalelu's telling the goblins were causing trouble and given the circumstance, it could mean they represented a threat to the village. She's in good hands, he assured himself, nodding before he glanced back to Godrey. "I'll see if the sheriff and the guard needs any help, let them know if you stay here." He then quickly took to the stair off to assist in whatever means he could.

He met up with Caerwyn whom he knew from the guard, determination taking over his almond hues. "Do you know what else is going on here?"

The prissy young girl would offend her more as she doesn't really judge people on the lifestlyes(crossdressing)they choose from themselves.

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1


Okies. Little princess who is rude to granny coming up. Also I am assumed to take 20 on my disguise in the morning for 28 total, so It would simply be mannerism and voice control rather than appearance to hide. Also my training has aided my in controlling my hormones not to mention the situation doesn't merit that behavior or way of thinking.

Disguise mannerisms and control tone of voice. Take 10 for an 18 total

I say nothing merely stand quietly by with the water basin watch with sincere concern. Shalelu may be the object of my desire but the situation is too dire to think of anything other than her health.

I am ready to offer assistance if needed.

In the room:
Koya eyes Tani questioningly but allows her to stay(believing that it is a she). She then starts giving full exams to both women, striping them of whats left of any clothing. Shalelu protests loudly about the fuss being made over her but eventually gives up and cooperates with the exam after a few stern looks from the old cleric. After a few well placed touches most of the superficial wounds on both of them heal up and then Koya starts treating the burns on Ameiko's stomach with some special salve. It smells absolutely horrid but it seems to be helping. Just as Koya finishes up Ameiko wakes.

Wha...what happened? she asks, not really knowing what's going on. She then groans as the pain of the burns sets in and she starts to cough a little.

"Easy there. You were attacked south of Sandpoint. I won't ask what you were doing there but I will point out that if it wasn't for Shalelu you wouldn't have survived. Koya says running a comforting hand over Ameiko's shoulder.

Shalelu just blushes as Ameiko looks over at her and mouths "Thank you"

Both of you need your rest.Koya says to Shalelu and Ameiko. She then looks at Tani and Kerri and gives them both a stern look. "Make sure they don't get out of these beds...especially that one" she says motioning to the stubborn elf. Shalelu just crosses her arms and then lays back in bed, knowing better than to cross the cleric. Koya covers her patience up with blankets and then leaves.

About a half an hour passes and then Koya exists the room and finds Godfrey wating outside the room. "Ameiko is awake and will be fine. Shalelu has also been treated and is as stubborn as always. They need to stay in bed for a few days but both should make a full recovery. You can go in and see them if you wish, though don't be expecting much of a welcome." Koya then sets off to update everyone else.

Meanwhile the sheriff has walked into the main part of the tavern and is getting ready to make an announcement.

Feel free to role play a little more his announcement can wait...just wanted to let you guys know where he disappeared to.

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

Once Koya came downstairs and announced that both Shalelu and Ameiko were recovering, he looked relieved. "Good, he breathed, glancing to Caerwyn. He would have to allow his inquiring mind to wait and given his confidence in the militia and the sheriff's capability, he excused himself so he could check in on the two women. He proceeded upstairs once more, maintaining his composure by taking a casual stride. The Varisian man with Tian heritage wheeled into the room after giving a light knock to announced his presence. He offered a faint smile, seeing Ameiko conscious. He looked to Kerri who was no doubt pleased as well with her good health.

"Do you need anything, Shalelu?"

He pulled up a chair between their beds, looking to the elven ranger with as much concern as he did Ameiko. He respected her as a warrior and was thankful for her having saved Ameiko's life. His eyes drifted to the focus of his concerns shortly after, settling his hands in his lap. "Can I get you anything? Kerri and I brought you in, you were in pretty rough shape."

Shalelu just scoffs and sighs "No I'm much fuss over a few dings...though if you really want to be a doll could you bring me another glass of ale, Koya took my last one." with that her stomach growls and she sighs "Maybe something to eat to if it isn't to much trouble." She gives you a kind smile, something you haven't see out of her very much, though it does seem a little forced.

Ameiko just turns and smiles at Masaru and reaches out to take his hand, squeezing it a little and she mouths another thank you, being a little to weak to speak.

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

After Koya leaves I take my place at Shalelu's side. "Geez girl trying to help you is lime trying to give a cat a bath. Though I understand. I wouldn't sit still if that old crone was trying to strip me too. You really need to accept help more often. You give so much, learn to accept some in return."

When Marasu ask what he can do I look over at him. "Bring some hot water and my tea kit. I will make them some tea. She shouldn't be drinking any booze. Also there is stew staying warm on the stove. I give him directions to where I keep my stash.

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 1 HP 6/6 | AC 14 T 13 FF 12| Fort+2 Ref +3 Will+3 | Initiative +2 | Perception +0 |

As the old lady asks the men to leave, I look up slightly when Tani doesn't leave but don't say anything. At the sight of Ameiko's burns a tear wells up in my eyes, but I wipe them away quickly. When I see her burns start to disappear before my very eyes, I look shocked and amazed.

"ini wer zezhuanth iri, svabol ui shinaltir?"

By the Ancient Ones, what is happening?

Once the old lady is leaving I call out behind her, "Thank-you." Turning my attention back to Ameiko, "Your awake, thank the Ancestors! You may not like it, but the old lady said you have to stay in bed and I intend to make sure you abide by her ruling, she obviously knows what she is talking about."

I walk around to Masaru, stand in front of him, get onto my hands and knee's and lower my head (Like the Buddhist prayer position) "Thank-you again, I owe you a debt." After I have finished speaking I get back up and walk back beside Ameiko.

I'm assuming since she rescued you Tani that Shalelu is one of the few that knows about your...interests. Don't worry she's cool with it and since she's known you for so long she sees you as 'one of the girls'.

Shalelu looks at tani, a hint of frustration in her eyes. "You're no fun she says and then leans in and whispers to Tani "And to think I didn't say anything to Koya about you're being a man...pervert." The last part was added teasingly.

At Kerri's words Ameiko smiles and then sighs, not liking having to stay in bed but knowing that the halfling can be very forceful when need be.

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

Godfrey having been lost in the fray of all the commotion approaches Tani when s/he is making tea, leans over their shoulder and says, Really, you must be more appreciative of mother. Koya raised me for the past 5 years. She has been all I have known. Besides Sandru might get upset with you too!

Having said his piece Godfrey bounds of taking the stairs two sometimes three at a time. Bursting into the room on the bed as close to Shalelu as possible. Now, how many times have I told you that if you need help hunting those nasty little beasts, I'm your man. You keep running off without me and I might just take that as you trying to avoid me. He says with a wink and a smile

He looks over at Ameiko, So is Ameiko going to be okay?

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

When Shalelu teases me I simply giggle and whisper back. " When you were tending me you spent a bit of extra time "examining" my injuries. So this is just a bit of me returning the favor."

The fox scolds me and I simply roll my eyes. "doesn't mean she isn't creepy or crabby."

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

To tani, True

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

Masaru regards Shalelu with a smirk, chuckling as her stomach growled. He was sure that they were all hungry given the fact that their dinners were interrupted by the series of events. He glanced to Tanimoto and then back to the elf, offering a wink before he glanced back to Ameiko as she took his hand. He felt the hair on the back of his neck standing up and his cheeks flush ever so slightly. "You're welcome, he simply spoke, rising then as he would fulfill his offer to Shalelu. He was sure that the woman who just stirred butterflies in his stomach could use the tea the barmaid spoke of.

When Kerri prostrated herself before him he didn't know what to say, biting his lower lip and smiling nervously. "Please, it's nothing," he assured the Halfing. "You would do the same for another, given the circumstance." He inclined his head to the proprietor, smiled to Kerri and then took his leave.

Downstairs he would follow the barmaid's instruction, setting a kettle to boil some water and finding her tea kit she spoke of. As the water boiled he would find something for Shalelu to eat, knowing she could manage something harder. Ameiko likely needed a soup, however, and looked in the kitchen and stores for something along those lines. Despite how Tanimoto felt, he would find the ale on tap and fill up a flask to sneak to their ranger friend. He pocketed the item and got bowls, spoons, plates, and a tray together. And then he waited... The water had to boil after all.

As the commotion of the evening died down he found himself returning upstairs with a tray. He was thankful the cooks already had a few items simmering for their usual patrons. He came in and set the tray on the table between the beds. On the tray was a steaming kettle, two empty cups, two bowls of steaming soup (noodles in a hot broth with an exotic taste), two spoons, and dinner cloths. He offered the women the bowls with the cloths beneath them, handing them spoons afterwards. While Tanimoto exchanged with Godfrey, he slipped the flask from his pocket under her blanket with a smile. He was sure if necessary -- although he doubted it -- both had a willing assistant if they had trouble eating and drinking. Kerri as the concerned protector would no doubt would help Ameiko.

"She'll be fine," Masaru assured Godfrey. He rolled his knuckles into his hands, feeling notably outgoing. He carried a steady smile and moved to take a seat away from the women, looking outside through the window.

Male Half elf Rogue (Scout) 1
Character Information:
[HP: 13]; [Armor Class: 16; Touch: 13; Flat Footed: 13]; [BAB: +0; CMB: +2; CMD: 15]; [Saves: Fortitude: +3; Reflex: +5; Will: +1]; [Initiative: +3]; [Perception: +7]

OK, looks like I've got some catching up to do.

Caerwyn follows Masaru out of the Rusty Dragon and into the town square. There he spots Ameiko's unconscious form with a small pale halfling hovering about, as if standing guard.
As Masaru effortlessly picks up Ameiko, Caerwyn gives him a nod "I'll meet you back at the inn, I want to see what's got the Guardsmen so riled up."
As Caerwyn reenters the Dragon the others have taken Ameiko and Shalelu upstairs. As his eyes scan the common room he notices Masaru heading toward him. In response to his question he admits "The recent raids on the caravans between here and Magnimar have been carried out by goblins. Apparently they've acquired a stash of fireworks which they use to set the wagons ablaze, then attack in the confusion of trying to put the fires out."
He follows the warrior up the stairs, helping carry the tray of food and drinks. As his eyes alight on Shalelu a look of concern crosses his face before he says in elvish "De réir na réaltaí, cuma mhaith leat bás a théitear os a chionn."

By the stars, you look like death warmed over.

As Koya renders her prognosis, Caerwyn nods "Thank you, Lady Koya. I owe you a deep debt of gratitude." Turning to the others scattered about the room he says "If you'll excuse me, the Sheriff has arrived and I think I need to be there to hear what he has to say" and with that he bows low and exits the room.

Shalelu gives Carewyn a glare and then she sticks her tongue out at him. She then notices the flask and then looks to make sure the others aren't looking before she takes a quick sip from it before storing it back under her pillow. As Caerwyn leaves Shalelu sits up and tries to get out of bed as well.

"I'm curious to hear what the Sheriff plans to do in response to this attack" she says as she draws a sheet over her body and throws her feet over the bed. She then starts to have another coughing fit.

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 1 HP 6/6 | AC 14 T 13 FF 12| Fort+2 Ref +3 Will+3 | Initiative +2 | Perception +0 |

I look over to Shalelu, "U...u...umm, you s...s...shouldn't g...g...get out of bed or that s...s...scary lady m...m...might come back and shout at"' There is an obvious fear in my voice, it is obvious I don't like getting in other peoples way. Especially tall folk. When she starts coughing I look petrified, like I expect her to collapse. But once the fit is over I feel relieved and it shows on my face.

I lean in close to Ameiko and whisper softly into her ear, "Don't you try to get up too! So is the soup nice, it smells it? Anyway what were you doing to warrant being attacked by Goblins? You are lucky that Shalelu was there to fight them off of you. You know you could have asked me for help, I would have given it to you gladly."

I place a hand on my belly as it gives a silent rumble, stand up right and collect a chair to sit beside her as she eats her soup. "Would either of you like some bread with that soup? I can go downstairs to get some, if I am allowed into your kitchen?"'

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

Can I listen to what the sheriff has to say from the window? if so Perception check 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26

@ Keri I wouldn't worry about Koya too much, she's been nothing but nice to me over the past couple years. Raised me much like a son. Even taught me about Desna and stuff. Just don't make remarks about her age and you'll be fine

For those upstairs:
Shalelu looks at the halfling and laughs a little, grimacing at the pain that fills her body.

"Bah I'm not going to listen to a little mouse...but I do see you're point I don't want Koya to come back." She decides against getting up and gets back into bed and takes the soup and begins to eat.

Ameiko starts to eat the soup and looks at Kerri with a small smile on her face.

Soups okay...needs better seasoning but considering that I don't let anyone into my special spices I shouldn't complain. her voice is weak but starting to return to normal. She tries to rest the bowl on her stomach but winces in pain. At Kerris questioning Ameiko looks at Kerri and shakes her head.

"Its complected...but I had a private matter I was taking care of. I didn't find what I was looking for and was attacked on the way home.

At Kerri's question about the bread both women nod their head. "We would love some. Tani can go and get it." Ameiko says weakly.

Meanwhile downstairs:

The sheriff is getting ready to address the crowd in the Rusty Dragon. He stands on a chair in the front of the room and bangs a spoon on an empty mug of ale.

"Excuse me I have an announcement to make" he calls in a loud voice, trying to get everyones attention. A hush falls over the room and every eye seems to be on him. In the back of the room a gruff drunken voice calls out.

"Let me guess drinks are on you" another shouts over the cheers that erupt "I'll take two"

The Sheriff scowls and shakes his head. "No no no, I have a serious announcement to make. As you know Ameiko has been the owner and operator of this fine establishment for several years now. Well earlier today she was attacked by a band of goblins. If it wasn't for the quick work of Shalelu she would have been captured. Both women were badly injured and are upstairs recoperating as we speak. I've been assured by Koya that they will make a full recovery but I will not stand idoly by while two of our iconic citizens get attacked. Its was one thing with they were just attacking a few caravans but now is the time to strike back. I hearby lift the ban on the killing of goblins for reward. Effective at noon tomorrow I am reinstating the 2 silver piece reward per goblin ear that is brought in. Go forth my brothers and enact you're revenge."

With that a loud cheer erupts through out the entire tavern.

Don't you just love it when local law enforcement start riots lol.

Tani if you go down to get the bread you will overhear most of the Sheriffs speech. Ofcourse anyone who's down stairs can also be privy to this information. And yes Godfrey you can listen through the window.

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

With Godfrey peering out the window at the group that's gathered around the sheriff, he catches the tail end of Ameiko's statement. What were you looking for out there? Maybe I could go fetch it for you if the reward were right. He says with a coy half smile.

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 1 HP 6/6 | AC 14 T 13 FF 12| Fort+2 Ref +3 Will+3 | Initiative +2 | Perception +0 |

I look to Godfrey, "Who is Desna? So don't tell the old person that she's old?" I lean in close to Ameiko and whisper into her ear, "Why, does she not know?" I let out a quiet, girlish giggle. I look back up to Godfrey again, "Don't worry I won't insult her, she is too scary for that."

I look down at my feet and twiddle my thumbs when I get called a mouse, but am happy that she decides to climb back into bed.

I look to Ameiko, "If you like I could put some of your spices in, I have been cooking for quite a while and think I get it just as you like?" At the sight of Ameiko in pain due to the bowl on her stomach, I grab the bowl quickly and hold it at a comfortable height for her. "I won't ask you to explain yourself any more, a private matter should remain private. If you tell me where to get the bread I can get it, means I can grab my stuff while I am down there too. I am getting a little hungry, so I would be saving 2 Hin's with 1 journey."

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

Desna, is a goddess that watches over us when we cannot. She protects you in your dreams and is the Goddess of Travelers, like myself. Though I would pay homage to her I am not of her devout. I give all the gods the respect they deserve but I follow the green and the guidance of the kami

At the conclusion of the chief's speech Godfrey smirks and says Well if you ladies don't need me hear anymore, I think I'm going downstairs or maybe to the stables, or the forests. I haven't decided yet. Ah well, I got a big day ahead of me tomorrow goblin hunting.

Got to love when players post while I'm editing my post. Its not a big deal though

"Well go head and grab something for your self then. I assure you I'm not going anywhere... At Godfreys question she looks at him. "Its more of a private matter..."

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 1 HP 6/6 | AC 14 T 13 FF 12| Fort+2 Ref +3 Will+3 | Initiative +2 | Perception +0 |

"I don't know about this Desna or this Kami ... but I have the Ancestors keeping me safe. They help me in times of need and are always here for me, talking with me. So I know of what you mean, Mr ... ?"

I get up gracefully and take my leave of the room. Once out of the room I run down the hall and stairs, stopping when I near the bottom. As soon as I see all the usual patrons I quickly dart into my usual seat, grab my bag and run back up stairs. Giving a gentle knock on the door before I gracefully walk back in. Sitting on my chair, I place my bag beside me and reach in. Pulling out a wrapped bundle, I open it carefully and inside is a small meal consisting of Grilled fish, Roasted vegetables and dried fruits. I reach back into my bag and pull out another bag, this one a lot smaller. I put my thumb and fore-finger inside and pull out a small pinch of finely cut wild herbs, which I sprinkle onto my food. I then begin to eat the food slowly, hoping that no-body is watching me. The smell of the food is quite strong, but not the smell of fish, it smells more fruity and slightly smoky.

I look up to Ameiko in between bites, swallowing a small mouthful I hold up my bag of herbs. "Would you like to try some of these with your soup?"

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

ah hahaha, no it's not just a kami, it's the kami, multiple entities. They are spirits of sorts. And call me Godfrey.

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 1 HP 6/6 | AC 14 T 13 FF 12| Fort+2 Ref +3 Will+3 | Initiative +2 | Perception +0 |

I stop eating briefly and look up towards this Godfrey, "So the Ancestors are like your Kami? Well Godfrey, I am Kerri. Goblin hunting, sounds dangerous, but if any of them make it here they will regret hurting my friend! Kill some for me will you? Just don't get yourself hurt."

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

Way too much reading. I'm just going to skim amd respond.

I do my best to make sure that Shalelu stays in bed. "Don't make me tie you down girl. I am good with knots." I give her a mischievous wink.

When Shalelu is in bread and food asked for, I remind everyone "Marasu already brought some soup and bread so we are good. Gadfrey, did you here what the Sheriff was saying at all?"[/b]

I do apologize that I forgot to specify that there would be enough food to snack.

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

Ah but certainly you have talents as well Kerri, perhaps you would be willing to go with me if it were a means for protecting your friends?

He then turns to Tani, still a bit taken back by the person, after all in the wilderness a person does not hide who they are but then again maybe he should heed that lesson himself Yep, goblin hunting starts tomorrow, that and something about the sheriff buying a round.

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 1 HP 6/6 | AC 14 T 13 FF 12| Fort+2 Ref +3 Will+3 | Initiative +2 | Perception +0 |

I hold up some of my dried fruit, "Anyone care to try a dried fruit? Not as nice as fresh, but they are good for travelling. How about you Tani? After all I think you will have a harder time keeping Shalelu in bed than I will with Ameiko." I tilt my head as if trying to listen to something, "The Sheriff was saying something?! That would explain why there were so many people downstairs, I wasn't expecting that many and it gave me quite a fright."

I look over to Godfrey, "I would do anything to protect my friends, even if the Ancestors don't like the idea. They would still help me though ... I hope."

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

I pause for a moment. Suddenly I gasp putting my hands on either side of my head. "By the gods no one is running the inn." I leap to my feet and race to the door turning back I announce "Don't let Shalelu out of that bed. I am interested in the goblin hunting but we'll discuss that tomorrow. Right now I have an inn to run"

I race downstairs and proceed to serve our now riled up customers for the rest of the night.


If you work for the inn then you would know of Tani's lifestyle. Best you can tell he really likes girls a lot. So much so that he dresses the part. You don't know the real reason but you are also aware Tani was born and raised in Minkai.

Male Half elf Rogue (Scout) 1
Character Information:
[HP: 13]; [Armor Class: 16; Touch: 13; Flat Footed: 13]; [BAB: +0; CMB: +2; CMD: 15]; [Saves: Fortitude: +3; Reflex: +5; Will: +1]; [Initiative: +3]; [Perception: +7]

As the sheriff finishes his speech Caerwyn thinks to himself "Uh oh, this could cause more trouble than it'll solve. A bunch of locals traipsing through the swamps, getting lost or worse will just mean more work for me and the other patrols." rubbing his hand absently across his chin he continues his line of thought "Still a couple of extra silver wouldn't hurt. A guardsman's pay never seems to go far enough."
As the crowd begins jostling him around, Caerwyn pull out his baton and brings it down on the table with a loud CRACK. Alright, everyone! Take it easy. There will be more than enough gobbo's to go around. The little buggers breed like rats. No need for anyone to get hurt before they get the chance, now is there?" As Tani returns to the common room Caerwyn will appraoch her and ask "Are the ladies alright? Is there anything else they'll need tonight?" At her reassuances, he'll order a round of drinks from her for him and his men before returning to the barracks for the night "It's going to be an early, and busy, day tomorrow for sure" he mutters to himself as he heads out the door

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

Masaru quietly remained by the window and between what he could hear from where he sat and the others present, he figured out what was going on. "A bounty," he mused, drawing his sword -- sheath and all -- across his lap. It would be a good oppurtunity to put silver into his pocket and sharpen his skill with the sword. He grinned a bit, his thoughts on his father. No doubt he likely took on bounties, hunting down people and creatures alike to test his skill. He had even took a warrior's pilgrimage across the world in pursuit of refining his skill, challenging Aldori swordlords and every man with a blade across the Inner Sea.

He approached Ameiko with Kerri at her bedside. Kerri had spoken of taking part in the hunt as well as the others present. "What do you think, Kerri? Want to go collect the ears of those wretched creatures? He offered a grin as he adjusted that foreign blade at his hip and glanced over to Ameiko who appeared to be regaining her strength slowly.

His almond gaze shifted to the proprieter, declaring in a low tone, "We'll get them back, Ameiko. Their insolence will not go unpunished."

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 1 HP 6/6 | AC 14 T 13 FF 12| Fort+2 Ref +3 Will+3 | Initiative +2 | Perception +0 |

Seeing Masaru walk over towards Ameiko and I, adjusting his blade, while looking over Ameiko I stand protectively in front of her. "I would like to get them back for what they have done her Ameiko, but the idea of collecting their ears, that is just revolting. If you want the ears so badly, you can have the ones off of the critters that the Ancestors and I slay. Does that sound good to you?"

I look up at the tall man in thought, "What a strange biggen's, wanting to collect Goblin ears. Very strange indeed."

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

The man simply laughed, shaking his head slowly as he looked down to Kerri. "The ears are the proof of our kills," Masaru explained, thinking that she had misunderstood his intent. "For every ear the sheriff will give us... What, two silvers? A fair bounty to line any man's purse. It should be easier than skipping stones."

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