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Adventure to the Jade Regent (Inactive)

Game Master mathpro18

Current Characters

Lantern Lodge DaWay

(4,653 posts)
Darius Finch
Faelar Braegen

Male Elf Bard - 6
(1,289 posts)


(561 posts)

Both Martian Level 20 invader
(3,962 posts)
Villamar Koth
Vanulf Wulfson

Male Human Dad/6
(451 posts)
Caerwyn Callandriil

Male Half elf Rogue (Scout) 1
Character Information:
[HP: 12]; [Armor Class: 15; Touch: 13; Flat Footed: 12]; [CMB: +1; CMD: 14 (11 Flat Footed)]; [Saves: Fortitude: +1; Reflex: +5; Will: +0]; [Initiative: +3]; [Perception: +6]

played by Vanulf Wulfson (139 posts)

DM Mathpro

played by mathpro18 (1,709 posts)
Black Dragon
GM Kyle

played by Markus Freeman (399 posts)
Darius Finch
Godfrey Warden

Male Kitsune Wolf Shaman Druid 01

played by DaWay (50 posts)
Kerri Corynian

Female Halfling Sorceror - Ice Linnorm : 2

played by Faelar Braegen (298 posts)

Kyle Smith, Role Player

played by Markus Freeman (101 posts)
Madge Blossomheart
Mary Roseblossom

Female Halfling Oracle 2
HP 15/15 AC: 18, touch 13, flat 16; saves fort 2,reflex 3, will 5 +2 to fear

played by Neltji (375 posts)
Consortium Agent
Masaru Haganekaze

Male Human Samurai (Sword Saint) 1

played by Markus Freeman (147 posts)
Ilora Nuski
Shianne Ryu

Female Human Ninja 2

played by Shisa (76 posts)
Mistress Kayltanya
The Exchange Shilyn DeSable

Female Half-Elf HP 31/31 AC 16 CMB +4 CMD 17 Touch 13 Flat 12 (Melee Weapon: +1 Rapier)+6;1d6+2 (Ranged: Short bow) +5;1d6+0 F +2 R +6 W +5 INIT +3 Perc +14 Rogue 3 - Sorc 2

played by Shisa (950 posts)

Male (Though Commonly Appears as Female) Aasimar, Tian descent Ninja lvl 1

played by Shanosuke (114 posts)

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