Academy of Secrets

Game Master mathpro18

Current Characters

Cayden Cailean
The Exchange Edgar Lamoureux

Male Human Bard 1/Barbarian 1
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Liberty's Edge John Spalding

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DM Mathpro

played by mathpro18 (3,452 posts)
Vinroot the Drunken Treant
Doran Darok

M Dwarf Cleric 13

played by Shizzle69 (32 posts)
Grand Lodge Elrond Véneanár

Male Elf Magus 10/Duelist 3

played by Aroach1188 (26 posts)
Tenzekil Braybittle (Bleachling)
Harren Whisperwood

Male Gnome Oracle 13

played by John Spalding (16 posts)
Axiomite of Xin


played by wesF (91 posts)
Jakardros Sovark
Zantis Fletcher

played by Edgar Lamoureux (32 posts)