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Game Master mathpro18

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Male Human Summoner 13

Also I will be taking that GMV, and Mage armor for Tylonick. :)

Male Human Summoner 13

*laughs, making his co-workers look at him weird* Haahaa! Only first post and already making people scream in horror! :D Oh yes, this will be awesome! Forgot to mention that Tylonick had black feathered wings as well. *begins planning next post*

Dude she's a little girl...what do you expect. And not that its really important but I'm curious for some reason...what gender is Tylonick?

Male Human Summoner 13

It's a he, as per his char sheet.

Got my post up.

And remember Rodolpho: The only point is to point your eyes towards things yuo may not have considered. I understand that a wizard's spells are very personal and should remain largely in-theme.

Whats going on with the posts? Haven't seen anything new in a few days.

male Human Cleric 1

I was waiting for someone to respond to Iorec's question (which might got overlooked because of the spoiler tag) or for you to bring in Master Ornelos.

Just a heads up guys if your going to be gone I'd like you to post it here so I know and can adjust things if needed. In emergent cases I'll understand. One of the things that kills play by post games the quickest is when players disappear with out notice and I'd like to avoid that.

male Human Cleric 1

Sure, will do.

I was here! Just not the last two days because I was getting everything square with Temple. Seemed to be going slow enough to do that, but I'll post any greater-than-24hr absences in the future, sorry.

Human Incanter 2 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 16/16 | CMD 12 | F+3,R+2,W+4 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 5/6 | Dest.Blast damage 2d6 | 2/2 Hero Points

Sorry guys, I got sick sick sick early in the week and slowed everything down a couple days. I'm feeling better and hope to not delay us again in the future!

male Human Cleric 1

Good to hear you're back on your feet, that's what's most important!

Ew! Sorry to hear that, Rodolpho. :(

I'm glad you're feeling better and hope you get to feeling great!

Human Incanter 2 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 16/16 | CMD 12 | F+3,R+2,W+4 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 5/6 | Dest.Blast damage 2d6 | 2/2 Hero Points

I never just disappear for more than a business day, but I was out for like 2 1/2 days. But like I said, I am feeling a ton better, so I should be full speed by next week.

By my count that was 3 Mage Armors, and 2 GMW spells that were needed. Ill make those adjustments and look at my spells and
SG's suggestions in the next day or so..

Glad to hear you're feeling better Rodolpho.

Can I ask someone to do me a favor and create a battle map for the upcoming encounter? I usually run with out them but at this level I find it almost impossible not to use one. I have a picture we can use I would just need it edited to have party members and the creature put on it as well as a grid system put on it.

The picture I want modified can be found here. Let me know if you have trouble accessing it.

Male Human Summoner 13

Question. Some DMs keep animal companions or such on the same iniative as the actual pc? Did you want that or do you want a separate init from Tylonick?

male Human Cleric 1

If you give me a email adress I can send you a .psd if that's of any help for you. Or I'll just send you a jpg which you can upload somewhere.

Is the spider literally huge?

Yes the spider is literally size catagory huge. email the .jpg to and thanks Null.

Jorge I'll allow your companion to go on a different init.

male Human Cleric 1

Map should be in your mail by now.

I looked over my sheet and realized I had an extra feat by mistake. I removed enforcer to correct, and my apologies.

I also realized how annoyingly complex my full-attack routine is. XD I hope I minimized it / prepared for the right contingencies. I'll probably wind up using that slightly reformatted and with more shorthand later-on.

...I find it hilarious that I rolled a 20 on my potential attempt to trip a CMD 50+ Spider (stupid +4 per leg beyond 2). :D

Spending 2 Ki makes the trip possible, btw. Sorry I forgot to mention that.

-pokes someone with better social/mental skills and more subtlety than me-

We totally need to get this girl to pass on information and/or help rig the games. :P

Hey hey hey none of that lol.

Hey, sorry I've been tardy. I'm getting used to being back in school and my dad got laid off this past Friday, so other things have been on my mind. I'll post by the end of the day tomorrow, promise. I'm too tired to be coherent right now.

Sorry to hear that Soul. Don't worry you didn't hold things up to badly but I am going to move on for those who have been waiting since Monday for an update.

Oh and I finally got a map done. Its done in MS Paint but its done none the less lol. I'll throw it up in the game thread.

Just an FYI guys I'm going to be with out a car until tomorrow at the earliest and possibly longer so I won't be able to get online. Need to get some break work done. Feel free to role play as you wish and I'll get back as soon as I can.

Good luck to both of you...real life is crappy sometimes.

Male Human Cleric 13

Hope you are healing up well, DM Mathpro.

Male Human Cleric 13

Anyone need or want any buff spells ATM? This seems to be a slow point, so might as well dole them out now.

Male Human Cleric 13

Is there a map of the school that I missed, or is the description of the facility somewhere in the posts?

male Human Cleric 1

Here is the mathpro's post with a linked map.

Male Human Cleric 13
Nullpunkt wrote:
Here is the mathpro's post with a linked map.

Wow, I saw this and opened it and then forgot all about it. Thank you for linking this for me again.

Yeah I will throw it up in campaign info so its easier to find...

Okay map has been linked to in the campaign info tab. Sorry it took so long...stupid internet ADD

male Human Cleric 1

As Jorge didn't point it out to the others I'll assume Iorec missed the changed image on the doors. It's probably better that way because he would feel bad if this fate turned out to be the result of his bluff...

So ready for the Hall of Inductions when you are, mathpro!

male Human Cleric 1

Just to make that clear: I don't want to push forward too hard or go ego-tripping by acting without waiting for consent but Iorec is sure that it's safe to smash the tubes so he sees no reason to hesitate. If I'm being too rash please let me know.

I don't see any problems with it then again I know what it does

Male Human Cleric 13

I' ll just step back and then you can go to town on the pipe. I'll have my magics ready just in case.

It appears that we have lost our monk. I sent him a PM a few days ago(sometime last week) and he didn't respond and it doesn't look like he's been on for a while.

Do you guys want to seek a replacement player or just keep things going with the party that we have? You guys haven't had any problems with the traps so far. *grumbles about the rogue ruining all his fun*

male Human Cleric 1

I'm fine with the group as it stands right now. And sorry for ruining your fun boss but it's kind of what the whole character concept is about :)

Male Human Cleric 13

Four should be enough for now. If we start to have troubles, we can look for someone then.

Human Incanter 2 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 16/16 | CMD 12 | F+3,R+2,W+4 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 5/6 | Dest.Blast damage 2d6 | 2/2 Hero Points

I am fine going wtih what we have right now. The eidolon can front line, while we try to nuke whatever we have to face...

don't feel to bad've made a really well created character and should enjoy playing it. If anything I'll have to adjust things on my end so you don't cakewalk through everything.

I had a good mind to make the trap go off on you but you did beat the DC so...that and 15d6 worth of damage is nasty even at these levels.

male Human Cleric 1

Thanks for the praise :) To be honest, I wouldn't like it too much if you would spring traps on Iorec even though he beat the actual DC to locate or disable it. I specifically built the character with this forte in mind and it would kind of ruin my fun if you would suddenly decide to make finding and avoiding traps more difficult. I mean, what would be the point of preparing your PC for certain challenges if the GM would just make these challenges even harder? Everyone should get his chance to shine and I'm sure there are more lethal (read: "fun for the GM") things in this module besides traps.
Just my opinion though, I'll stand by your every decision Oh great Master of Game ;)

Thats exactly why I haven't done anything yet. Its not fair to deny you your awesome abilities. And besides there many more things coming once you get all the key-lights *evil laugh*

Male Human Cleric 13

Well, I've gotten the low dice rolls out of the way.

male Human Cleric 1

Just because I'm curious, how did Rodolpho manage to get a +15 Initiative mod?

Human Incanter 2 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 16/16 | CMD 12 | F+3,R+2,W+4 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 5/6 | Dest.Blast damage 2d6 | 2/2 Hero Points

It came from +3 for Dex, +4 for improved initiative, +2 for the trait, and +6 for the forewarned class feature from my divination foresight school focus.

male Human Cleric 1

Ah, thanks for explaining. Didn't know that feature, really nice.

And now we get into the challenging part of the module lol. Ioric you have improved evasion right? I assumed you did for that round of combat but if not you take half damage from all three breath attacks which totals 35 points of damage.

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