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Game Master mathpro18

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Okay everyone finalize your characters and then throw them up here so I know we are ready to go.

Just so everyone knows as of Saturday I no longer have internet access at home. It will unfortunately have to be this way for the next 6 months. I will be doing all my posting from the local library but this creates a small issue in that I can only use the computer 2 hours/day. I will try to go to two different libraries(one in the morning and one in the evening) that way I can check progress and more importantly answer any questions that arise during game play. Just be patient and I assure you this will be an enjoyable experience.

Human Incanter 1 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 9/9 | CMD 11 | F+3,R+2,W+3 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 4/5

Sounds fine to me, DM.

Thanks for the selection. I will finish Dolph this evening, and be good to go.

Do you want me to post a list of daily spells memorized at the beginning of every game day?

Hey, Alias of SoulGambit here. Thanks for running this campaign! I look forward to gaming with you and all my fellow adventurers. My character as of the last thread was actually complete, but I'd like the opportunity to change it to better synergize with the party.

Additionally, backstory. I'm pro prior relationships between characters, especially ones that can color roleplay. If anyone can think of a good background link/prior knowledge with my character I'm definitely open. In the worst case, Babkas is always looking for talented adventurers to make money with and help find clues as to the whereabouts of his family.

I plan on being a support fighter / tank, so if there's anything anyone particularly wants from me (Teamwork feats, a combat maneuver/debuff I don't have, etc) feel free to let me know.

Also, Gerald, I'm not familiar with your character's abilities, but I was wondering if I could please get a casting of Greater Magic Weapon and Mage Armor on a regular basis.

For the DM, I am also of the "No Surprises" rout, so I'll explain exactly how I envision my character performing in combat. It's very simple:
1. Decide what the biggest threat of the enemy is.
2. Move forward, tumbling to avoid AoO's to get in the optimal position.
3. Use a combination of Trip and Dirty Trick (Blindness) to disable the enemy and set him up for Zilu's sneak attack. Maybe Stunning Fist, Touch of Serenity and/or Grapple if the situation warrents it. Probably try to intimidate the thing to debuff its attack/saves so Rodolpho can turn it into charcoal.
4. Pop a Ki for +4 AC so I don't die horribly.
5. Use AoO's to keep the enemy from my allies while waiting for the opportunity to lay out horrible, horrible status effects next turn with Flurry of Maneuvers. Most Ki will be spent on AC.

With a caveat that I understand that the best laid plans never survive contact with the enemy.

Out of combat I'm largely a scout.

Babkas Hammerheart, the Quinggong Maneuver Master 13

Concept: Kung-Fu Job, Ex-SS, father extraordinaire.

Plot Link: Babkas's third son, Dogis Hammerheart participated in the competition many years ago. Heldra wishes to find out what happened, save/bury her son, and bring honor back to the Hammerheart name.

Mechanical Niche: Babkas is a support fighter and a tar pit. He doesn't deal much damage, but he'll set up big hits, keep the enemy where the party wants them, and take away the enemy's actions. Out of combat he has sensory and acrobatic abilities in the low stupids, makes a good scout, and can intimidate/UMD. He also has almost every esoteric defense ever written, so he's at least moderately prepared for anything.

It was how blase they were about the whole situation, really. That was why he turned in his resignation after almost fourty years of devout service to Razmire. After all, is note the cruelty to the peasants reason enough to retire? That's what Babkas would convince himself.

You see, Babkas wasn't a priest or an arcanist or even a warrior per-say, but Babkas' ability to drink a small town under the table while making sure even the staunchest stick in the mud had fun kept him employed. His ability to pick out important information hidden in drunken slurs and dark alleys kept him employed by God.

To hear him tell it, Babkas had been putting down rebellions that'd be the true end to the empire-in-making nearly since its inception! The one time he needed help, however, they deemed him "disposable." You see, Babkas was a family man. He had a wife, some daughters, and thirteen sons--many of them adventurers or warriors or craftsmen in their own right. Over all, Babkas was happy with this life.

That all changed when fate decided to turn on its head in Babkas' life. Over the course of the year he lost all of his land to blight and all thirteen of his sons (not to mention a few of the daughters!) were either killed, MIA, or captured. He turned to Razmire for help, and his priests turned him down--were probably happy about it!

So Babkas issued his resignation letter (by mail), move what was left of his family out, and took to adventuring. He constantly sends money back home to his wife and daughters, all the while looking for his sons so he can find, save, and/or bury them.

Babkas Hammerheart
Male Dwarven Quinggong Maneuver Master
LN Humanoid (Dwarf)
Init +3; Senses Darkvision (60 feet); Perception +28
Spd 60 ft.

AC 26, touch 25, flat-footed 23. (+7 Monk, +3 Dex, +1 Deflection, +1 Shield)
+5 Natural Armor while using Barkskin
+4 Armor while using Mage Armor
CMD: 45
hp 143 (13d8+39)
Fort +14, Ref +14, Will +18; +2 vs Poison/Spells/Spell-Like abilities
Spell Resistance 23
Duelist Unarmed Strike
+16/+11, +Intimidate Check if Subdual
+2 Duelist Meteor Hammer +18/+13 (1d10+6+2), +Intimidate Check if Subdual
CMB: +20
+6 if using Meteor Hammer (+8 if using it to Disarm)
+4 if Dirty Trick or Trip
+2 if Grappling
Special Attacks:
- Stunning Fist 14/day, Save DC 23 vs Fort or be Stunned for 1 round, Fatigued, Sickened for 1 Minute, or Staggered for 1d6+1 Rounds.
- Touch of Serenity 13/day, Save DC 23 vs Will or can't attack and can't cast spells next turn.
Note: May perform a Flurry of Maneuvers to add 3 Maneuvers at -2/-5/-12 to a full-attack action. May perform two different Maneuvers as a standard action, and/or hit the same person with two different maneuvers.
18 (22), Dex 14 (16), Con 15 (17), Int 12, Wis 18 (24), Cha 9
Ki Pool 14
Base Atk +9; CMB +20; CMD 45
Traits Sacred Fist of the Society, Dangerously Curious
Feats Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Improved Trip, Enforcer, Improved Dirty Trick, Combat Reflexes, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Meteor Hammer), Greater Dirty Trick, Improved Grapple, Ki Throw, Greater Trip, Touch of Serenity, Binding Throw
Skills Acrobatics +32, Appraise +3, Bluff +2, Climb +7, Craft +1, Diplomacy +2, Disable Device +3, Disguise +2, Escape Artist +3, Fly +3, Handle animal -1, Heal +7, Intimidate +18, Knowledge +1, Linguistics +1, Perception +28, Perform +2, Profession +7, Ride +3, Sense Motive +23, Sleight of Hand +3, Spellcraft +1, Stealth +19, Survival +7, Swim +7, Use Magic Device +19
Languages Common, Dwarven, Elvan
SQ Slow and Steady, Darkvision (60ft), Ancient Enmity, Greedy, Deep Warrior, Rock Stepper, Hardy, Stability, Dwarven Weapon Familiarity, Flurry of Maneuvers (Ex), Unarmed Strike (2d8), AC bonus (+4+Wis Mod), Evasion, Fast Movement +40ft, Maneuver Training, Maneuver Defense, Ki Pool (Magic and Lawful, 13 Points), Reliable Maneuver, High Jump, Meditative Maneuver, Barkskin (Sp, costs 1 Ki), Improved Evasion, Sweeping Maneuver, Abundant Step, Diamond Soul
Combat Gear Amulet of Mighty Fists [Dueling] (5k), +2 Dueling Meteor Hammer (18k), Ring of Protection +1 (2k), Ioun Stone [Pale Green Prism] (+1 Atk, 4k), Ioun Stone [Pale Green Prism] (+1 Saves, 4k), Cloak of Resistance +2 (4k) General Gear Belt of Ogre Strength +4 (16k), Headband of Inspired Wisdom +6 (36k), Monk's Robes (13k), Ioun Stone [Pink Rhomboid] (8k), Ioun Stone [Deep Red Sphere] (8k), Handy Haversack (2k), Wand of Mage Armor (Caster Level 8th, 6k), Wand of Silent Image (750gp), Wand of Cure Light Wounds (750), Wand of Enlarge Person (750), Circlet of Persuasion (4.5k), Feather Token [Tree] x3 (400*3=1.2k), Eyes of the Eagle (2.5k), Ring of Sustenance (2.5k)

Human Incanter 1 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 9/9 | CMD 11 | F+3,R+2,W+3 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 4/5

Hey SG, I'm fine with dropping an extended Mage Armor on both of us. that's why I got the rod of lesser extend. I can extend one more if anyone else wants one. I plan on using GWM for you and anyone else that needs it, as well. Sound strategy to me.

As long as you keep what spells you'll be using daily listed in your profile that will be fine.

Soul if you could do me a favor and create a profile like the others will be using that would be great. If you're not sure how to make one follow the instructions in the following spoiler.

Creating an alias/character profile:

To do so you click on the "my account" button on the top of the screen. In that menu you'll see a box that lists any aliases you might have and to create one you click on the create new messageboard alias link. Name him your characters name and give him a picture if you wish. Then go back to the my account page and you should see your alias listed. Click on the edit button next to it and put your character sheet in there. Use some of the other characters that post in this thread as an example for formating.

We just need our rogue, cleric, and summoner to post and then we'll be good to go. I'm going to double check everyone's characters tomorrow tired to do it tonight lol.

Human Incanter 1 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 9/9 | CMD 11 | F+3,R+2,W+3 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 4/5

I made some changes to equipment, DM, boosting my AC a bit, and gaining some extra cash by going from a +6 int item to a + 4 one.

My first draft of proposed spells memorized. Please comment and give suggestions, if you care to.

Spells Typically Memorized:
0-Detect Magic*, Light, Prestidigitation, Read Magic*
1-Grease (DC 19), Mage Armor, Mage Armor, Magic Missle, Magic Missle, Shield, Detect Secret Doors*
2-Mirror Image, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Scorching Ray, Resist Energy, Web, See Invisibility*
3-Blink, Fireball Intensified (DC 23), Fireball Selective (DC 23), Greater Magic Weapon, Haste, Slow (DC 21), Tongues*
4-Black Tentacles, Fireball Intensified Selective (DC 23), Dimensional Door, Dragon's Breath (DC 24), Greater Invisibility, Wall of Ice, Arcane Eye*
5-Baleful Polymorph (DC 23), Shield Quickened, Telekinesis, Teleport, Telepathic Bond*
6-Chain Lightning (DC 26), Greater Dispel Magic, Summon Monster VI, True Seeing*
7-Fireball Quickened Intensified (DC 23), Reverse Gravity, Greater Arcane Sight*

Male Human Summoner 13

Jorge here, the actual summoner, will be mainly buffing. He has a few CC's, aka pit traps, but mostly buffing, mainly the crap out of the tank/dps Eidolon.
My spell list so far is
5 (2/day) Rejuvenate Eidolon, Greater, Spell Turning (DC 21)
4 (4/day) Hold Monster (DC 20), Acid Pit (DC 21), Stoneskin, Communal (DC 20), Evolution Surge, Greater (DC 20)
3 (5/day) Dimension Door, Dispel Magic, Evolution Surge (DC 19), Magic Fang, Greater (DC 19), Stoneskin (DC 19)
2 (7/day) Barkskin, See Invisibility (DC 18), Haste (DC 18), Protection from Evil, Communal (DC 18), Evolution Surge, Lesser (DC 18)
1 (7/day) Mage Armor (DC 18), Grease (DC 18), Feather Fall (DC 17), Compel Hostility (DC 17), Life Conduit (DC 18), Shield (DC 17)
0 (at will) Acid Splash, Resistance (DC 16), Light, Mage Hand, Open/Close (DC 16), Read Magic (DC 16), Detect Magic, Guidance (DC 16)

So Jorge how does it feel to finally make it into a game?

Looks good so far guys. Lets see if the rogue and cleric post soon...hopefully they're still with us.

Male Human Summoner 13

Haha, feels great actually. Looking forward to this. I enjoy high level games, which isn't shared by a lot of D&D/Pathfinder people I know. (Loves his lvl 21 Mystic Theurge/Archmage/Cerebramancer)

Male Human Cleric 1

Quick question as I prepare spells and finalize my character. Are there any nongood characters in the party? Holy Smites and the like will hurt evil and neutral characters, so I'll avoid them if those members are in our party.

Male Dwarf Quinggong Maneuver Master 13

Excellent! Thanks, Gerald. I notice Jorge, conceptually, has a focus on buffing too. And Desriden's character is a cleric--traditionally also great at buffing. You guys should decide amongst yourselves who casts what buff so we don't get terribly many duplicates. I'll be appreciative either way.

@DM: Hopefully this is acceptable? Also discovered I was accidently giving myself less HP and a feat!

@Desriden: Glad you could join us! I'm playing a neutral character, but keep in mind I'm a monk. I can take quite a beating from magical sources before I have to sweat. As an example, I have a will save of +20 and SR 24 against Holy Smite! I'm not sure, but I think you can even deliberately choose to fail vs my SR if you need to?

@Group: I suddenly find myself with a 9th level feat to spend. I'm actually not terribly attached to Binding Throw, although it's better than nothing, and sometimes useful. I'm gonna cover this tomorrow, and am open to suggestions.

Also, I question the usefulness of UMD in a party with so many spellcasters. I may switch out Dangerously Curious. Can anyone think of a useful skill they'd like me to have or another good trait to replace it with?

I'll also take a better look at the spell lists then. It's too early to be conscious of the ramifications.

Male Human Cleric 1

It's up to you on Dangerously Curious. I could get hit with some spell and knocked out, so then you'd be the only healer. However, I've built this guy to have good saves and AC, so I should be able to take a beating. I have a +17 on overcoming SR. I'm not sure if I can choose to fail that or not, I'll have to look.

Male Human Cleric 1

Alright, that should finish off my character. He'll mostly buff and heal, but he's got some attack spells for when they are needed. He can also supply the group with Greater Magic Weapon and Greater Magic Vestments as needed. He'll be using at least one vestment spell for his shield anyway.

He also has spent about 15,000 on wands to remove various debuffs and has a Handy Harversack so he can get to them quickly.

male Human (Varisian) Rogue (burglar) 13

Hi there, Nullpunkt's burgling rogue here!

This will be my first pbp here so I'd appreciate every piece of advice from you veterans. Which reminds me: Is there any way to attach a character sheet or fill one out online here? I am used to mythweavers where you have a whole database of sheets.
I'll finish the last details and get some equipment ASAP. When are you planning to start, DM?

Looking forward to playing with you all!

Human Incanter 1 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 9/9 | CMD 11 | F+3,R+2,W+3 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 4/5

Hey nullpunkt, I don't think there are any character sheets here, at least that I know of. just build everythign into the alias by hand. It's slow butit works. Someone else might have a better idea for you.

Also, can anyone else in the group cast either Teleport or Overland Flight/Fly? If not, I will mem both of them. I think we need both of those spells readily accessed at least once per day.

Great discussion guys. I love it when my parties try to work together to coordinate who has what ability covered.

I'll let you guys continue to figure things out for your selves. Sadly I won't be able to get on for the rest of the day so I figure we can start tomorrow morning if y'all can be ready by then.

Male Dwarf Quinggong Maneuver Master 13

Hey Iorec! Welcome to the thread. :) The DM already explained everything to me early in this thread, so you get to benefit from my newbishness (I'm in that position there with ya). Also! Since you're the Rogue and I'd be supporting you skill-wise, is there any skill you'd particularly like me to cover / like support in? I'm looking to replace UMD (which you have as well, I believe?)

@Rodolpho: Overland Flight, please. It's basically required at this level, sadly.

@Royston: Nice Spell Penetration. I believe Iorec should have UMD as well, but I'll keep it (TWO back-ups!) if there's no other skill that needs to be covered. :)

@DM Mathpro: May I please have a +5 Competence Bonus to Intimidate item for 2.5k? That seems to be the standard price for items that grant skill bonuses like that. Alternatively, can move the location of Circlet of Persuasion to somewhere (probably wrist, to make a Bracelet of Persuasion!) else? Multiplying the cost by 1.5 (4,500*1.5=6,750) if necessary.

male Human (Varisian) Rogue (burglar) 13

I updated my profile to fit in most of the crunch, some equipment is still missing as well as the complete fluff.

@Babkas: Thanks! You should see my skill on my profile now. I would like to see some knowledge skills covered but Dolpho is already taking care of that. Maybe some survival to track? But I really don't see much use in this particular module for that...

Speaking of which, overland flight seems pretty useless to me in this adventure as I assume it will completely take place in one location. There won't be much demand for fast travel over long distances, I guess. *shrug*

And if I might remind everyone of the Academy's summoning focus? Everything outsider related will probably come in handy!

@DM_mathpro: If you're okay with it I would fill in the missing equipment later in the day tomorrow, I guess for the first few posts it won't make much of a difference.

Human Incanter 1 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 9/9 | CMD 11 | F+3,R+2,W+3 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 4/5

Pretty good point, there Iorec re Overland Flight. I think I'm gonna purchase the Fly spell as well. that might be better in the long run.

Male Dwarf Quinggong Maneuver Master 13

Updated... lots of stuff. I traded in Dangerous Curiosity for an Heirloom Weapon, complete with fluff. If you don't like Heirloom Weapon, Mathpro or don't think I should have it, I'll take Quick Learner instead (though I'd like to keep the fluff, if you don't mind).

I wound up re-organizing my feats and giving up Binding Throw to complete Snake Style! This'll solidify my position as Tank and give me the opportunity to spend Ki/Swift Actions on other stuff, potentially. It also lets me justify Hamatula Strike later on down the road, if the game goes that far.

Added pictures for my Appearance (thanks to the relevant artists, who are not me). I should probably add one to my name, so it shows up when I post.

For skills, I traded in UMD for Survival, per Iorec's suggestion. You never know! We might have to survive on that demiplane for a while.

My items are... very different, largely in response to available buffs. I'll give a small tweak to fit in the 2.5k Intimidation item if I can have it. Will probably give up the Haversack and something else for it, since I have enough strength to carry stuff (especially since no heavy armor!) and everyone else has one.

@Iorec: Overland flight is to supply Hours/Level flight. That lets us avoid pressure-triggered traps, move around in 3 dimensions, and prevent the enemy from being out of our reach. That -said-, if we decide to go that rout It's really something that should be cast on the whole party. If we want overland fight, I'd suggest everyone casting their own copy of it and then Jorge and Royston each casting it once more to snag us. Otherwise, for more situational uses of Flight, the Fly spell is better.

Oh! And you should look at the miracle that is the Greater Hat of Disguise. Small size, +2 Dex, disguising yourself as stuff, all for 12k. I just found it.

Human Incanter 1 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 9/9 | CMD 11 | F+3,R+2,W+3 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 4/5

Babkas, this cracked me up... "All Ioun Stones are embedded into an ornate tattoo on Babkas' back that displays his heritage. Most of his Intimidation training comes from convincing people that a bedazzled tattoo is still manly."

Well played. LOL.

Male Human Cleric 1

I don't mean to be a downer, but overland flight only works on the caster. It cannot be cast on the group. I know most forums act as if magic is meant to replace the whole party, but often that is tied to not reading the rules. Now, if you meant we all rebuild to use UMD and then buy multiple scrolls of the spell, then I'm sorry for misunderstanding you.

If we are worried about summons, I can prepare some Protection spells or purchase wands of the same. But the stat bonuses from the spells likely won't stack if we have basic adventuring gear. A wand would last a minute, the greater spells last 130 minutes and keep things 10 feet away, preventing some reach. I also have Dismissal and the like.

Male Dwarf Quinggong Maneuver Master 13

Thank ye. ^_^

Switched the pictures. Somehow I managed to put them in the direct opposite order they were supposed to be in. :/

And with that, I believe my sheet is officially done. If Mathpro allows me to get a +5 Intimidation item, I'll switch out the Haversack and a Tree Token for it.

Also, I got a wand of enlarge person with 10 charges on it. I'm going to give that to... someone who can cast it. Like, the only thing I get from it is the 20ft reach, really (it doesn't stack with Greater Hat of Disguise), so I'll only really want it if I have to hold down a huge, flat plane with no choke points. But it'll be really good in those situations. I fully expect to not run out of charges on this adventure.

@Royston: Huh... good catch. My apologies.

Human Incanter 1 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 9/9 | CMD 11 | F+3,R+2,W+3 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 4/5

DM, I added Fly and removed Haste in my mem'd spells, as I assume the others can spam Hate for us!

I'll be out of the office until tomorrow afternoon. I'll jump in when I get back.

Male Human Summoner 13

I got 7 hastes a day, and I'm changing around my inventory a little. Ring of invisibility, tho useful, not at this high level when lots of things have trueseeing or at least See-Invisibility. Will be getting a rod of extend. either lesser so I can get 3 our of 6 levels of spells, or the medium one so I can also get things like Communal Stoneskin extended. Which would leave me with around 10k left. Pondering upping armor, being only AC 16 right now. Any requests/suggestions for my spell list?

Iorec Zilu wrote:

I updated my profile to fit in most of the crunch, some equipment is still missing as well as the complete fluff.

@Babkas: Thanks! You should see my skill on my profile now. I would like to see some knowledge skills covered but Dolpho is already taking care of that. Maybe some survival to track? But I really don't see much use in this particular module for that...

Speaking of which, overland flight seems pretty useless to me in this adventure as I assume it will completely take place in one location. There won't be much demand for fast travel over long distances, I guess. *shrug*

And if I might remind everyone of the Academy's summoning focus? Everything outsider related will probably come in handy!

@DM_mathpro: If you're okay with it I would fill in the missing equipment later in the day tomorrow, I guess for the first few posts it won't make much of a difference.

Thats fine Iorec.

Babkas Hammerheart wrote:
@DM Mathpro: May I please have a +5 Competence Bonus to Intimidate item for 2.5k? That seems to be the standard price for items that grant skill bonuses like that. Alternatively, can move the location of Circlet of Persuasion to somewhere (probably wrist, to make a Bracelet of Persuasion!) else? Multiplying the cost by 1.5 (4,500*1.5=6,750) if necessary.

You can have your Intimidate item.

Excellent to see you guys still coordinating things. It warms this DM's heart and will make it much sadder when I kill you guys lol.

With that being said I have a little bit of bad news. I was in a rush to get out of the house this morning and forgot my flash drive which has all my game notes on it so we won't be able to start until tomorrow.

Wow Jorge, I didn't realize you rolled such horrible stats. I commend your ability to build in spite of that. What's your summon going to look like? You plan on riding it? :P

Hrm, although looking at your caster's lack of defense, tanking is more important. But I think between me and your Eidolon we can keep most things away.

An-y-ways. Spells.

Level 1: You should put Enlarge Person here to cast on your Eidolon, and get Infernal Healing. You don't need Mage Armor (ask Rodolpho for it) or Compel Hostility.
Level 2: Add Glitterdust, Invisibility, Ablative Barrier, and Communal Mount (AKA "Wall of Horses"). You don't need Communal Protection from Evil or See Invisibility (Glitterdust coupled with our hax Perception checks handles it).
Level 3: Take Heroism, Dimensional Anchor, Magic Circle Against Evil. Consider Black Tentacles, but it's not necessary. If you really want to go the Ring of Invisibility rout, Nondetection is a must. Otherwise, it's not important. Get rid of Stoneskin.
Level 4: Get Wall of Stone, and consider Magic Jar. Also, Greater Infernal Healing should probably be your go-to healing spell. It works on everything and heals as much as Greater Rejuvinate Eidolon for out-of-combat healing.
Level 5: Banishment and Tar Pool. Tar Pool is the new Grease and Banishment... well, given the scenario, should be amazing. You're also going to want EITHER Dispel Magic or Greater Dispel Magic

You may also seriously want to consider Blur or Displacement, and UMD-ing Mirror Image. Note that this is not a list of "Take these spells!" But just pointing your eye towards things.

Remember to get all your +1's before you go after +2's. You can wind up with much the same bonuses for a lot less cash.

For the Eidolon, go Ring of Protection +3, Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Ioun Stone [Dusty Rose Prism], Belt of Physical Perfection +2, Cloak of Resistance +3, Ioun Stone [Pale Green, +1 All Saves].

You'll be spending 2k less cash for better bonuses.

As for Jorge... +2 Armor (4k) +1 Ring of Protection (2k), +2 Con Ioun Stone (8k), Greater Hat of Disguise (12k). This leaves you with 10k more to spend.

You can also consider going mundane stealth as opposed to the Ring of Invisibility. Skill Focus + Hellcat Stealth + Stealth Trait + That Skill Evolution + Trackless Boots + Greater Hat of Disguise means you'll be pumping out a +27 stealth bonus while being observed, +37 if you pop Blur or an Eversmoking Bottle first. Note that if you go this rout you can either summon from the shadows or wait until things get hair and spend a move action to suddenly be un-target-able.

@DM Mathpro: Way to ninja my post! :P

Thank you for the item. I'll adjust my sheet. Also, can we know what times you'll have access to the computer each day?

Hey Iorec, is there a chance I could convince you to take one of your Skill Masteries in perception? Because of your hax Rogue-ness, that means we'd -automatically- spot all traps with a DC of 38 or less... Which is basically all of them.

Edit: Updated my sheet. Reduced the Ring of Protection +2 to +1, removed the Handy Haversack, added a Dusty Rose Prism and the Intimidation Item in the bracelet slot. Now I serve a purpose in social encounters!

Male Human Summoner 13

Quick question while I look at the suggestions. Enlarge person says humanoid. I don't think that includes an Eidolon, does the share spell allow that? If so..Wow. *Goes back looking at suggestions*

Human Incanter 1 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 9/9 | CMD 11 | F+3,R+2,W+3 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 4/5

I had completely looked past Tar Pool. I like that spell! Definitely take that Jorge.

SG, if you want to make any suggestions for me, knock yourself out. Great job on those to Jorge.

Male Human Summoner 13

Should I go for the rod of extend for super long buffs? If so, lesser or medium? Only benefit for medium I think would be Communal stoneskin lasting around 5-6 hours. Also pondering keeping the wings or not. Would free up one evo point. *ponders*

Male Human Cleric 1

Buffs that last an hour per level will go on for 13 hours at this point. That's plenty. If it's 10 minutes per level, that is 2 hours and 10 minutes vs 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Also, how many greater magic weapon and armor spells shod I prepare each day?
Who needs it? Remember, I can do it on clothing for casters and it will stack with
Mage armor.

Human Incanter 1 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 9/9 | CMD 11 | F+3,R+2,W+3 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 4/5

Maybe I should prepare the GMWs since its only a third level spell for me.

Male Human Summoner 13

Alright. Made a few updates to my character sheet. Tosses around a few items, feats, and spells. Let me know what you think now. :)

@Soulgambit: Yeah, it was a challenge with what I rolled. But it'll be fun RP wise and surviving. Pretty much a very weak squishy summoner, but a RAWR in your face Eidolon...Then I buff said Eidolon. >:) But we'll see. This will be a fun game I can tell.

This will be a very fun game with all the team work you've been showing here...I can't wait to get this started. I should have the game thread up later tonight. Sorry for the delay again but with all the great work you guys have been putting into this I want to get the perfect intro to this written up and 6 minutes is not enough time to get that done.

As to Stargambit's question:

Monday: 9-11:30 AM and 5-7 PM(if needed)
Tuesday: 9-11:30 AM
Wednesday: 11 AM-1:30 PM
Thursday: 9-11:30 AM and 5-7 PM(if needed)
Friday: 9-11:30 AM

And I don't know if I'm going to be online at all on depends on need and such.

NOTE: All times are CST(GMT-6). These are also subject to change if things come up but I'll usually let you guys know ahead of time of changes.

Waitwaitwait. You can use Magic Vestments on clothing and it -STACKS- with Mage Armor? ... *mind blown*

Uh. I could use it. but at that point, my AC may actually be too high. Like, that's reaching the twink-ish level, especially when combined with max HP/level. >_>

If you do it for me, also do it for the Summon.

If the DM doesn't mind me having 34 AC for most of the day, 39 if I use barkskin, then absolutely.

One GMW or GMF for my fists, since that's a whopping +9 to my CMB. I can live without one on my meteor hammer, unless people really have the spare spell slots.

@Jorge: Hey, those are the absolute best! :) I look forward to it. Seriously, Ablative Armor. It is your lifeblood, because your Eidolon stays up while you are knocked out. And yes, you can cast Enlarge Person on your Eidolon via the Eidolon's share spells ability.


Shield can only be cast on yourself and you get a shield bonus from your Eidolon. Unless you're doing it purely for your Eidolon (who already requires 20's to hit). Do the various evolution surges stack or something? Otherwise, I'm not sure why you're taking all three. Seriously consider greater infernal healing if it's not against concept.

Also, and I can not stress this enough, you -really- want Ablative Barrier. Nix Lesser Evo Surge for it.

Yes, Enlarge Person can be cast on your Eidolon. You can even combine this with making your eidolon Gargantuan, turning him into a COLOSSAL Eidolon! Good luck fitting him in the building, though.

Otherwise, you're good, spell-wise.

I wish you had a list of evolutions, because I don't actually know what you're doing. On that note, I don't think you updated it for your updated items. You should have a +1 luck bonus in there somewhere, and a -1 NA bonus.

For your character:

Wait, didn't the DM say maximum HP/level? If so, your HP should be 13*8+13 or 127.

Seriously, why expanded arcana? It gets you a level 1 spell. Get rid of Compel Hostility and take... I'unno, that feat that gives +4 Stealth or Extra Evolution. Or anything, really.

If you can get Magic Vestments from Royston, nix the magic on your shield and +1 off the armor. He can cast it on your shield to give you the same AC. That gives you 9k to play with.

@DM Mathpro: To confirm, you did say max HP/level, right?

@Rodolpho: Will do.

So I decided to slack off and head to another library a little early. So game thread should be up in the next hour or two depending on how distracted I get lol.

@Soul: Yes I did say max hp/level.

Male Human Summoner 13

It actually gets me a 4th and second level spell. :) I'll look into those options as the day goes by. Trying to do character updates on iPhone us a bit hectic. Will also post evos later when I get home. I kept all the evo surges so I don't have to cast a big one fora little things. Something weak against ice? Cast a 2nd level spell to give him energy attacks. And now that you mention it, should I really try and buff eidolons AC? He took all imp nat armor evos he could plus the feat. Making it a nasty(aka awesome) AC, making him nearly untouchable at this level.(DM will prove me wrong). Compel hostility is a taunt if they fail the save. Took a rod of lesser reach for some of the touch spells.
True could get the gmc, but who all needs it? I don't want poor Jorge be hogging all the AC buffs from the front line people. :p

Game thread has been posted. Not as character specific as I wanted to make it but I think it works lol.

Human Incanter 1 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 9/9 | CMD 11 | F+3,R+2,W+3 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 4/5

Everyone let me know if you don't mind:

who needs Extended Mage Armor or GMW, so I can make final changes to my memorized spells...

Male Human Summoner 13

@rodolpho I know Tylonick will want Mage armor. Jorge might want a gmv as well one I adjust his armor

Okay guys I have a question for you since you've been helping eachother out so well.

At this level and especially with this party(heavy on casters) there are going to be a TON of saves needed for spell effects that are going off. My Traditional way of handeling combat(see below) doesn't really handle the amount of saves needed really well and combat seems to slow to a crawl and a lot of things seem to get missed. Any idea how to fix this?

Traditional combat method:
Each player lists 2 possible actions to do on their turn
After everyone has posted I write a "Wrap up" of the round.
Below in the spoiler is an example from my old Academy of secrets game of the problem we where having.

Combat Example:

Round 2 Wrap up



Attack on players:

Claw attack's on Kesh:1d20 + 21 ⇒ (16) + 21 = 37

1d20 + 21 ⇒ (20) + 21 = 41

1d20 + 21 ⇒ (20) + 21 = 41

1d20 + 21 ⇒ (8) + 21 = 29
Bite Attack on Kesh:1d20 + 21 ⇒ (16) + 21 = 37
Critical Confirmations on Kesh: 1d20 + 21 ⇒ (7) + 21 = 28

1d20 + 21 ⇒ (14) + 21 = 35
Damage on Kesh:12d6 + 1d8 + 56 ⇒ (1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 2, 3, 5, 5, 2, 4, 6) + (2) + 56 = 93
Eye attack on Nadya: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (15) + 18 = 33
Blur percentage for Nadya:1d100 ⇒ 63
Damage on Nadya:12d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 2, 5, 5, 4, 2) = 38


Save vs Persistent Glitterdust:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13

Seeing the large dragon like creature enter the room the spider will try to bite and claw at Kesh, all its attacks landing on the poor hapless dragon. Take 93 damage(not adjusted for dr if you have any) from 4 claws and a bite attack.

Faylin you roar and charge at the spider but you don't knock it prone.

Skerrin you're spell goes off and fortunately it is blind for the next 13 rounds.

Nadya you shift to the square next to it and 2 out of your three touch attaks hit, doing a total of 86 damage to the creature. Its head snaps around and its eyes begin to glow a bright blue color. Ice comes spraying out of its eyes, make me a reflex save DC 21. If you make the save take 19 damage other wise take 38.

Kesh you lash out at the spider, wanting to retaliate for the pain it caused you but only two of your attacks lands true. It takes 62 damage from your attacks.

Okay guys I need reflex saves out of Skerrin and Kesh from last round for the energy that shot out of the spiders eyes. The DC is 21 if you make the save you take 16 damage but if you fail you take 32 damage. Nayda I need a reflex save from you as well, as described above.

For what ever reason I've been rolling a lot of 20's lately...sorry kesh...

Damage taken so far:

Skerrin-16 or 32 pending reflex save(from previous round)
Nadya-16 + 19 or 38 pending on reflex save
Kesh- 96 + 16 or 32 pending reflex save(from previous round)

Any idea on how to speed up combat?

Human Incanter 1 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 9/9 | CMD 11 | F+3,R+2,W+3 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 4/5

DM, it doesn't hurt my feelings if you roll the saves for us as part of your attack. That way, we know if the effects will be full, partial ,etc. If we fail, and are held, there will be no delay as that person just wont make a post. That should speed things up.

Also, if you want to roll init for us all at one time, that will quicken things.

Male Human Cleric 13

Hello! This is Desriden/Royston. I had to switch profiles for this game because the PBP that Royston originally was part of has resumed. So I just copied over the information to this profile, which was made for a game that never started.

Sorry for the confusion. On with the show!

@Rodolpho: I wanted Mage Armor / GMW (or GMF)! Actually really, really need those. It's Monk-itis. :(

Leesse... your spells. Wizards can still prep their spells mid-day, right? One way to just do this all on the fly is to take that one feat that allows Wizards to prep their spells in minutes instead of hours, then leave a lot of your spell-slots open. That'll allow you to play up the divination "Prep just for the situation" thing. Make sure you have enough spells for the next two encounters, + daily buffs.

Forget Selective Spell. Everyone who'd be in melee has evasion at least (unless the Burglar trades it out? I'm unfamiliar). At the very least, you have my permission to nuke me to the high heavens.

On items:

Drop Ring of Protection to +3 and up your Headband to +6 (saves 2k gold). Keep in mind that with all your investment AND Magic Vestments, like-CR critters are hitting you on like, a 5 if they feel like it. Protect yourself with Saves/Blur/Mirror Image. If you want to maintain your AC, lower Ring of Protection to +2 and get a Greater Hat of Disguise. Small size nets you a +2 Size bonus to Dex and +1 AC for being small, bringing you back up to where you were.

Also, I think you're REALLY overpricing your spells. Look at some of the purchasable, pre-written spellbooks in Ultimate Magic. They are much cheaper, IIRC, than buying scrolls.

On Spells:
(Assuming you spend a feat to prep in 1 minute), here is an example spell list.

Lv0: Detect Magic*, Dancing Lights, Prestidigitation, Mage Hand, Ghost Sound
Lv1: Detect Secret Doors*, Mage Armor, Mage Armor, Mage Armor, Mage Armor, Floating Disk, Open Slot, Open Slot
Lv2: Create Treasure Map*, Glitterdust, Glitterdust, Blur, Blur, Mirror image, Mirror Image, Open Slot
Lv3: Seek Thoughts*, Greater Magic Weapon, Heatstroke, Heatstroke, Stinking Cloud, Fly, Open Slot
Lv4: Scrying*, Dimensional Anchor, Dimensional Anchor, Dimensional Door, Ball Lightning, Dragon's Breath, Open Slot
Lv5: Prying Eyes*, Icy Prison, Icy Prison, Teleport, Open Slot
Lv6: Prying Eyes*, Cold Ice Strike, Contagious Flame, Open Slot, Open Slot
Lv7: Prying Eyes*, Open Slot, Open Slot

As a note, what we use to sleep (from our own Demiplane, to Rope Trick) will be determined by what spells you have available. Funny story, Guards and Wards can be cast offensively, and a Illusionary Wall lasts forever as well, for added benefit. So many Prying Eyes lets you be a whore and scout out large swaths of the dungeon in advance.

Create Treasure Map lets us interrogate the dead, while Seek Thoughts lets us interrogate the living. Ball Lightning gives you consistant damage throughout a long combat. Dragon's Breath lets you target the enemy's weaknesses. Your bread and butter, however? Dimensional Anchor, Icy Prison, and Heatstroke. That'll let you isolate anyone the tanks can't take care of. For the most part, Jorge has the control aspect taken care of.

Blur/Mirror Image is to keep you alive. Keep in mind we're facing demons. Demons can teleport. Tanks can't ever stop teleporting demons. :(

Make sure you have Plane Shift/Teleportation, and don't be afraid to have highly situational spells. Because, really.

Make sure you have a contingency of some sort set up -days- in advance of this. Also, you should get See Invisibility permanencied on someone if those spellbooks saved you enough money.

Male Human Summoner 13

New Spell List:

5 (2/day) Spell Turning (DC 21), Tar Pool (DC 21)
4 (4/day) Hold Monster (DC 20), Acid Pit (DC 21), Stoneskin, Communal (DC 20), Evolution Surge, Greater (DC 20)
3 (5/day) Rage, Heroism (DC 19), Dispel Magic, Evolution Surge (DC 19), Magic Fang, Greater (DC 19)
2 (7/day) Barkskin, Glitterdust (DC 19), Haste (DC 18), Ablative Barrier (DC 19), Evolution Surge, Lesser (DC 18)
1 (7/day) Enlarge Person (DC 17), Reduce Person (DC 17), Compel Hostility (DC 17), Rejuvenate Eidolon, Lesser, Shield (DC 17), Unfetter (DC 17)
0 (at will) Acid Splash, Resistance (DC 16), Light, Mage Hand, Open/Close (DC 16), Read Magic (DC 16), Detect Magic, Guidance (DC 16)

Check out my item list. I got around 3450g left, and do want to keep some gold left over for expensive components.



Imp Nat Armor
Imp Nat Armor
Imp Nat Armor
imp Damage Claw
Imp Damage Bite
Imp Damage Wing
Wing Buffet

Think I'm set, unless anyone else got any last minute suggestions.

Ugh. Stayed out to long with friends. I am -very much- not in the right mind to make a decent IC post. Sorry, I'll try and get to it early tomorrow.

@Jorge: You should be good, man. Have fun.

@DM: Let me work out combat when I have my head on straight. I have a couple of ideas knocking around but I can't get them in a format that's compatible with reality.

Segue: I'm so calling rampant Anti-Magic Fields and Mage's Disjunction traps. :P

Human Incanter 1 | AC 12/12/10 | HP 9/9 | CMD 11 | F+3,R+2,W+3 | Init.+2, Perc.+1 | Current SP 4/5

Ill take a look at your suggestions this evening, SG.

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