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AZ's Kingmaker

Game Master Azure_Zero

4-6 player, 20 point buy Kingmaker game

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Updated with description and background.

Kira Lastras - Backstory

Kira does not appear as you would typically expect a tiefling would, but most succubi hide themselves well when tempting those on the material plane. In childhood, she was beautiful in childlike terms with a sweet smile and mischevious eyes, but at birth her succubus heritage was made known by the horns on her head. Whose responsibility this conception was couldn’t be known, and still is not known. Her birth parents did not keep her, most likely travelling about as part of a Varisian caravan, but left her in a basket on the side of the road.
The father and mother who raised her found her in the middle of the night, crying. They were travelling back to their homestead and took pity on this poor helpless child. It isn’t that they were unable to have children, but instead that they felt that even a small child shouldn’t be held responsible for the sins of their parents. They brought Kira back to their homestead in southern Brevoy, where they raised a variety of crops and animals. Their two greatest prides were their family, and their horses.
Jan and Leeta had already given birth to two boys (Tanner and Grayson), and had another infant daughter at home (Talia). Leeta served as a wet nurse to Kira, and they raised her as one of their own. They all worked hard, and treated Kira as an equal, although they didn’t bring her into town to trade until her dark black hair covered the small horns that protruded from the top of her head. Even after that, they did their best to disguise her by wrapping a red scarf around her head in the habit of some Varisians. This they did both in the practical attempt to keep her from prejudice, and in respect to the fact that her human half may have Varisian background.

young adulthood:
As she matured, her succubus nature was made more clear in a way that was only understood by those in her family. Her appearance was very alluring to all those who didn’t consider her as sister or daughter, just as those temptresses are infamous for. She also found herself drawn to these men, but she was cautioned by Leeta to not jump in too far too fast, knowing the damage that could be caused by a promiscuous young woman in a small community. In truth, Leeta did not know how Kira’s darker nature would assert itself when it came to the throes of passion, and if it could lead to the death or injury of those involved.
But despite the warnings, she found herself desiring others. This coming from the human need for companionship, and both natures desiring passion and pleasure. While not sleeping around, she found herself at a young age drawn to the eyes of a young man, Galen, in a nearby trading town. Galen and Kira could not find much time together, but the little time that they had was spent in their embrace, fairly chaste embraces at the age of 14 but still ones that all at once sated Kira’s desires and stoked the fire inside her for greater love.
Galen was a couple years older than her (at about 17), and was about to start his own homestead. As he finished gathering what was needed to start his own farm, he expressed the desire of marriage to Kira. She quickly accepted, and they found themselves deep in a kiss which never ended. Since he had proposed in town, he quickly used the little coin he had on him to buy a room for themselves along with some wine. He long draughts from that wine, while Kira needed no encouragement. As she continued along the natural course of events, pulling off his clothes while also revealing her body to him, he kept drinking to find greater courage in the face of this sexually voracious and beautiful young woman who pinned him to the bed.. However in their final throes of passion, instead of being in pleasure, Galen’s face became pale and filled with pain. Kira was confused and pulled herself off of him. He started to grab his gut, the pain going further and further throughout his body. Kira watched in horror as his life extinguished before him, wondering if this could be her demonic nature shining through. He died there, her first love.
Everyone had known about the secret love between Galen and Kira, and his death in that circumstance confused many. Without anyone else to consider, all suspicion fell on Kira. She was very sensitive to this, and both because of the grief she felt at his death and the uncomfortability at the suspicion in the town, she ran off to Restov.

While in Restov, she found herself in the employ of a bar. She did the little that she was trained to do, which was singing and dancing. She found men willing to pay her for sex, only after plying her with a great amount of money. None of them died from the experience, so her guilt abated but her shame at leaving remained. Recently she heard of another expedition out to the Stolen Lands. Desiring a new start, she sought out those who had a charter to explore these lands so that she too could find a new start, no matter the danger. She had already experienced death first hand, and it would be better than the future promised to her in the seedy business she was engaged in at that time.

Submissions are now being looked over.


Good luck all!

The selected entries are (Taking more than planned)

Alerienne Sakharov Half-elf warpriestess
Kira Lastras Succubus Touched, Bard

Telderen ( Tiefling Oracle /Paladin)
Rufus Fitzroi Human (Varisian) Cavalier (Standard Bearer)

Please post in the discussion thread.

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