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Game Master Azure_Zero

Current Map
Current Game Date: Pharast 28th

Updated: 04/29/2014


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Male Human Wizard 2

I'd like to, says Halloran, but I'm currently working on an alchemical experiment with Alkaid, tomorrow morning might be better.

Female Elf 2nd lvl Rogue

"That would be fine. It gives me time to get to know everyone. I would also like to know what we plan to do about this Stag Lord fellow."

Male Human Wizard 2

I don't know much about the Stag Lord, supposedly all the bandits in this region answer to him. Seeing as how he appears to be well established, and our own party roster tends to be in flux, we've mostly been concentrating on local matters and not giving him much thought. Halloran says.

Eventually, we'll probably have to deal with him, (one way or another) but for right now I consider him to be a problem for the the future.

Elaines says "Yes we might be able to weaken them even more and get rid of more bandits first before fighting their boss. And we might be stronger ourselves."

Male Human Wizard 2

Halloran points at Elaine and says, What she said.


"You'll be lucky, if you can find everyone."

Male Human Wizard 2

Indeed, Halloran says with a nod to Happs.

Standing up, Halloran says to the room in general, Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go check on Alkaid and see how she's doing with that experiment, we were doing. and with that he leaves.

Azure, unless there is something really important someone still wants to do, I suggest we fast forward to tomorrow morning for the boar hunt.

Female Elf 2nd lvl Rogue

Yes indeed.

Alright moving on.

The storm passes after a few hours, with high winds, hail, thunder and lightning, and a lot of rain. In the storms wake, you can see some repair work that's going to be needed, but the place is still standing.
The soil is also water logged and will likely need some time to drain and dry, you all quick do some patch work and will do the real fixing in a few days. You all take it easy another day or two.

You wake up in the morning with a bright sun, and clear skies.

Male Human Wizard 2

Before he heads out, Halloran checks with Svetlana to see if she has a few items for sale, Do you happen to have any Honey and/or Travel Cake Mix for sale?

"We do have some honey left, though I think it's only a small jar of it."

Male Human Wizard 2

That will do, Halloran assures her. How about the trail cake mix?

"Nope, don't have any of that."

Female Elf 2nd lvl Rogue

Earwen checks over her gear once more and makes sure Rook has a belly full of oats before setting out. Seeing everything in place she checks on Halloran.

Male Human Wizard 2

Very well then, how much for the honey? Halloran asks.

"1 silver."

elaine thinks It has been a while since I had honey.

Male Human Wizard 2

More than fair, Halloran says, and pays her.

Taking the jar of honey, he packs it in his saddlebags and readies his horse.

Turning to the others he asks, Are we ready to go?

Female Elf 2nd lvl Rogue

"I am all set"
"Actually I could use some more trail rations. Five days worth. If you have them Svetlana."

"We only have 3 left in stock, which is 15 silver for the rest."

"I think your ready for the trip."

Male Human Wizard 2

Are you coming with us, Alkaid? Halloran asks.

"I still have to work on Lina's treatment,
and hopefully I have it right and finished before you all get beck."

Female Elf 2nd lvl Rogue

@Svetlana"Here's one gold and five silver for the lot."She hands over the money and grabs her goodies."Thank you very much. Now I'm ready to go."

"If you order something now, you might get it when you get back."

Male Human Wizard 2

Well, good luck to you with that. Halloran says to Alkaid.

Turning to the others he asks, Is everyone ready?

Not going to try and get a bandit to give a hand?

Male Human Wizard 2

Pausing as if hearing a voice in his head, (Thanks for the assist Azure), Halloran turns to the courtyard and calls out, We're going on a boar hunt, does anyone want to come with us?


"Going on a boar hunt, I'm game."

Male Human Wizard 2

Well then, grab some gear, saddle a horse and meet us at the front gate in 10 minutes. Halloran says.

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