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AZ's Kingmaker (Inactive)

Game Master Azure_Zero

Current Map
Current Game Date: Pharast 28th

Updated: 04/29/2014


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Male Human Cleric 1

Same watches as before or do we want two at a time just in case?

Male Elf Ranger

With two possibly angry bandits out there, I think Halloran's right. Double watches.

Rory would opt to be on the first watch.

Male Elf Ranger

Silstaren will take whatever watch is left over.

Silstaren takes charge of the horses. He looks them over, especially their legs and hooves and grooms them out. If he pays a little extra attention to his roan Duneah, it's only natural. He has known this horse a long time.

After dinner he has a story about three dwarves, a gnome, and a tea kettle stuck in a tree.

Male Human Wizard 2

Since Halloran needs his sleep to recover his spells, he'll volunteer for 3rd watch. He'll also suggest that at least one of the people on watch should make use of the tree stands.

Aside from that he'll help out around camp, including burying the dead bandit and after dinner turn in early.

Male Human Cleric 1

Royston has to be up early to pray away, so he can take last watch.

the game only moves as fast as you post.

Male Elf Ranger

Weekend posting lull.

Silstaren suggests the following watch scheme. (3 four hour shifts)

Halloran, Royston

Rory, Silstaren

Silstaren, Eamon

Eamon, Halloran, Royston

Makes for a long night, but two prepping spellcasters don't make the best watch keepers and everyone will get 8 hours rest.

GM stuff:

1d4 ⇒ 2

1d100 ⇒ 73 No, not after a fight.
1d100 ⇒ 27
1d6 ⇒ 1

the second watch sees an elk getting a midnight graz

This place sure has lots of elks, eh Silstaren? I hope they don't attract any predators to our camp.

Male Human Wizard 2

After preparing his spells and having breakfast, Halloran will turn to the group and ask, Does anyone know how to drive a cart?

He's actually asking if anyone has the handle animal skill.

Male Elf Ranger

"I prefer horseback, but I have driven carts and wagons. It requires no special skill."

Male Human Wizard 2

Well then, with your permission after we load the bandits in the cart, we'll hitch your horse up to it and you can drive them back. Halloran says.

Taking a look around the campsite, Halloran says, We should probably do one last search to make sure we haven't missed anything.

Perception:1d20 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6

Male Elf Ranger

"'twill be asking much of Duneah to be harnessed to a cart. She has a proud spirit. I will do it today, but another time the lot shouild fall to another."

Silstaren rises and glides smoothly away to prepare his mount for the cart's traces.

Eamon has not posted in over a week,
and it is making me think he is losing interest.

Male Human Paladin 1

No. Just very busy in real life.

"We'll make it up to her in oats at Oleg's," Eamon says. "We should use any proceeds from the sale of this gear to purchase a pair of mules or a draft horse."

you all travel the way you came and stop by the raddish patch and see the same kobold, Halloran talked to with a bag full of moon radishes.

"Remind me again, why are we interested in a lizard mooning over some radishes?", Rory grumbles at Halloran.

Male Human Paladin 1

"We are perforce interested in all who dwell within the Stolen Lands," says Eamon. "We must either make common cause with or root out all who dwell here. It is our mission to subdue this land and make it prosperous. If Halloran's words can help us keep our blades in our scabbards, the gods will be well pleased. Likely the Sword Lords as well."


the kobold speaks to Halloran

"Leader happy with selling of raddish, but would like to get useful thingies in next deal."

Male Human Cleric 1
Rory Wanderbilt wrote:
"Remind me again, why are we interested in a lizard mooning over some radishes?", Rory grumbles at Halloran.

The cleric looks over at Rory as the paladin finishes talking.

"We are all fellow travelers on the same road, Master Wanderbilt. I find it best to make friends along the way. Goddess knows enough villains will cross our paths without having to look for them."

Male Human Wizard 2

After accepting the bag, Halloran replies back to the Kobold, in the same language, Please extend our thanks and greetings to your leader. What useful things would he like?

Male Elf Ranger

"If a man is known by his friends, what are we saying about ourselves here?" Silstaren muses.

"Well, if befriending the wretches means sparing us fighting them, then I'm alright with it. Although it would seem they were perfectly happy to be left alone on their radish patch."

the kobold replies

"what it, hm, Ah, pelts, or metal scraps."

Male Elf Ranger
Rory Wanderbilt wrote:
"Well, if befriending the wretches means sparing us fighting them, then I'm alright with it. Although it would seem they were perfectly happy to be left alone on their radish patch."

"And this one seems to be perfectly happy taking Halloran's money. Maybe this simple transaction will eventually mean that we don't need to fight someday. Maybe it will only mean Halloran is overpaying for radishes. The Eight Scrolls say 'Only the journey will tell.'"

Male Human Wizard 2

Weren't there some pelts in the cart? How many and can we tell what kind?

there are a few pelts, 6 rabbit, 4 elk, 3 wolf, and 3 badger.

Male Human Paladin 1

Seeing Halloran eye the goods in the cart, Eamon says "If you make any deals, be sure we get more than radishes out of it. These creatures may know much about the surrounding territory, including residents, villages and dangerous monsters. See what you can learn from them," he suggests.

Male Human Cleric 1

The cleric smiles at Eamon's suggestion.

"Knowledge is power. And this should show them that we are people who keep our word and work fairly with everyone. As for the company we keep, I'd rather be known for welcoming everyone who is willing to be civil than welcoming only those who impress others."

The cleric then goes quiet again as he tries to pick up any bits of language he can from the conversation.

Question for DM:
My cleric would like to pick up some languages to help out Halloran with meeting and greeting people. How do you normally handle picking up points in the Linguistics skill? Hall and I might spread out the languages between us at first, if that is possible. I'm thinking Fey and Celestial, and probably draconic at some point for scrolls and the like.

Royston Hawkes:
I typical have it that you need to find someone who can teach it to you and you spend time with the teacher, then when you level you can learn it.

Male Human Wizard 2

An intriguing thought, but perhaps we should put it off for another day, as we're already committed to delivering these bandits to the fort. Halloran says to the group.

Male Human Paladin 1

"Would it take long?" asks Eamon.

Male Elf Ranger

"Just ask. We can act on the information tomorrow."

Male Human Wizard 2

Turning back to the kobold in question, Halloran says in Draconic, I don't believe we have been introduced, my name is Halloran, he says placing his hand on his chest.

These are my companions Rory, Eamon, Royston and Silstaren he says indicating each individual in turn. Might I have the pleasure of your name?

"Me Yip."

Male Human Wizard 2

Halloran bows to Yip and says in Draconic, It's a pleasure to meet you Yip, we're new to the area, having just moved into the fort over there.

Halloran points in the direction of Oleg's Trading Post, to show where he means.
We'd be interested in any information you could share about any other tribes or dangers in the area you might know about.

Pointing to the cart with the human bandits in it he continues, As you can see, we've had some problems with our human neighbors. Hopefully, we can show them a better way.

Reaching into the cart Halloran pulls out a wolf hide and offers it to Yip. A gift for your leader, also if you like we could speak to the leader of the fort Oleg, he runs a Trading Post so if the Sootscales tribe wanted to trade with him directly, we could let him know of your interest.

It's getting to the point where I'll need to make custom content and story here.

"I know three bridges near home, a nest of 8 leggers, snout nose's home, and mites tree."
a small pause
"You not only one with problem neighbor, mites cause trouble for us."
he accepts the pelt
"I know leader will like gift and see what leader does."

"Only one other trades with us."

Male Human Wizard 2

Who is snout nose? One other trades with you? Does that mean they're the only one you'll trade with?

"Snout Nose is on 4 legs and has mouth horns, and very mean temper."

Male Human Paladin 1

Sounds like a boar.

Male Elf Ranger

Or a really ugly half-orc.

Male Human Wizard 2

We're about a day from Oleg's Trading Post, right?

Less than a day,
as you explored this hex earilier,
and now your just going through it.

Male Human Wizard 2

Halloran turns back to the party, I think I've found out all I can for now, we should probably get these bandits to the Trading Post. This is Yip by the way, Halloran gestures at the kobold.

If you're agreeable, I'd like to ask him to take us to his tribe so we can deal with his leader directly. I figure he can relay our request to meet with him today and we can meet back here tomorrow to receive his leader's reply. Any objections?

Rory's frown turns into a grin. "Hell, if it means the first protectorate of Brevoy in the River Kingdoms will be a kobold tribe, I'm up for it. Shame I can't see the Lords's faces when they hear about it though."

It'll be 3 days before you reach the Kobold lair,
as you'll be exploring each hex to get there by default,
otherwise it's about a day.

And don't you currently have prisoners to drop off

the kobold speaks a bit more

"Now not good time to visit"

Male Elf Ranger

"I have no objection. And we should be getting the bandits back to Oleg's. Perhaps meeting two days hence would give us time to recover and restock before learning the kobald king's pleasure?"

AZ, I think Halloran is planning on dropping the prisoners off first and then returning here to meet Yip tomorrow.

If you don't think we're ready, the kobald king can delay meeting us until another time. Perhaps even warn us off exploring his hex. Halloran told Yip where we live. Yip could always come get us when you think the time is ripe.

Or let us blunder into it. Part of the fun of Kingmaker is the opportunity to meet encounters above your level and run away to fight another day. (An old elven tradition which Silstaren will advocate.)

Male Human Paladin 1

Sir Eamon chuckles at Rory's observation.

"Agreed," he says, though it is not clear with which of his companions he is agreeing.

Male Human Cleric 1

Royston waves at the kobold.

"Hello, Yip."

He listens to the others and then speaks up.

"I'm all for meeting the neighbors, but we have to drop the prisoners off first. Also, I want to make sure no one else has bothered the fort since we left. After that, it should be easy enough to visit them."

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