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AZ's Kingmaker (Inactive)

Game Master Azure_Zero

Current Map
Current Game Date: Pharast 28th

Updated: 04/29/2014


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Vital Stats:
HP 12/12, AC 17, CMD 15, Touch 12, Flat 15, F +1, R +2, W +2, INIT +2, Perc +4
Human (Ulfen) Oracle 1 (Battle Mystery)

I am here! OMG, there a lot of posts! My Campaigns Tab didn't tell me!!!!!!

I will work through these and try to get caught up.

Male Human Wizard 2

Does Alkaid's latest Diplomacy roll mean the bandits have turned good?


Male Human Wizard 2

Hooray! The brainwashing is complete!

I haven't seen asok mikka or hod for a while wonder if their xnew isn't working

Human Fighter (Free Hand Fighter) 2

Sorry, I just have nothing to add. This way or that, Mikka just wants to go.

The rolling of the d100 with survival is for those that do it untrained,
and with know(nature) you can negate it, but only for while the character are foraging.

And only if presumably if I see it but if they found a plant then showed it to me?

pending on the roll, things will happen.

Male Human Wizard 2

O.K., update on our food status, we started with 34, not 37. Silstaren brought in another 3 with his Survival check, I found nothing, and I haven't heard what Elaine found with her roll.

If each character consumes 1 field ration a day, and there are 7 characters, then after today we'll have 30 rations left, not including what Elaine or anyone else brings in.

Is my math accurate? does anyone else want to try a Survival roll?

Male Elf Ranger

Elaine finds food for herself and 6 more. Today we eat for free!

Male Human Wizard 2

So with 7 from Elaine, and 3 from Silstaren, that adds 10 to our stores. 47-7=37, so currently we have enough food for 5 days.

I really should prepare detect poison tommorow That will work better than knowledge nature.

Male Elf Ranger

47-7= 40? ;-P

Male Human Wizard 2

My mistake, actually we started out with 34, you and Elaine found 10, so 34+10=44.

44-7=37, 5 days worth of food.

Male Human Wizard 2

Everyone should add 25 xp, to their totals.

Male Human Wizard 2

So 37 dry rations, plus 5 servings of fish come out to 42.

42 rations-7 people = 35

So we still have enough for 5 days, just a bit less than we had before.

That is assuming we do not forage tommrow.

Male Human Wizard 2

We probably will, but it's not guaranteed that we will find anything, or that there will be enough for all of us.

I'm just keeping track of how much we have, as long as we have a 2 day surplus of food (14 rations, enough to get us back to Oleg's), we should be fine.

You'll need to re-dot any campaigns your in as the system has wiped them out to a degree

Male Elf Ranger

Regarding food supplies, with Asok contributing, we should be able to sustain ourselves very well indeed. Feed for the horses may be another matter depending on how DM_AZ wants to handle that.

I'll assume you feed the horses as you go with supplies or foraged food.
So I won't count the horses against the daily rations

Seems are oracle has not posted or been on the boards for a bit

Male Human Wizard 2

That's not exactly a new occurrence with him, do you want to set up a deadline and/or bring in a new player?

I think we'll leave it as the current party.


I just started playing with some nice 3D modeling software,
and the best part is the program and some basic content is free
and it's easy to make a character.

Daz 3D

Though if you buy any content, pay attention to any content requirements and it'sCompatible 3D Figures list.
you'll be looking for Genesis in the Compatible 3D Figures list

I'm thinking on making quick 3D visual of the NPCs and maybe the the PCs.

Alkaid rough draft

Male Human Wizard 2

Nice, in more ways than one nice.

Cookie Jar Pilferer 7

Can't wait to see what this is.

I compiled an updated rendering of myself

Is there anyone who would like a rendering of their character?
You can add it to your character profile.

Even Oleg got a rendering.

Male Human Wizard 2

That's cool! Though to tell you the truth Alkaid looks more like a monk than a cleric, but it still looks great.

If you could make one for Halloran that would be awesome.

Let's see Halloran is male of course, 25 years old, 5ft. 9ins. tall, slender build, a native of Brevoy (if that helps) has long brown hair which he usually has in a ponytail, and a couple of days of stubble because he shaves infrequently. He also has bright blue eyes, dresses plainly, and is rarely if ever without his staff and pipe. He also tends to wear a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun out of his eyes.

I'll do what I can with the resources I have, Halloran.

Human Fighter (Free Hand Fighter) 2

I'll take one if you have the chance!

So on the Rendering Queue is;
and a few others.

Mikka a description would help in getting an idea of what your character looks like.

Human Fighter (Free Hand Fighter) 2


Mikka is dark haired and handsome in a very vain way. Think Prince Charming from Shrek, only darker and thinner. He's whipcord thin and is never without his previous Aldori dueling sword. He wears pretty utilitarian armor or clothing, and his sneer is a fashion accessory.

Other than that, go crazy!

Here's the renders



Remember that they are rough drafts,
Sorry, I forgot about the staff, and I have no Hats or beards.

So I've now rendered about half the PC's,
and a few NPCs.

And I have a few custom NPCs wandering about.

Male Human Wizard 2

That's pretty good! Can't wait to see the final draft.

For the final draft I need to know if anything needs changes.

Male Human Wizard 2

Not really, maybe give him a cloak to wear and his staff would be nice, but he's fine as is.

Human Fighter (Free Hand Fighter) 2

I like Mikka! I'd say he's pretty good to go as is. Thanks!

Glad you like it Mikka,

I'll see what I can do for a cloak, Halloran.

Halloran draft 2

I don't have any cloaks, :(

Male Human Wizard 2

Thanks for trying Azure, Halloran looks excellent.

If anyone wants to start doing their own DAZ Character renders,
Daz has Some content bundles at 50% off, as well as
Unbundled content at 50% off.
Though this sale lasts til Monday (Nov 19th) midnight.

and you can pick one freebie if you spend more than $30.
Though only 3 freebies are completely compatible with genesis.
The Genesis Bracers, M5 Poses, and the DM Druid valley.

Cookie Jar Pilferer 7

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Male Human Wizard 2

And to you as well, hope it was good.

Cookie Jar Pilferer 7

Good times. Visited family in Connecticut. My son was home from college.

Ready for the next hex!

If I'm not sick in bed tomorrow,
I'll try to post up an updated map.

Hope you feel better.

Cookie Jar Pilferer 7

Good luck, AZ. Rest up get healthy.

Still sick, so I'll be doing a quick post

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