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AZ's Kingmaker (Inactive)

Game Master Azure_Zero

Current Map
Current Game Date: Pharast 28th

Updated: 04/29/2014


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Male Human Wizard 2

I think we were planning on spending a day at the fort and then heading out the next day to meet up with Yip the kobold. Unless someone wanted to do something else that is.

Incidentally, our we going to have guard rotations even though we're at the fort? If the answer is yes Halloran volunteers for 3rd shift, wizards need their sleep.

Cookie Jar Pilferer 7

Friday's work trip turned into 2 days plus now I've got to finish the reports for all last week's work ASAP. Monday's trip has been extended to Wednesday. Might be Thursday before I can post again. DMPC my character as needed. Sorry.

Rory can copy Shield and Identify spells from Halloran's spellbook.
Apparently, it requires DC16 Spellcraft check, which Rory currently is not trained in. Level 2 can't come soon enough.
Rolling for Shield:
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 3 = 19
That's 3 hours to copy.
Rolling for Identify:
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16
That's 1 hour to copy.

Now Halloran can order 2 potions from me :)

Male Human Wizard 2

He'll probably ask for a Shield potion and a True Strike potion.

Male Human Wizard 2

I vote, East? One direction is as good as another as far as I'm concerned.
So if someone really wants to go West, that's fine too.

Can we learn anything about the two regions in advance? If not, then it's just a matter of chance.

I can't say

Male Human Paladin 1

I will be away on vacation from now until June 21st. Do with my character as you see fit and proper.

In the meantime, he will fight any foe, defend any friend and support any prudent idea. He'll also try to negotiate as much as possible, accept surrenders where appropriate and unleash the righteous wrath of Erastil where necessary. And ogle a few skirts.

Hey, he's a paladin, not dead! :-)

Halloran Westover wrote:
Thank you for clearing that up. If you please, could you tell me what the green belt quests are?

You did the radish one,

know about the Wedding Ring

there are another six that'll be posted at Olegs over time.

and some you may get asked for help from some of the residents of the green belt either when you encounter them or by chance.

Male Human Wizard 2

Does anyone object to going East? If there are no objections I'll guess we head out that way the following day in game.

We can cover more ground on horseback, so I assume we'll be traveling that way. Unless, someone thinks we should go on foot.

Thanks again, DM Azure Zero.

If it's east and on horse,
I'll let you get a onetime chance at two hexes completely explored

The ARG has some nice stuff in it and I'll allow some racial trait swapping.
but please give me a heads up if you do.

Male Human Wizard 2

12:28 AM, Groovy.

12:49 AM, You're talking about the Advanced Race Guide, right? It looks interesting and I'll probably read it if given a chance, but I don't have any plans on changing my character, maybe after I read the book.

ARG = Advanced Race Guide,
there is some nice stuff for every race

Male Human Wizard 2

Has anyone heard from Royston? I was just looking over the archives and I haven't seen a post from him since May. If he's dropped out of game, we might need a new cleric, perhaps one of the NPC's at the fort?

Royston has not posted at all past May

So do we want to recruit another player?

Yes, Alkaid is recruitable.

Male Human Wizard 2

Well, that could be an option, however isn't she busy trying to redeem the bandits?

And what does the rest of the party think? Should we advertise for another player? Or just recruit Alkaid?

Male Human Wizard 2

In redeeming the bandits, do we want them to be good in alignment? or will we settle for neutral? I'm not even going to get in to the issue of Lawful or Chaotic.

Can Alkaid even do that? She's Neutral Good herself, can she turn someone Lawful Good if she's not it herself?

Anyways, it should take her a week or so to shift there alignment one step (neutral) and another week to shift them another step (good).

Currently she's got two groups to work with, the first batch led by Happs who she's had 3 or 4 days to work on, and the second group which she's only been working with a day.

Even if she rolls really high, (which she has been doing fairly regularly, but still) I figure it's going to take her at least another week of working with the bandits, to affect any significant change.

The reason why I bring this up, is currently we are short a cleric, and if she's busy redeeming bandits, she won't be available to go adventuring with us.

I'm not saying she should stop what she's doing, or we should stop going out until she's done, Halloran fully intends to keep his appointment with Yip tomorrow.

I'm just asking what everyone else in the party wants to do.

Correction, The first batch are at neutral, given I rolled a few natural 20's and they rolled a few natural 1's.

I just want the second batch at neutral before I leave.

It'll be at least a 2-3 more days given the current rolling.
Redemption adjusts the good/evil axis of alignment only.

Male Elf Ranger

I would mildly prefer a PC cleric. More voices is a good thing. Also when I DM I prefer not to have long-running NPCs active in the party. DM_AZ how do you feel? Do you have a preference?

I will roll with the will of the players and our DM.

In game:
Alkaid has done a remarkable job.

The recruitable NPC's are in the party as long as the group decides, whether it be short term, long term, or the whole game.

as that's their purpose to be there when you need them.

if the rest of the group want to recruit a new divine PC or not, so be it.

Male Human Wizard 2

I agree that finding a PC to play a cleric would be good. It's finding a PC to play a cleric anytime soon, which could be tricky.

We night find a PC, we might even find a PC willing to play a cleric and one who works well in the party, but we don't know how long it will take or how long they'll stick around. I've found the turnover rate in this forum to be pretty high, for both players and DM's alike, no offense Azure.

For the sake of convenience, I suggest that we make use of NPC's when they're available and advertise for a PC, or whatever you do on here to get new players. If we find a new player and they work out, well and good. If not, we have someone to pick up the slack.

So that's my 2 cents, anybody else?

Male Human Paladin 1

In worse, news, fellas, I think I must withdraw. I'm not able to keep up with the game. My apologies. Please do with Sir Eamon whatever seems best for the game. Good luck.

Sad to see you go,
but somethings are more important than a game.

Male Human Wizard 2

Wow, wasn't expecting that, so now we're two players down. Well, first of all to Tarondar, thank you for all you've put in the game and I agree with Azure, we're sad to see you go.

Second, thank you for letting us know you won't be available, I think we all appreciate the courtesy.

To the rest of us (all 3) this puts a bit more pressure on us, we need at least 4 characters to run the game, so it's NPC's or we put the game on pause until we find at least one more player.

At least that's two options that I see, we need a martial character, preferably a front line fighter and a healer.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm listening.

At least with Alkaid currently open to recruitment, the PC hit is lessened.

Starting to think I should finish the other 3 NPCs

Cookie Jar Pilferer 7

Tarondor, sorry to see you go. I liked the quiet low-key, but resolved approach to paladins that you took with Eamon.

Male Human Wizard 2

You might want to finish those NPC's Azure, it's been awhile since we've heard from Rory.

So effectively 3 down, I think a recruitment would help a lot.
and I'll open the call.

Male Human Wizard 2

Much appreciated, at this point I think we can only count on two players, myself and Silstaren.

Male Elf Ranger

Two (or three?) players and a DM running multiple DMPCs makes no sense. I applaud the move to recruit.

Just checked flykiller's posts. Under his DM alias I found a post from the end of June. He's having Rl troubles and a job change. Sounds like he won't be posting much until the end of July.

they are not DM_PCs, but DM_NPCs.

They are open for a few reasons, one being RP material, the second is filling in for a missing player, and third time will matter a lot, depending on how much you all put into kingdom building, you could end up as old gentlemen in the 4th book and thus need heirs.

Male Human Wizard 2

4th book? we haven't even finished the first yet. Oh well, we'll see how it plays out.

Hey there, I'm indeed having trouble keeping up with the games due to RL stuff. I think it might be better if I stepped down and let you move on at your pace. It was fun while it lasted guys, thanks for your time and efforts and I hope to play with you again some time in the future.

Male Human Wizard 2

Sorry to see you go Flykiller, and not just because there is one less player in the party.

RL has a way of getting in the way of a good game, if you don't think you can keep up, then you have to do what's right for you.

Good bye and good luck, maybe we'll play again sometime.

Cookie Jar Pilferer 7

It was great playing with you, flykiller. I hope RL straightens out soon. Good luck and good gaming.

I'm going to ask you guys on you opinions on the applicants in the recruit thread.

Male Human Wizard 2

Glad to see such interest in the game, I was starting to worry it was going to go under.

Well the final call is yours of course, but off the top of my head I like:

James Martin> Male Human Free hand fighter> Mikka Restovkov?

Buckwell Burrowholme> Male Gnome Sorceror

Iseria Orlovsky> Female Suli Cleric of Erastil

Asok Demon Tongue> Half-Orc Thug

On paper they look good, if you choose them we'll see how they do in game.

I'll leave Silstaren to make his own recommendations.

Cookie Jar Pilferer 7

I won't have time to check recruitment until Saturday. If you want to make a decision sooner, feel free. I have the utmost confidence any choice you two make.

Male Human Wizard 2

You know my choices, up to you Azure.

Cookie Jar Pilferer 7

Looked over the recruits. The players can write! I am very pysched by the quality of people trying to get into the game. No objections to anyone. I largely second Malkovitch's list with some additional comments.

The druids are a natural fit for this campaign with its outdoors action.

Hod blows me away. The background and all the Scandinavian terms. I think he's packing some serious flavor.

James Martin. Mikka is solid, works well with the campaign premise. And I can only assume that someone who's gone that deep in the RPGS contest will bring some serious quality writing to the game.

Best of luck with your decision, AZ.

Male Half-Orc Rogue 1 (Thug)/Barbarian 1 (Urban Barbarian)

Checking in! Psyched to be joining the game. How will we handle the replacement PCs?

Once again, very pleased to be selected.

You'll find out, sooner or later.

Evil GM Grin

Male Gnome Sorcerer (Draconic: Red Dragon)/1

Thank you for the invite. I'll get a proper profile up later, but for now this should do.

Human Fighter (Free Hand Fighter) 2

Sweet! Thanks for the invitation. I hope I can live up to your expectations!

Checking in on post for this game.



to City 17,
err I mean the game.


I had originally taken Mage Armor as one of my first level spells, but upon further reading I noticed that the Draconic bloodline receives Mage Armor as a bonus spell at third level. so if you agree I'd like to swap that out for the spell Burning Disarm.
If not, that's no biggie. That's what I get for skimming and not reading.

I'll allow the swap out,
I have not read through Cheliax: Empire of Devils,
but will allow the spell, but will not allow other Cheliax: Empire of Devils stuff till I have reviewed the book.

Cookie Jar Pilferer 7

Welcome aboard, guys! Great stuff on the submissions. I'm really looking forward to playing with you all.

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