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AZ's Broadened Horizons G2 (Inactive)

Game Master Azure_Zero

A PBP game where the characters are Randomly generated


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in his british accent
"Didn't you find something in Mord's cell.
and it had the words along the line of Swings from the gallows as I did."

Female Sylph Sylph Oracle of Wind L5 | AC 16 (T14F13) CMD17 | hp 34/34 | Saves: F1R4W4 | Percep +0 | Status: Normal

Pharysene grabs her head and sags against the wall.
"Oh good lords, that's right! The Board! The stupid promise-of-revenge message!"

So what do you all do?

Female Human (Ulfen) Fighter (Thunderstriker) 2

"Enough. This is far from proper justice, but Mord isn't giving us much choice. We have to sate his bloodlust, but at least we are confident we have the right person."

Ava half-drags and half-carries the struggling Wade out of the room and towards the gallows.


Eliannador marches behind as Nef yips softly from his little den in her backpack. "There, there, Nef. We're almost free. It'll be alright."

"I'll get you all for this, your little doggy too."

It takes a while to get Wade restrained for his hanging.

Mord, and Gabe enter just as Wade drops.

1d20 ⇒ 15

Wade takes a few moments to croak, and as Wade hangs does Mord and Gabe do not move from there spot.

A few moments later, Mord and Gabe fade into nothingness,
though you all could swear you heard the Words "Thank you."


Killian approaches the group

in his british accent
"Sorry, about getting you all involved in this.
As it was the only way to let my friend rest in piece."


Eliannador watches on as Wade hangs, her expression cold and rigid though she does squeeze Pharysene's hand as the man lurches about. As the two specters fade, she sighs in relief and hugs Ava. Suddenly realizing what she's done, Eliannador pushes away, offering the Ulfen an astonished look.

Killian then draws her attention, "Your... friend? You knew Mord?"

Female Human (Ulfen) Fighter (Thunderstriker) 2

Who is Gabe?

Ava is surprised at Eliannador's embrace, but laughs and hugs the woman back, relived herself to be free of the ghost. She turns with the Witch to look at Killian. "You knew this whole time. You were behind this, weren't you?"

Gabe is Mord's Son, you heard him a few times.


in his british accent
"Yes, I knew Mord, as I was his only Friend.
I worked here as a janitor and I only knew that someone was guilty of
framing Mord, but not who and who was willingly involved.
The reason I acted as a member of the jury was to keep an
eye on things and to take the rap, If Killian was the guilty party.
Since he died with no next of kin."


"Then that means you're... Sveth?"


in his british accent
"On the button."

"Well I guess that explains why you made it longer than the other jurors"


in his british accent
"That's only half-true. A jury member's guilt in the affair made them a target.
And since Sir Rekkart has been found to have been magically manipulated into his decision at the time,
was the least guilty and a not a big target."

Female Human (Ulfen) Fighter (Thunderstriker) 2

"And this is justice to you? You killed half a dozen people to find a single person and forced his death. Mord's vengeance has made this place a horror."


in his british accent
"Is this justice to me, The answer is Yes and No.
Yes in that those who were easily willing did so for gains got what they deserved, and
No in that some were Cowed into it not so willingly and have or will be paying the price."

Human (Tian) Cleric 2

"And just why didn't you take the evidence you had to the authorities? Surely it would have been easier, and more assured, than abducting a half dozen strangers to do your dirty work?"


in his british accent
"Trabe and Wade are or were the only Law movers in town and
Wade's little black book did not cover any Guards he had in his pocket.
And I did not have all the clues and getting the Old Jury members to spill it would be impossible."

Human (Tian) Cleric 2

"That does not excuse you involving innocents against their will."


in his british accent
"True in that involving innocents is in excusable, but was necessary to find the guilty given them their due and let a friend Rest In Piece.
If the guilty had not been caught and executed, I believe my friend's thirst for Justice might have grown beyond this courthouse
and involved many times more innocents, than the number involved now.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Cure as they say."

Female Human (Ulfen) Fighter (Thunderstriker) 2

"And what about you? You brought us here and helped Mord get his vengeance. You helped a hungry spirit kill helpless people even if they weren't innocent. You are an accomplice at best. Or a murderer yourself some could argue."


in his british accent
"I helped to bump off those, who murdered a man without sin.
Illegal? That depends on where you are in the world.
Immoral? Maybe.
Was it a good act or an evil one? You really can not say for certain as
Good and evil is not as clear as black and white."

Female Tiefling Sorcerer 2

Magenta has been listening to all this with a sour face. Finally she comment. So, if we are no longer kidnapped I ask that you open the front door immediately. I would enjoy some fresh air at a little freedom.

Eventually she will also ask So what now? What do you personally owe each of us? And how will you repay that debt?

Female Sylph Sylph Oracle of Wind L5 | AC 16 (T14F13) CMD17 | hp 34/34 | Saves: F1R4W4 | Percep +0 | Status: Normal

Pharysene couldn't bear to watch the hanging itself, closing her eyes and grasping Eliannador's hand while it happened.
Wasn't there a better way? With what felt like days with little to no rest, it was getting hard to think.
The discussion around her faded into background noise.
"Can we leave now?"


he opens the front double doors

in his british accent
"As you can see your all free."

Female Human (Ulfen) Fighter (Thunderstriker) 2

Avalerdis exhales like she's been holding her breath. She looks to the others and cautiously steps out the door. "If this works, I'm not sticking around this place."

You exit with no problems

"I agree, being cooped up isn't my idea of a good time!" Chantilly follows Ava

Female Tiefling Sorcerer 2

Magenta exits and says You coming Kilian? as she crosses the threshold.


in his british accent
"Yes, I am Lass"

Female Sylph Sylph Oracle of Wind L5 | AC 16 (T14F13) CMD17 | hp 34/34 | Saves: F1R4W4 | Percep +0 | Status: Normal

Shaking her head, Pharysene walks out the door.


"Rest now, Mord." With that, Eliannador joins the others in leaving this nightmarish court house behind.

In the aftermath of the event
Sveth hands over two little black books Wade owned to a uncorrupt caption of the Guard,
leading to various guards getting discharged for corruption and certain gangs getting a big crack down on.

Sir Rekkart was able to make arrests on Malgrim's gang and it's members, due to the confusion of being in a leaderless state.

Trabe went to a minimum security prison for his crimes and with Sir Rekkart's aid, got it so his family would not be affected by his crimes.

The old court house was purified of any remaining haunts from a traveling cleric. It is being repaired and going to be put back to semi-use.

The story of the event slowly changed Mord's name from a civilian spook to a spook for crooks as a ghost that Hunts and Punishes the guilty.

"Not too bad of work if I do say so myself! Teach them to mess with us northern girls!"

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