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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


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AZ's Broadened Horizons G2 (Inactive)

Game Master Azure_Zero

A PBP game where the characters are Randomly generated


Current Characters

Avalerdis Shield-Breaker

Female Human (Ulfen) Fighter (Thunderstriker) 2

played by Enchanter Tim (245 posts)
Irabeth Tirabade
Chantilly Bralinni

played by David James Olsen (72 posts)
Dal Selpher

male originally elf Sinister Villain 10 / PC Nemesis 10 / Memorable BBEG 5

played by John Hathaway (1,014 posts)
Count Haserton Lowis IV
DM Azure_Zero

played by Azure_Zero (4,242 posts)
Aquatic Elf


played by John Hathaway (205 posts)
Female Tiefling

Female Tiefling Sorcerer 2

played by Skorn (114 posts)
Pharysene Ssethan

Female Sylph Sylph Oracle of Wind L5 | AC 16 (T14F13) CMD17 | hp 34/34 | Saves: F1R4W4 | Percep +0 | Invisibility: 48/50 rounds | Status: Invisible!

played by Camris (205 posts)
Tweiford Shenk
Tran Duc Lao

Human (Tian) Cleric 2

played by robertness (194 posts)

Current NPCs


played by Azure_Zero (254 posts)
White Estrid

played by Azure_Zero (296 posts)
Man with a Pickaxe

played by Azure_Zero (152 posts)
Ekaym Smallcask

played by Azure_Zero (482 posts)
Sir Rekkart Cole

played by Azure_Zero (106 posts)

Previous Characters

Uzbin Parault

Human Jack of All trades
(3,165 posts)
Cale the Calistrian

Male Human
(456 posts)
Water Mephit
Enchanter Tim

(324 posts)
Grand Lodge kfc404

Male Pathfinder Player / 5
(23 posts)

(535 posts)
Cinder Wolf
Dark Archive Skorn

(338 posts)
DM Gollen

played by Gollen (42 posts)
Priest of Asmodeus
GM Blood

played by David James Olsen (8,052 posts)
Korvosian Woman

Female Half-elf Bard 1

played by donato (13 posts)
Llaris Talyn

Female Changeling Sorceror (Oni/Blue Linnorm) 1

played by MyTThor (18 posts)
Sovereign Court Somana

Wizard(Primalist, Evocation)

played by Gollen (35 posts)
Samaritha Beldusk

Female Human Monk of the Four Winds

played by kfc404 (56 posts)

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