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A World Without End (Inactive)

Game Master pinvendor

Free-form RP in Alternate Earth.

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Dance-oholic Minx

Her smile wane at the Rashida's compassion and religious dedication, Cassie can only nod lightly. 'That is good, she is somehow bearing up. I should throw myself into the task of fitting my engine. The sooner we do that - soonest we get away from Von Ryuko's stench. Although where we are go to?'

At the dusky maiden Rashida's instruction for the crew to obey her, Cassie bows her head slightly. A wicked twinkle in her eyes flashing through the long lashes, in response to the crew's apparent thought. Her hands reaches for her fan, finding it missing.

She watches Rashida start to leave, then turns and finding a youth, dark hair pulled back in a tail with a hopeful expression. Cassie requests an escort to the engine room in the bowels of the ship, the silver Servo-bots drifting after in a cloud of engine-parts.

As the approach the smell of oil and machinery sets the mechanics heart beating fast although the undercurrent of burnt flesh promises to disturb her. A macabre sight confronts Cassie, torn away most of the engine room is a mess. Blood, Ichor and other fluids decorate the room - both from the human inhabitants and the machinery.

Trying to put it from her mind she quickly orders the work and installation to commence. With ruthless efficiency she checks out the room and what will be needed to ensure the engine will be compatible. Her words coming out in a stream of techno babble, she makes sure the Servo's and the engineers can ensure the ship will fly.

Cassie leans on a bulk-head, uncaring of the blood upon it as exhaustion threatens to overwhelm. She supervises the installation...

...until a man heavily breathing disturbs her with news of Alessandra's predicament. Cassie opens her weary eyes, reaches into her bag retrieved from her own ships wreckage and swallows a pill. Energised, she moves quickly to the hospital ship uncaring of her own injuries.

"Rashida!" Cassie exclaims looking at the carnage. "Prop that beam! Quickly!" she screams with uncharacteristic urgency.

Totally not a Werewolf

She roused slightly. There was something happening but it was far away and going back to sleep seemed much more important.

Rashida wrote:
"Professor! Lady Devries! Er... Alessandra! Can you hear me?"

God, I *hate* being called 'Lady'

The thought drifts across her mind lazily and it is a minute before the import strikes her- That was Rashida! They found us! She can't really turn her head, but she hears activity in the rubble around her. She coughs a few times then finally manages "I'm over here... *cough* I can't breath... *cough* help..."

Insufferable Lout

As the throne rumbled closed overhead, several spirit-gas lamps flared to life in the now dark passage. Andrezi coughed as some dust settled onto his hair and shoulders. Being a little ahead of him in the corridor, Taraz didn't get quite as much. The vibration of the settling throne stops. An extremely muffled sound was barely audible and it resembled a person yelling, but the sound was indistinct. Taraz frowns at the bottom of the throne wondering if it is Rashida, but as he can barely make it out, he knows no one will be able to hear.

Taraz wordlessly motions for Andrezi to follow and moves down the passage. The spirit-gas lamps behind them began to wink out while further down the corridor light blooms at their approach. The corridor seems to angle down, and the pair pass several doors and branching passages. Andrezi apprehensively follows Taraz who ignores all except those in which the spirit-gas lamps light. Taraz strides forward knowing there is no trap, not here. Eichorn had gone to great lengths to make sure Taraz found this. He wouldn't ruin whatever shocking surprise waited for them.

Eventually, they reached a door at a T-junction which the spirit-gas lamps on either side. Taraz reached for the door handle.

"Ah...are you zure you zhould...?" Andrezi started to say. Taraz turned the handle down and pushed the door open. The spirit-gas lamps went out, and darkness covered them.

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

Rashida looked up at Cassie's yell, up from the precarious perch to which she had managed to descend, clinging tightly to the rubble and searching out purchase points with naked toes until she found a tiny spot to crouch near to where Alessandra lay pinned. She looked back at the Professor, dimly seen in the twilight, and at the beam lying across her torso, held down by gods only know how much rubble above. Jin was not apparent, but could easily be back in the darkness.

She touched the cold steel beam with elegantly manicured fingertips. Prop the beam? How? With what? A push upward showed that it would certainly never budge.

Cassie was right, though. The weight was crushing the breath out of the Mason. There was no time to wait for lifting gear. No time for Alessandra. She laid two fingers on the woman's wrist, feeling the thin, thready pulse of life. Involuntarily, she slipped into meditation, feeling the truth of this woman's life, questing for the weight of her soul, picturing the feather of comparison that would unlock the gates of paradise.

Rashida's form shimmered with a glint of gold as she crouched immobile, one hand still pushing up on the beam. She could feel the forces of eternity flowing through her unbidden, until suddenly the heavy steel shifted at her touch, now feather-light, moving up ever so slightly at the pressure of her hand.

"Cassie! Hurry! Bring braces!" Rashida shrieked, not knowing how long the relief of pressure on the trapped Professor would last. She could feel the improved strength of life's throb under her fingertips and squeezed the woman's wrist, hoping for a response.

Dance-oholic Minx

She looks down into the gloom where Alessandra is trapped. Cassie's heart stops a beat as Rashida stands over the still nobles form. 'I hope she is alright! I really wish to know more of her.... her passion is enviable.'

From her lofty position Cassie looks worried, 'You aren't meant to release a crush victim if they have been stuck for more than 10 minutes. The lactic acid build up causes them to go into have to release the acid.' With a flick of the wrist she pulls a thin needle from her hair and throws it. The clean steel sinks into Alessandra's thigh releasing a stream of blood containing the poisonous fluid.

Cassie grabs a cable, a fibrous tube capable of carrying great power - she calls for servobot to loop one end over a rafter high above and then around the trapping beam.

Twisting her thigh around the other end of the cable she steps out into thin air. Her weight counterbalancing the mystically lightened beam, she gracefully descends to the floor as the beam is hoisted high into the air.

Now released from her constrictive prison; Cassie asks Rashida to remove Alessandra whilst she pulls the beam out of the way.

Female Helmet Cat

Meowselsworth sits aside and watches and says, "If anyone requires the Helmetcat Excellent Lifesaving Medical Emergency Tools, I would be glad to produce them... my helmet automatically sanitized them... I would love to have thumbs..."

She shies back and then sends out another mass Meowmail, which can be answered either electronically or telepathically, requesting status updates, with cat themed misspelling included.

Dance-oholic Minx

"That would be lovely, Duchess Meowselsworth." Cassie calls retrieving the tools. Looking forlornly about; "We have use for your acute senses too.... can you sense or smell Jin? He could be in an even worse state."

Pulling Alessandra's body away from the rubble, placing her upon a clear section of the deck. Tearing her dress reluctantly, she exposes the wound and starts to get on with some medical treatment. Though Cassie was never formally trained her tutors taught her a-lot and she has fixed many of her own injuries after 'accidents'.

It took her over an hour before she thought it safe to see if the lady could be returned to conciousness. In the back of Cassies mind she hoped the Servo-bots were following her instructions for the engine maintenance - however she quickly put this out of her mind and concentrated on the task at hand saving the beautiful lovers life. So focussed she didn't even hear Rashida, the helmet-cat or the rest of the visitors.

Female Helmet Cat

"My acute senses are at your disposal," says the Duchess, starting to wander in and sniff about the place. While the scent of Alessandra's open wound is momentarily distracting to the feline, she continues snuffling until she catches the scent of Jin.

Upon catching Jin's scent, she just sits down and stares at everything that is blocking her way. "I wish my helmet were more sleek, it would be easier to slide into such tight spaces... I need help moving debris once again."

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

Rashida crept carefully into the gap left by the beam and the removal of the Mason where Meowselsworth indicated, feeling her way in the dark and moving rubble aside as she went. A bit of cloth, yielding warm flesh beneath, signaled good news. Groping blindly, she found his outline, felt the stickiness of blood, and pulled gently to extract Jin from the rubble. He was heavy, but she dragged him slowly, painfully, to the gap in the wall where she whistled sharply for her men. They swarmed down like good sailors, hauled Jin to the deck and layed him unconscious beside Alessandra, there to wait for Cassie's attention.

Rashida clambered out of the wreckage and stopped to watch Cassie and Meowselsworth for a bit, tugging the wreckage of her long dress back into place. Useless again. "Duchess, I am returning to the Manor," she says determinedly to Meowselsworth, "I am of no use here and I need to find the rest of our group." She turns on her heel and marches off into the darkness, towards the house, where a lights shone through the ballroom's wall of windows.

"Lord Vorian?" she called upon entering, pausing a moment to visit the still-laden tables and gulp some wine straight from the bottle, crunching on a whole apple to replenish her flagging strength. The acrid scent of an extinguished fire wafted through the room, but she was too thirsty and famished to let it spoil her quick repast. She gave Bors and Eldon a quick nod where they remained comforting Kimefe, who seemed rather distraught. "Alessandra and Jin have been found but were injured. Cassie and the Duchess are aiding them. What is this about Taraz being missing?"

Gentleman Adventurer

Crouching down, Vorian examines one of several charred, twisted pieces of scrap, tossing it aside with a sigh when he realizes the futility of trying to identify it. Von Ryuko's trap had not claimed any lives, but if there were any clues to be found in his chambers, they were surely destroyed. Taking his cane from the floor, he leaves the scorched hallway, when he hears a familiar voice from the ballroom.

"He and his Servbots had gone up to Von Ryuko's balcony to investigate," he explains, as he rests on a nearby chair and takes a small sip from his silver flask, "I believe that Andrezi fellow might have gone with him. They have been up there for quite some time. Longer than any of us have been gone. I do not believe they are in danger, but I am worried nonetheless."

Before standing, Vorian tests his right leg, relieved to find that the draught's effects have completely taken hold. Looking to Rashida, he nods.

"I was going to send a transmission to the League before, but I thought it best that everybody be present. I don't think Von Ryuko expected so many of us to survive his game. Even if he does have friends among the high nobles, they'll have no choice but to act if we all provide our testimony, especially if the Masons represent us."

He looks to the balcony, rubbing his chin.

"So, do you suppose we can get up there the same way he did?"

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

Rashida dabs her mouth with a napkin as she regards the balcony, then lays the cloth aside and taps a long finger against her lips in thought. It seems to startle her for some reason, and she regards her fingertip in dismay. "A broken nail! How aggravating. But really, Lord Ritter, you do not believe that Baron Von Ryuko ascended by that method, do you? There must be another path. Some doors are cunningly hidden as wall panels. Perhaps it would be worth our time to look for one of those hiding an ascending stairway?"

She glances at the remaining aristocrats, then returns her regard to Ritter. "My congratulations on extinguishing that fire. I think your 'League' should be notified, but we must also preserve the Masons, if their word has weight there. Andrezi is a Mason. We must find him!" Rashida declares transparently. She moves to the wall below the Baron's balcony, inexpertly tapping it sliding fingertips along the surface, seeking the joints of a hidden door.

Gentleman Adventurer

Vorian grins wolfishly as he looks to the balcony, thinking on Rashida's words. She was right of course - the mad Baron could not have just flown up to the balcony as Taraz had. "Well, I suppose that Von Ryuko hardly has Lord Rorenson's flair for the dramatic."

He looks back to Rashida, watching for a moment as she taps on the walls. "It cannot be far... Andrezi almost certainly didn't use the Serv-Bots either."

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

"I think Baron Von Ryuko has quite the flair for the dramatic, Lord Ritter," Rashida muses, "But surely if Andrezi found the way, we can."

Rashida halts her search momentarily to stare at Vorian quizzically. "I must say, Lord Ritter, you are not quite what I was led to believe." She pauses for a moment, then resumes on a different topic. "One area of this wall seems to sound different from the others. If you would care to investigate, I will retire to my quarters for a moment for some urgently-needed repairs to my person. With your permission, I shall return momentarily." She favors Ritter with a brief nod and strides off towards the residential wing, grimacing at the remaining smoke.

Gentleman Adventurer

His attention still on the wall, Vorian smiles wordlessly at Rashida's comment, and nods as she takes her leave.

"The fire damaged the hallway considerably, but the rest of the rooms should more or less be intact," he says to her, looking to the portion of wall that she had been examining, "Nonetheless, please be careful."

Sliding his hand across the smooth wooden paneling, Vorian proceeds to rap his knuckles on it, noting that it indeed sounded different than other parts of the wall did. Not quite hollow, but distinct enough to indicate that something was definitely there. "This has to be it," he murmurs to himself as he continues to rap on the wall, making out the general shape of the presumed door with more sharp knocks, "But there aren't any seams or mechanisms. No signs of switches or the like..."

Vorian steps back for a moment, giving the matter some thought. It was only by sheer luck that they had located the entrance so quickly in the first place. The presence of an external switch would have just made its presence obvious. So what was the most logical way of opening it as subtly as possible?

Stepping forward once more, he places both hands flat against the panel's surface and pushes forward, firmly applying pressure. With an audible click, the entire panel sinks into the wall and is pulled to the side by a rail mechanism, locking the door out of place. "Well now, there we go," Vorian muses as a number of lights blink to life, illuminating the entrance.

Dance-oholic Minx

Cassie is so focussed on the Dames' recovery that she barely notices the exact moment when Jin joins them on deck. However the exclamation when she does notice him is evident of her focus or slightly hazy brain.

But she senses the urgency and looks to Jin, apparently badly injured. However as she looks to Meowselsworth in askance. "He doesn't look to good does he?" she notices and analyses the injuries seem to be mainly superficial....well not life-threatening.

Tearing open his fine shirt she reveals his well-muscled chest, covered in a luxuriant forest of hair. Trailing her fingers through it Cassie determines that, he has no internal injuries or broken ribs. Only a few cuts and scrapes mar his skin.

"He appears to have a broken tibia, upper left arm, a concussion and other scrapes and contusions." she tells to Jeracyla & Meowselsworth. "He'll live and be fine, whilst Alessandra should be concious soon.... Oh beautiful Jeracyla, your wing. Well we have more resources now, donated by Dame Alessandra. She is quite the bon-vivant altruist." Cassie moves over across the deck and finds a medical kit, spraying some anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, painkiller upon the spirits wing.

Cassie then gently, oh so gently, extends the wing whilst. "Shh, Miss Dragon, this won't hurt - you're brave aren't you. I'll just take a second. Then you can fly again." Putting her courage to the sticking place, she takes the wing and uses the gel to seal the wound and ensure it'll heal just fine again. Cassies heart beats rapidly as she is still scared of the azure clawed dragon - no matter how lovely it seems at the moment.

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

Warm coals of wine in Rashida's belly make her head spin as she shimmies out of the ruined dress. I do not know how Taraz keeps his head clear when drinking so fast. I must ask him. She bathes quickly and dons a new garment, annoyed that everything smells of smoke. With no time for elaborate hairstyles, a quick coiled braid secures her wet hair neatly, bound with a gold band in which is fastened a lapis-colored feather to match the new dress. Her eyes wander across her dressing table as she assembles the ingredients necessary to repair her golden nails, and a sudden though dizzily crosses her mind.

Gorski, Bors, and Kimefe can help Ritter. I know he.. they.. are not on that platform or they would have signaled. This rude search is not my strength. I should use what is mine alone. Her nimble hands prepare two mixtures in small goblets from various powders and solvents, and she drops one snake bracelets into each cup. The nail repair takes but a few moments, by which time the serpents are charged with their new potions.

Rashida sits on the bed, taking up the twin serpents, then scrawls a rather loopy note, leaving it on the bedside table. I am seeking. Do not fear. Reclining on the pillows, she admonishes the right-hand snake 'Watch. Guard.' and sets the left to her throat. At her whispered strike!, the little mechanical beast buries its hollow fangs just below the jaw. A flash of heat radiates from the bite through her head and out the top. Kohled eyes flutter closed as Rashida goes limp, spirit free and questing while the serpents guard.

Totally not a Werewolf
Pulling Alessandra's body away from the rubble, placing her upon a clear section of the deck. Tearing her dress reluctantly, she exposes the wound and starts to get on with some medical treatment. Though Cassie was never formally trained her tutors taught her a-lot and she has fixed many of her own injuries after 'accidents'.

Amazingly, the only would on Alessandra's body (aside from that of Cassie's needle) is a broad but relatively shallow gash across the back of her ribs. Cassie still has her work cut out for her after binding the gash though, Alessandra is dehydrated, there is extensive bruising over most of her body, and she suspects a simple fracture of one of the ribs.

As the beam is lifted off Alessandra draws a large breath then winces and coughs several more times as she is being pulled from the rubble. Once she can breathe freely she seems much calmer and more alert. "Cassie! Thank God you came! The thought of surviving the Baron's games just to die in my own ship... it was- Jin!" At the sight of her lover she turns away from Cassie and has eyes only for him. At least superficially, Jin is much worse off than her with his clothing all bloodied and his arm set in an improvised cast. She crawls over to him with a sharp gasp of pain but the discomfort of movement doesn't deter her from joining his side. She cradles his head and murmurs "Oh Ju-long, wake up! I need you..." trailing off into private whispers as she moves her head closer to his. She shows no regard for her own modesty, having not realized the state of her undress after the medical intervention or not caring.

Dance-oholic Minx

Blinking with astonishment at Alessandra's miraculous escape and recovery, Cassie's faceexplodes into an amazed grin and with an exhilarated gasp - one could almost call it a squeak of delight.

'How is she so well?' her thoughts betray her for a second, before she can correct them. 'No, she seems fine that is all thet matters.' Though she lets none of this show upon her visage.

Her heart dropping as she takes a stuttering step forward, when the beautiful Dame moves towards her consort. The sorrowful mutterings of the beautiful fiery haired woman tug upon Cassie's heart-strings and she wishes she had the artistic ability to capture such a scene. "He'll be fine. He tried to protect you." Cassies soft voice rasps slightly as she speaks.

Her vision drifting over the scene, 'So beautiful, the pair make a enchanting couple.' A slow flush creeps to her face but she cannot help but look, feeling like a complete urchin peering through the window of a rich family at Christmas.

Cassie gets a soft medical blanket from the box and places it softly over Alessandra's shoulders. "You will be fine, more than that... your passion lights up the world."

Insufferable Lout

As the long moment of darkness stretched, Taraz began to wonder if Andrezi hadn't been right. Was this all just a ruse to lead me to a trap? Did I assume with my life, and Andrezi's, that Eichorn was leading me to his next move? Taraz couldn't even hear Andrezi breathing, and felt his own pulse pounding.

Slowly, light began to fill up the open doorway. Halogen lights were powering up and gradually illuminating what evidently was some type of laboratory. Tables and work stations littered the intervening space of the large room which Taraz and Andrezi entered looking around in wonder. metal stairs led them down slightly as the room was deeper then the low ceilinged corridor. The workstations were not, however, that which captured the pair's attention. Along the walls on each side were recesses. Recesses which contained figures. The figures were them.

More specifically, Taraz saw as he approached them in amazement, replicas of each of the aristocrats that had been come to the party. They all looked to be simply sleeping, if one could sleep standing up attached to cables and hoses, clamped to the wall. There was a panel at each one's feet with blinking lights. A yellow one next to Hibernate was lit and steady for most of them. One panel named the recess as the home of Baron Gigus von Zombi, but it was empty. The lights showed red and flashing with a status of 'Host Connecton Lost' flashing on a read out. The implication of what Taraz and Andrezi were seeing was certainly confirmed upon this discovery.

Andrezi called out, "Taraz!" Pointing, the Russian looked at an empty recess bearing the name of Cassie DuSollier. They found another empty recess with General Eldon Gorski's name listed. Both panels' readouts lights flicker and read 'Status Unknown'. The men share unreadable looks. They split up and begin checking all the panels. All the other readouts Taraz finds show 'Hibernate'. Andrezi calls out that his side of the room shows the same.

As Taraz is moving from one side to the other to double check Andrezi's findings, he passes a workstation. Some handwritten notes catch his notice. Not the words themselves, but the handwriting. Taraz's eyes dart to the notes, alarm beginning to build. He begins to read, to examine the flow of the words, the angle of the letters. No...this isn't possible! Panic begins to grip him. Now the words come into focus, now he lets their meaning to filter and be understood. Worse, even worse than I ever imagined. Eichorn, you fool! Why would you do this?

Andrezi called out to him. "Taraz, what do you zuppose dis eez?" Andrezi gestured to a tank of murky fluid. A placard read 'TR12-Z^6'. Taraz face went white. Glancing down at the workstation to hide his reaction, Taraz saw a small chemical bottle and a hypodermic syringe. Taraz almost laughed. Even now, von Ryuko was one step ahead of him.

Picking up the syringe, Taraz begins to fill it from the bottle. To Andrezi he says, "Andrezi, is there a way to get under the tank, or open it from the bottom?"

Andrezi leans down to find out is just lifting his head when Taraz offers his hand in assistance. Andrezi opens his mouth and says, "I did not zee...urk!" He doesn't get any farther as Taraz inserts the hypodermic needle into the Russian's neck.

"My apologies, Andrezi," Taraz says softly. "I can't let you remember what you've seen here. No one is allowed to remember." Andrezi's eyes look at Taraz wildly, then they roll up into his head as his body goes boneless. Taraz eases the man to the floor.

Standing he looks around the laboratory until he spots it. A ventilation grate. As if on cue, a Serv-Bot opens the grate. It holds a cloak turned sack which it has improved by binding it closed with a strong twine from somewhere.

"Perfect. The Gertrahr snake's venom is exactly what I need. The venom disrupts robotic electronic signal almost effectively as an EM pulse," Taraz says to the Serv-Bot absently. The Serv-Bot hops down and runs over to Taraz offering him the cloak. Taking it, Taraz hears the animal hiss. He turns and surveys the figures in the recesses, and his eyes narrow.

"Now. Time to make sure this part of the castle is destroyed. Utterly."

The Serv-Bot has already hopped back into the vent and moves into the darkness. Behind it are the sounds of its master. Sounds that no one except Serv-Bots have heard in many, many years...

Insufferable Lout

Taraz has incapacitated all the androids as fully as possible. The tables and notes are ready for their bonfire. Even after the acid was poured onto everything, Taraz will take no chances. He must protect them. He must protect her. Yes, that sounds right. Taraz used to think the nameless face of humanity was his protectorate. Now he feels like he was made to protect Rashida Massri.

He moves the unconscious Andrezi close to the laboratory's entrance, so he gets ready to leave. Taraz looks at the journal in his hand. It had current dates. That should be impossible. The writer was dead and had been for many years. Taraz would know that better than anyone having personally seen to the task.

He carries Andrezi into the darkness outside of the ruin he has just created. Looking back into the darkness through which Taraz could "see" perfectly, he determined he and the Russian man were far enough. He pressed the button on the detonator.

The ground shook.

A roar of sound rushed up the passageways under the castle. Everything that was in that room should have been obliterated. Taraz knew one day he would have to come back here and make sure this castle was razed to the ground. But now there was too much to do. Too many lives he had to protect. He picked up the slumbering noble and walked back up the passage.

Gentleman Adventurer

Vorian slowly ascends the exposed spiral staircase, taking care not to overstress his body again. As he does so he hears an audible click behind him, the sound of the panel sliding into its default position. No wonder no one noticed Andrezi slipping away... he thinks as he reaches a narrow passage, Now that I think about it, Von Ryuko's servants seemed to vanish without a trace... are there more hidden doors in this mansion? Just moments later, he finds himself on what was doubtlessly the balcony.

Looking about briefly, he frowns when notices that Taraz is nowhere to be seen. Cursory inspection of the area reveals a door towards the back, no doubt where Von Ryuko had fled. Asides from the elaborate throne in the room, nothing else of note adorned the balcony. Approaching Von Ryuko's seat, Vorian finds himself sitting upon it, influenced by both fatigue and a quaint feeling of curiosity. He finds that he can look upon the entire ballroom over the edge of the balcony. Sitting there, he reflects on how the Baron had manipulated them, nearly driving them all to kill one another. Just sitting in the madman's seat made him feel sick.

Just then, the entire ground jerks for but a second, accompanied by a distant roar. Vorian launches off the seat in surprise, nearly going over the balcony's railing in the process. "What in blazes was that!?" he shouts to no one in particular, clinging onto the rail as though for his dear life. Could the Baron have returned to finish them all off? Given the damage he had inflicted on the other airships, he did not doubt that he had the firepower to do so.

Among the guests below regaining their footing, it is Eldon that shouts back up to him. "That came from inside the building!" he says, as though he had read his mind, "Definitely military-grade explosives from the sound of it!"

Vorian nods absentmindedly, standing straightly once again. It was a wonder how much of a nervous wreck he had become since his injury. Yet, he could not get his mind off the question of where the explosion had come from.

Insufferable Lout

For a moment, Taraz felt some kind of connection with Rashida. She was in his mind. He could smell her, hear her breathing. Then in a split second following the detonation, Taraz felt her torn away. Her stifled cry echoed through the, just his mind. He staggered and nearly dropped Andrezi. A different kind of panic filled him. Steeling his resolve, Taraz clenched his jaw and shifted the Russian noble so he would not let him fall.

All the twisting and turning of the previous walk through the castle's underbelly had prevented him from returning to the throne room. He began to try and move quicker, jogging through the near darkness. Taraz had chosen a corridor at random in the hopes he would come across an outlet. This one had a slight incline, so it seemed a good bet.

Andrezi wasn't going to remain out for much longer. Taraz needed to get to the main halls again. He needed to find out what was happening up there and get the rest of them out of here as soon as he found Rashida. Before it was all too late.

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

Light... haze... drifting...

Rashida floated free, nodding at old acquaintances - the Baron, the blue dragon, others she knew or would know soon - then found the presence she sought, difficult to reach while conscious, yet there and apparently safe. She floated in light communion while he did... something? She could not sense specifics, only that he went in and out of focus for her as he concentrated on other things. Finally there was a touch of expectation, then a sudden concussion, a sting at her throat, and consciousness returned rudely, wrenching her back to the material world.

Rashida lay cold and bereft on the bed, not knowing how much time had passed, if any at all. "Thank you, pet. What alarmed you?" she asked the serpent coiled about her right wrist. Rising, she staggered to the dressing table to clean the trickles of blood from her neck, to cleanse and recharge the serpents, and to fix her makeup.

Gathering her strength, she rose and tottered to the door, alcohol- and drug-polluted blood still making her head swim. A steadying hand on the wall let her reach the ballroom, where she leaned nonchalantly in the entryway. "What has happened? Was there a noise?" she called in as strong a voice as she could muster.

Dance-oholic Minx

Cassie looks upon the pair of lovers, her chest tightens. She has to turn away from them knowing that they'll be fine now. Tears burn in the corner of her eyes as she hurries back to Rashida's ship. 'Lose myself in work. They are waiting upon me.' Quickly she hustles through the beautiful corridors of the ship, her soft foot-fall almost not betraying her presence to the few crewmen that remain.

So used to moving silently, whether by habit upon her own ship - now gone - or on the jobs she had to do. Soon the young woman is back in the Golden air-ships engine room.

Critically she scans the walls and when the Servo-bots have achieved with the help of the remaining engineer. "Good, that looks like the basics have been installed. Now to get the special parts installed...."

She smiles and closes her eyes, she knows what this entails and although with her current injuries she would not take the risk usually. However Von Ryuko had shelled them, he would be back. He had let them live, let them all live for a purpose. Cassie takes her wrench and whispers softly to it, a liturgy or call to it.

The tool slowly vibrates in her hand as she continues her words moving across to a control panel and a large cylinder of glass. The smoky cylinder swirls and a faint luminescence glows inside; "I see you, you know me. You know my powers, I will make you fly once again." The roiling tube glows a sickly green light as the vapour pulses slowly. "NO! You will not leave. You WILL power this ship." Cassie imposes her will upon the cathode tube, it vibrates in synchronicity with her weapon.

Cassie keeps eye contact with the being as she moves backwards towards a switch gear.

Dance-oholic Minx

She pulls a heavy brass lever and the smoky tube fills up with a burst of sparks as electricity coarses through the cylinder. Ozone fills the air with it's distinctive fragrance.

For a second the smoke seems to coalese into a screaming face, the features inhuman and angry as the circuit powers up. The whirl of the engine fills the room, drowning out the silent scream of the creature. Cassie moves back over to the tube and softly places her good hand against it; "See, it's all fine now. Peace. Feel the energy flowing through you and rise - soar through the cosmos as you used to....amore." Cassies words are soft and private. She looks around the engine room as it's now bathed on the warm orange glow of her engine as it lightly hums with life.

Male Human Fighter 1

Andrezi stirred with a groan, then twitched. Too much wine I think. He thought bemusedly before realizing his face was bare. "Oh gods. Have I lost?" He asks the air, not willing to open his eyes yet. "What happened? Is contest over?" He suddenly realizes he is being carried by someone and decides now would be the time to open his eyes. "Taraz... robot man... what is going on?"

Insufferable Lout

Taraz chuckles at Andrezi's waking comments. "Lost? Oh, no. You have won. We have all won. Another chance at life."

Taraz kneels down to allow Andrezi to stand on his own. He steadies the disoriented man.

"As far as robots...hopefully, the only robots you meet from here on out will be Serv-Bots. The other kind, like Baron Gigus von Zombi...let's say they should be interrupting no more parties." If it were not for the darkness, Taraz's smile would be enigmatic.

"As for the party's results? Let's just say the Masons came down on the right side of things...for once." Unlike his smile, Taraz's sneer is indeed evident.

"I believe we should be exiting this corridor shortly. Place your hand here on my shoulder if you have trouble seeing. I am confidant we should be coming out into what hopefully is the gardens soon." Taraz gently takes Andrezi's hand and guides it to the top of his silk shirt.

Assuming Andrezi allows this.

Totally not a Werewolf


Cassie wrote:
"You will be fine, more than that... your passion lights up the world."

Alessandra looks up with a small, somewhat forced smile. "You are kind to say so. I can only imagine what a trial it was to find I was party to the killers amongst us. It must have been so... what is that?" Her eyes gaze turns down past Cassie's knees to the curious creature standing behind her. For the first time since regaining consciousness, Alessandra becomes aware of the bluish-white dragon-thing lurking nearby. Her heart skips a beat.

EDIT: Fixed post for Jeraclya's current size.

Insufferable Lout

Psst...the dragon shrank to dog size...not enormous, but still barking strange sight, heh.

Dance-oholic Minx


Cassie looks to between Alessandra and the dragon; "Oh, she is Jeracyla, I think you're a she?" the french-lady turns to the azure serpent with a smile. "She has seen Gigus' spirit, or something, he has not passed over. We're going to bring him back."

"She's not as big as she looks." says Cassie putting out her hand to stroke the dragons sparkling scales. "She likes shiny things."

Gentleman Adventurer

Looking down to the ballroom floor, Vorian spots Rashida and frowns, knowing that his news would not please her. He did not wish to make her worry any more than she already has. "The General thinks that a bomb went off somewhere in the building," he calls down, before looking over his shoulder, "I found a door up here, but I don't know where it leads. It must be where Lord Rorenson went - I'll investigate."

Moving away from the ledge, Vorian passes the throne and makes his way to the door, which unlike the last was far more conspicuous. Too conspicuous, perhaps. Identifying the door's handle, he twists it clockwise, half-expecting to be met with resistance from a lock of some sort. To his surprise, he is able to turn it a full 90 degrees, rewarding him with a rather distinct click. But it was not the sound of a moving latch that had greeted him.

"Oh Vorian, you old fool..." he murmurs, frozen to the spot. The initial click is followed by several others, in addition to the whirring of some unseen mechanism. Though it was clearly on the other side of the door, Vorian had a number of guesses as to what it was. His eyes remain glued to the door handle, as though to will his hand not to move. I've already provided more than enough force to prime the mechanism. Letting go of the handle or opening the door will surely trigger it... years of bypassing traps, and I fall for one of the oldest tricks in the book...

His mind racing through his options, Vorian remains still, not daring to call out to the others. There was no point in letting his foolish haste get somebody else killed.

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

"Bomb!" Rashida exclaims in alarm, galvanized by the thought, "But I was just with him and he was fine, until..." She frowns at the serpent on her wrist and her voice becomes panicky. "Was it you or... oh gods, I've got to find him!"

Adrenaline drives needed energy to her body as she dashes to platform. The wall she had been tapping is now proved to be a door, which is still set aside in its tracks. Sprinting up the spiral stairs, she reaches Vorian's side. "Is this the way he went? Open it!" she demands imperiously.

Male Human Fighter 1

"I am quite confused. I must admit, but I trust you Taraz... You are good friend." Andrezi stands by himself for a moment, barely keeping his feet. "Am feel like bee sting on my neck." Andrezi scratches the small bump left by the hypodermic. "What are we doing now?" His instincts from his time in the Russian military takes over as he asks for a task.

Gentleman Adventurer

Thinking frantically as the unseen mechanism continues to sound, a look of alarm passes over Vorian's face as he hears footsteps rapidly approaching. He looks over his shoulder just in time to see Rashida emerge from the stairwell. "Lady Massri, you...!" Of course she would follow him; it was foolish of him to think otherwise. Noting that she is unaware of his predicament, he calms himself and explains.

"The doorway is trapped; I triggered it when I turned the door handle. Von Ryuko must have activated it as he fled to his airship. From the sound of it, any further movement will set it off." Contemplating his situation, he considers asking Rashida to flee, but immediately dismisses the idea. He very much doubted she would do so, and given his situation, he could use her help.

"If it were an explosive, it would have gone off already. So unless I'm wrong, this trap is designed to skewer whoever attempts to open the door. Repeatedly. So I think it is safe to assume that Lord Rorenson did not pass through it." He shifts uncomfortably before speaking again. "Unfortunately, I am not in an ideal position to disarm it... would you happen to have any expertise in this area?"

Female Spirit Dragon

The riffles fluttered as the serpentine head twisted. Preening. Yes, she was very beautifuls. She was dragons. But beautifuls can still be hurts and sprays are hurts! Hissing the shepherd sized dragon attempted to slide away from the sprays that caused hurts. But then her wings was caught and the strange human was being strange.

"It DOES hurts."She whined huffily, perking up at the ideas of flying. Then she could take her shinies and she could fly away and make it a pretty ball and take it homes with her! Suddenly excited she stretched her wing open just a tad wider and was as still as she could be. Which meant her tail snapped back and forth and her head snaked around to look at the shiny cat head and the persons who was leaking. Jeraclya bumped her head absently to the side into the silly humans.

"Shhhh, heartbeats is distracting."She huffed, head dipping under the healing humans skirt and up out the otherside only to pause and flash a toothy grin of greeting to the dream humans. They was popping up everywheres! Flicking her head when her frill got caught on a pleat of skirt. This lasted until she heard a startled noise. Yipping a puff of smoke she rolled, flopping out from under Cassie's skirt and in a tumbling flop of wing and tail to land upside down and stares at the leaking humans. She hissed from that position, moving with a serpentine smoothness back up to her clawed feet and bolting around the healers humans to peek at the leaking humans.

"You should not scare dragons! We are delicate pretties."She whined, rubbing into the touch by Cassie and consequently licking a certain shinies that would be hers. Oh yes, pretty hip shinines. Just you wait. The explosion was ignored as boring due to distraction. Silly healing humans had walked off and she bounced in a flop of wing and lashing tail for the rail of the shinies. Flopping half over it to look down.

"Poor shinies is hurt! Heal my shinies, healing humans!"She called out imperiously, dropping her head to stroke it againsts the softnesses of shiny gold. Cooing to it with puffs of happy smokes.

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

Rashida stared at the aging nobleman in dismay, understanding now why his hands were motionless on the door handle. "Trap? And if you let go... oh. Oh my."

Her mind suddenly spun into a higher gear. She could see the beautifully-lettered missive which lay in her quarters upon her arrival at Von Ryuko's manor.


"Lady Massri,

It is the will of your Clan and to both our advantages that several of tonight's guests not leave this party alive. You need not bloody your own lovely hands; there are hirelings to do that. Rather signal your acceptance with a vote during the first hour, and you will be safe. Assist the assassins however you can, confuse the other guests, misdirect the pursuit, and your elders will have a satisfactory report from me. I understand your gifts could be quite useful tonight. Use them to our advantage and all will be well. Your brother was happy to play his part; now you play yours.

I am certain you can deduce some of the villains who will meet their end tonight simply from their reputation within your Clan. Lord Vorian Ritter's raiding of your ancestors has caused certain severe problems, or so your elders tell me. I do not entirely understand, but you will have full access to his ship to return to your Clan what is rightfully theirs once he is dead. Lady Cassandra DuSollier's recent theft of a significant quantity of bullion has naturally impacted your Clan's plans... "


Rashida had judged this man once and found him unworthy, a second time found him innocent. He claimed repentance, yet guarded 'his' treasures as if he somehow owned that which he had stolen. Access to his ship... and all she had to do was convince him it was safe to let go. He had treasure beyond what he could understand. Nobody could ever blame her. It was all the Baron's doing.

But he seemed repentant now, had spoken of his conscience pricking... shouldn't everyone be given a chance to atone before meeting the judgement of Ma'at?

Rashida licked her lips nervously and tore her eyes from Vorian's white-knuckled grip, seeking his eyes. "I... I may be able to help, if there is an opening on this side of the door into which the serpents can fit. I do not precisely know about traps, but I know how to use these devices. Hold tight, Lord Ritter. It will be quick."

She stripped the serpents from her wrists, straightened them, then knelt next to the door, delicately probing the keyhole with the golden bots, breath coming quick and shallow as their eyes flickered different shades. Finally, one slipped into the tiny opening. They could hear it slithering metallically through the mechanisms inside the door, then into the hollow frame with its deadly traps. Finally, the serpent in her hand went still, eyes shining a blue which matched her dress.

Rashida backed away from the door to the opposite side of the balcony. "It should be quite safe now, Lord Ritter," she called, voice shaking.

Gentleman Adventurer

Vorian watched intently as Rashida's serpents manipulated the mechanism, somewhat fascinated by them. Every now and then he steals a glance at Rashida's face, growing increasingly worried over its range of expression. He could not quite place it, but there was an air of apprehension about her as she worked. For the second time tonight, he thinks to himself, grinning wryly, my life is in a woman's hands.

Not at all encouraged by Rashida's words, Vorian hesitates for nearly a minute before pushing forward, opening the door. When nothing of note happens, he lets out a sigh. Of course, you dolt. The mechanism stopped ticking... Letting the door swing open, he steps in, looking to the ceiling. Perpendicular to the door frame were four long, evenly spaced slits, no more than a centimeter wide. From the ends of the openings he could see the glimmering tips of the concealed scythe blades, no doubt sharp enough to eviscerate him in one sweep.

Satisfied with no longer being in mortal danger, he looks to the exposed hallway, before looking to Rashida. "That is twice now I owe you," he says in earnest, avoiding her eyes. Nodding towards the hall, he changes the subject. "If Von Ryuko went through here, then it must lead to his private hangar. Lord Rorenson cannot have gone through. But... I do not see where else he could have gone..."

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

"Why would I not help you, Lord Ritter? You've been nothing but the soul of courtesy... to me," Rashida snaps angrily, "Now if you will please stand clear of the doorway..." She whispers to her remaining serpent and frowns when nothing happens. Clapping her hands once, she waits another moment, then stamps her golden slipper-shod foot impatiently.

"He must be caught in the mechanism. How annoying." The sole remaining serpent coils about her left forearm. "This is so unbalanced." Golden nails tick nervously against her arms as she paces the balcony, arms folded. "They did not descend from here to the ballroom, so there is another way off. They did not go through the door to the hangar - you think - which means there is yet another secret passage leading from here to gods know where. Or perhaps they foiled the trap in their own way and proceeded to the private hangar. We have the door open now, at great cost. I will go examine the hangar, Lord Ritter, though I agree it is most likely empty. Perhaps you can find another secret door from the platform in the meantime."

She sweeps angrily from the room, glaring once at the blades as she passes beneath them, her blue dress visible for only a moment in the dark hallway until she disappears completely from sight.

Dance-oholic Minx

The dragons rasping tongue against her thigh and playfulness under her dress reminded her of one thing; that she needed to get cleaned and fixed up. 'Once I get the repairs underway...' she moves past the beautiful cooing dragon. "Yes, the works are underway."

"Could I have one of Lady Rashida's dresses." she asks a crewmen as she walks down to the engine-room to retrieve the jar of healing unguents. After a quick check with the engineer and servo-bots that everything is on schedule, Cassie grabs the jar under her one good arm. Picking up the dress upon the way out. She leaves the ship with a nod to Jeracyla; "The engine is working, the shiny will fly once more. I have to self-heal."

Cassie walks outside to find the idyllic little spa that she saw from her own ship to get cleaned up and bathe. Whilst using the oils to soothe her broken ribs.

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

The pressure and sound change cued Rashida that the dark corridor she traversed was opening into a much larger space, dimly shown in moon and starlight. She groped for wall fixtures that might bring up lights, but before her questing fingers found any such devices, bright lights far above clunked on in slow sequence, each announced by the echoing *chunk* of a big relay making contact. The lights revealed a length of tall, open building lined with large windows near the top. Huge doors at the far end stood open, as did a small door in the side wall near the entry corridor. Heavy wheeled pulleys ran on beams at the ceiling, huge hooks dangling from thick chains. Tables and shelves lined the walls containing tools and supplies for airship maintenance, but no great hull graced the open space. From where Rashida stood, she could see straight through the empty hangar to the darkness beyond the open doors.

On a whim, she peeked out the small side door to see a mooring tower, now lit like the hangar, but likewise empty. Nodding as if that was expected, Rashida wandered a bit through the huge building, poking gingerly at the generously-sized wenches hung from a board on the wall, peeking in cabinets and under tarps, nigglingly aware that nothing was being accomplished and Taraz and Andrezi were not here. Finally, she reached the open doors and saw nothing but the starry sky and shadowed forest beyond. Cupping her hands around her mouth, she shouted 'Taraz! Andrezi!' but heard no listening call. She repeated the attempt as loudly as she could possibly manage, then listened intently to the night.

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Female Helmet Cat

There is surprisingly little reaction from Meowselsworth II at the distraction, though her attention does turn towards it and she rises to her feet as if she expected it to be taken care of. She does speak, however, once she is alone with the two lovers, "Alessandra, I think your lover is, and will be, alright... As will you. For this, I am glad. I must say, though... I put much trust in you tonight, perhaps trust undeserved. I am unsure how far you might have gone for the sake of such passion, how much your hands may have been bloodied. You did not come forward at my urging, I know this, but remained silent up until his life was threatened, as he threatened ours. I know others, they admire your love... but me... I put much trust in you, and it was spent. I have my eyes on both of you... I yet care for you both, and do not want you to come to harm, whether death or even pain. But if there is so much of a whisper of his taking the bounty on any of us, so much as a thought on the verge of becoming substance, anything that extinguishes the tiny flicker of trust that remains... well..." The feline looks off and starts to the exit of the ship, "I won't care so much anymore."

The little helmet cat, with her mask-like markings, starts wandering off to search for other scattered members of nobility like a thief in the night. It will be nice to finally know that everyone is not too hurt... she thinks to herself, feeling no small amount of responsibility for the nobles who survived the ordeal.

As she returns to the manor, she hears Rashida's echoing voice, ears flicking lightly, and she bounds to the source, feet making a pit-pat as she runs, slowing and then approaching the woman. Once she is only a few human paces away, she speaks. "You know, I can tell you without doubt they are alive, your Holiness, if that brings you comfort... would you like my aid in locating them?"

Gentleman Adventurer

"Yes, why wouldn't you help me...?" Vorian says in quiet voice, watching as Rashida goes down the hallway on her own. Her sudden change in demeanor had caught him off-guard, as did her insistence on going to the hangar herself. Was she not still concerned about the missing Lord of Servbots? Or perhaps she just did not believe me... he concludes. He had been rather insistent in saying that Taraz could not have gone through the door. Sweeping the throne room with a final glance, he shakes his head - wherever Taraz had gone, it was surely far from this place.

With a sigh, Vorian steadily goes back down the staircase, acknowledging the Duchess and the others in the ballroom with a nod as he passes through. From the state of Rashida's dress, it was apparent that the fire in the hallway had not substantially damaged the other guest rooms. It is not long before he finds his door, surprisingly untouched by the fire, though the pungent odor of smoke was still present.

Fishing his key out of a coat pocket and opening the door, Vorian steps in and sighs, allowing his body to truly relax after hours constant stress. After removing his pocketed possessions, he allows his large fur coat to slide off his shoulders, thumping loudly as it falls to the floor. Aware that he has perspired profusely from both heat and stress, he promptly refreshes himself in the private bathroom, before retrieving a significantly less lavish outfit from his luggage. Freed from the useless weight of his furs and jewels, he stretches out his back, feeling as though he a decade younger. Smiling sheepishly, he retrieves his flask and stows it on the belt loop at his hip. Weighing it in his hand as he does so, he notes that he should have sufficient draught to last him a few more days at least.

With but one last bit of business to attend to, Vorian opens a wide but narrow suitcase, revealing an organized arrangement of canes, including the ornate wooden one he had used earlier. Placing his wolf's head cane into an empty slot, his hands pause above what was perhaps the most peculiar rod of the set, which shined with unnatural brilliance - its entire length seemed to be crafted from solid gold, engraved with strange runes that seemed to flow in ways that ordinary words could not. Growing increasingly uncomfortable, Vorian snaps the case's lid shut and locks it thrice, before lifting the whole thing up and walking out of the room, back to the ballroom.

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

Rashida sinks cross-legged to the ground, waving an inviting hand to the helmet cat. Assuming Meows allows, she welcomes the cat to her lap and begins scratching through the soft fur with her long nails.

"Oh Duchess," she sighs, "That is good to hear. I know he was fine until that explosion, but then I lost track. Now that I have called, maybe we should wait here to see if they respond. I would like everyone back here now that it is growing dark - though I am certain that does not bother you."

Drawing her long fingers through the soft fur, she relaxes and sighs again. "I hope you do not want to see the temple of Bast very soon, Lady. I fear my family may be rather miffed at me after tonight. But I... I am not a..." She chokes slightly on the words and falls silent, lest continuing this line of discussion brings unwanted tears. She sits silently, a bright spot of azure in the vast expanse of metal and glass that is the hangar, staring out into the vibrant, warm, noisy island darkness and cradling the purring cat in her lap.

Dance-oholic Minx

Cassie saunters from the shadows; "Lady Massri, you're here it's good to see you!" She looks much better, fresh-faced and with a new dress and shoes.

"Oh and Duchess Meowselsworth is here, too. That's great." her soft words come out as she looks around the group and the light plays across her face. "Your dress! That's lovely, though you shouldn't sit on the cold floor?" she questions.

"Well now that I am here, we can celebrate our survival!" The beaming smile spreads across her face, infectious and heart-felt. "I wonder where the wine reserves are?"

Insufferable Lout
Andrezi Denikov wrote:
"I am quite confused. I must admit, but I trust you Taraz... You are good friend." Andrezi stands by himself for a moment, barely keeping his feet. "Am feel like bee sting on my neck." Andrezi scratches the small bump left by the hypodermic. "What are we doing now?" His instincts from his time in the Russian military takes over as he asks for a task.

Taraz considers Andrezi's question for a moment as the two aristocrats move through the corridor. "What are we doing now?" Andrezi hears him muse out loud. "Now...we get the hell out of here."

As if timed to be the perfect complement, a low rumble indicates a section of the passage wall is moving before them. It swings out on hidden hinges. Pale moonlight and starlight bleed into the darkened corridor lending strange shadows to an already eerie place. Taraz steps out and takes a long breath. In a couple of hours the dawn would be breaking, and the long night of Eichorn's "murder" party would be over.

Von Ryuko's massive gardens were certainly impressive even in the night. Everything carefully manicured and in order. Greenery and colorful flowers artfully arranged to draw the eye to the sculptures and ornaments that were Eichorn's true prizes. Taraz walked further out trying to let the tension of the moment bleed out into the grass beneath his boots.

He moved his arm in a circle. His range of motion was good. Yes, that knife wound had healed nicely after his shift in the lab. He turned his head to address Andrezi.

"We should be able to make our way back to the main halls if we go through this..." Taraz lifted his hand to point, but his voice caught in his throat as he saw movement on the other side of the garden. Two figures in combat clothing were approaching their position from the where the almost cliche hedge maze opened into the garden.

"Andrezi!" Taraz hissed fiercely just as the two figures realized he had spotted them. Taraz knew he was rather exposed having stepped out of the secret door shaped like a vase relief carved into the stone wall. He wasn't sure if Andrezi was still close enough to make it back inside for cover.

One of the figures shouted, "Squad Twelve reporting targets confirmed. Fire!" The soldiers raised their pulse rifles and began shooting.

The whine of pulse rounds filled the air. Taraz had always admired the ingenuity of a pulse round: a physical bullet that fired its own beam of heat energy when within six inches of its target to increase its own penetration. While having been shot at many times before, Taraz knew there was very little chance of surviving this unless...unless he allowed Andrezi see his secret...

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

Rashida smiles wanly up at Cassie from her seat on the cold stone. "You are amazing, Lady DuSollier! You dance half the night, repair airships the other half, have a bath and change of clothing, and are now ready for another party? Alas, my friend, the exertions of the evening coupled with the lack of food have taken their toll. I am quite exhausted. How are Alessandra and Jin? And have you seen Taraz or Andrezi? They have vanished. I hope they, like you, heard my call." She leans back against the doorframe, eyes closed.

Dance-oholic Minx

Flicking her head forward and looking at the beautiful Rashida, a serene scene of an Egyptian Goddess with her Cat Goddess. Cassie smiles and lightly answers; "Thank you." she flicks her long eyelashes.

Enjoying the compliments, "We'll get some food them and then to bed!"

"Alessandra and Jin...." Softly crinkling her brow. "They're doing fine...better I mean." She moves over to the door-frame.

"We're trying to get everyone together? And then get out of here? What if they are in Von Ryuko's pay? Or if he returns?" Cassie questions placing a hand on Rashidas shoulder. "Sorry, I don't mean to be so questioning. It's just I am scared." she admits.

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

Rashida pales, eyes opening wide to stare at Cassie. Her hand freezes in Duchess Meowselsworth's fur. "In Von Ryuko's pay? Why do you say that? I thought we found all the assassins and 'tamed' the one that lives?" She rises to her feet slowly, carrying Meowselsworth in her arms. "Is there somebody you suspect, Cassie, or are you simply seeing assassins in every shadow? It is certainly understandable, after what we've been through tonight." She waves a hand around the hangar. "But look here! Is there anything you can use? It looks like there is, er, maintenance equipment things that might be helpful with repairing The Ament?

She wanders through the hangar, opening cabinets and rustling through tarps. She pulls up an articulated door, revealing a large, dark space beyond. There is another *chunk* of relay contacts and a light illuminates the space, revealing a tiny machine that might be a one-person flyer of some sort.

"Cassie, look! Oh, I wish it was light so we could fly around the island and find... the others. If they are even above-ground." She stands entranced by the little flyer.

Dance-oholic Minx

Following in the wake, her knee-length light skirt flicking with each step. "I don't know it's just I feel there will be difficulties still to come. Von Ryuko, he is very powerful, you don't know how much." her voice meanders off as Rashida reveals the machine.

Cassie looks at the beautiful little Ornithopter of some sort. Long lean legs going weak; she lets out a soft gasp. 'Oh my that's beautiful.' her voice purrs.

"I wonder what it runs on? What sort of lift it has? Oh, that could give you the ride of your life." She stumbles towards the flyer. "Yes, a flight." her fingers rub against the carapace, the red enamel tapping to make a resounding clack. The sound causes her to bite her lip.

Daughter of Gods. Gods! or possibly of aliens.

"Is there something you should tell us about Von Ryuko? I didn't know much about him before tonight. He seems rather... tricky," Rashida murmurs, rather embarrassed at her friend's sensual reaction to the machine.

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