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A World Without End (Inactive)

Game Master pinvendor

Free-form RP in Alternate Earth.

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Female Helmet Cat

Helmetcat communication does indeed work using some sort of chronon technology. What happens is that all helmets are synched with the same time, and every message is sent with a timestamp. That timestamp can be accessed by any helmetcat whose helmet time is higher than the timestamp. Any helmet that is lower cannot access the message, even if the message does indeed already and has always already existed in helmetspace. This is generally not important to the plot, and might have more to do with Mittens in Deathworld than AWWE.

Every girl crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man.

Legendary Merchant of Pins

Sorry, work has been swamping me...

I will try to do the updates soon. Then you will be let loose to free-form and terrorize once more!

Question: Mahorfeus was joking about creating a Wiki for the campaign. Do we want one? I have Obsidian Portal for a month or two and can set up a campaign there and a Wiki that all of us can update, if you're interested in trying it.

I'd like to welcome the newcomers and request they peruse this post for the base rules for the campaign. Be careful about botting other PC's unless it's minor or pre-arranged (like via chat).

So no thoughts about the Wiki? It might come in damned handy as political intrigue increases and more players enter the field.

Yep, I think it's a great idea. Allows us to put stuff in without hassling pinvendor.

I already have an account and really alot more useful than going through the thread looking for a single name.

It sounds like a good idea, and can certainly help some of us newcomer types to keep up to speed. Especially for those of us that may not have gone through the entire thread >.>

Sorry about all the flashbacks. I think they are inherent in developing the original sketchy murder mystery into a full-blown pbp with more deeply realized characters. I think Rashida's are about over.

Legendary Merchant of Pins

Ha! I have touched on the craziness that is the Rorensons and their Girl Genius-like Spark intelligence. But knowing how they got their is a far cry from explaining their complex relationships. I foresee many small flashbacks for Taraz...

The campaign is created on Obsidian Portal. I have invited DSXMachina, Leoian, Peebo, and pinvendor, but Finwa, Mahorfeus, and Meowselsworth gave me invalid name messages. Get me your OP signin ID to be added. I think I can make this one public since we're not using proprietary information.

DSX and Leo already tried updating the Wiki and were able to with Co-GM status, so we can all keep our stuff up-to-date! I put a few placeholders in the Wiki but didn't really make anything yet.

We can also use the forums there for discussion if you like. It keeps things more organized than here.

Um...where should I be looking for this invite?

*Waves @ Treppa* (^_^)

Er, I dunno. I tried inviting 'Peebo' and it worked. >.> invited me where? With what? I can click on the Wiki thing and see a page. What does one do after that?

Much cheers to you and yours Treppa. (^_^)

Hmm. If you have an ID on Obsidian Portal, I think you receive an email at the address used to establish your OP ID. Then you click on the link or some such thing and you're added to the user list.

Ah...was not even aware I was a member of obsidian portal.

*Wonders where said invitation went off to....*

*scratches head* Perhaps there's a Peebobot out there somewhere! O_O

If you like, join with a different name and I'll invite the new name.

Of course. I may have been invited to join by some one like Justin S many moons (And maybe a couple of computer crashes) ago and have simply forgotten in my dotage.

Am sending a request to their help desk

Much cheers to you.

Hey Peebs, I don't know how to reply to the last post because I don't know what happened at the end with the paaph. Is Alice still alive, conscious, etc? Wait, wait! Alice was going to do something. What's going on?

*Laughs menacingly* Well...that depends upon how much like a cat in the box young Alyce is.... >:)

Yes, Alyce is alive. Ysillith simply used a grapple gun to reel them both up into the rafters...and some where darker and more 'personal' for the pair of them to continue their discussion and avoid the thuggish Bront's attentions. (^_~)

I am hoping the young girl does come reasonably clean. it would be such a shame to kill so promising a snipe. (^_~)

On a bye note, I have a reply message form the help desk and a Human might be looking at the problem shortly. :P

Dance-oholic Minx

So Lovely the Cassie picture & Rashida's. Thanks, They are great. I'll do updates when I can.

Everyone's on OP but Peebo and Finwa, but the campaign is public. You guys can look at anything, even if you don't want to update.

Since we're doing free-form, there's been some confusion about who has what planned when. I propose we use the discussion thread as a planning area and post our statuses here.

For example, for Rashida: I am ready to proceed through to the end of the opera. But I have things to do that night, before the next dawn.

This doesn't spoil anything but will give us a general roadmap.

Oui? Non?

Oops, I'm a bit confused. What message does Drake have? The one Alice dropped was picked up by Bruno or Bluto or Brawndo - the big guy in the penguin suit. Did he get Cassie to write another or is this a bluff?

Female Cimelocarn

Crumbs. It was supposed to be the note Alice dropped.

Well.... he could just tell Rashida that Cassie wrote her a note that was stolen. Or he could have stopped by the booth for another. Or he could have written one of his own? Ummmmm.

Female Cimelocarn

Let's say he wrote his own note because he wanted to let her know silently.

What's his note say?

Evil GM

Or he could have got Alyce to try and remember what the note said and write something down (even if it's wrong!)

Right. Let's say Alyce wrote, uh,

Lady Massri,

You asked me to be bold. I am here in the Princess' box with a harem of gorgeous men. Would you care to join us?

Cassie DuSollier

Female Cimelocarn


I know we've agreed that we can move each others' characters some if absent or if we pre-arrange something, but I (at least) would prefer we do it in our own character or with a narrator ID. I find having two Drake Khoths confusing. I also have no problem with each of us having our own narrator ID rather than having multiple Our Narrators or Meanwhile...s.

What does everyone else think?

I agree. It is sometimes necessary to move one of the other characters, but will just get confusing if we have multiples of the same character. I would also prefer using our own PC, or a narrator. Our own narrator ID sounds good to me too, although I haven't personally done any narration yet.

Female Cimelocarn

I agree. I became confused when I noticed a post by Drake that I had not done. I have no trouble with Drake being botted but I'd like to know when I've done it or not. Too often that can be confusing.

Totally not a Werewolf

Still lurking :)

AWWE dropped off my campaign page again... did I get marked as inactive?

Oh, and could I get an invite to the wiki as "loimprevisto"?

Legendary Merchant of Pins


I am soooo sorry! I vanished for a while and Treppa indicated that you were out, so I was cleaning up the character list again. I will change you back!

My bad; I forgot! I have only 4K of memory. Mea culpa.

Evil GM

4k? :O

I'm on 8-bit.

Ephemeral GameMaster

I have a specific plan for the final scene of the opera which I will be posting later today most likely. Feel free to do whatever, but the opera will be "ongoing" until my post. I promise not to drag it out too much, Ysillith heh heh.

Oh noes

Rrgh not being able to get into chat is a pain, I'm not sure I follow Ysillith with the OOC comments. These are just what she's trying to see/hear correct?

You mean in this post?

I honestly don't know if that's Ysillith's paranoia or if the whole place is now full of militia. Or monsters. Not sure how to run with it, and Peebo has gone to sleep.

Yup, that's the one. I wouldn't really expect an assassin to bring an army, but I wasn't sure how to go along with it. For instance Ralph has spent a lot of time crawling around in vents and the like, he'd probably catch any noticeable sign that something's in there.

Well, you wouldn't expect an assassin to announce himself in front of an audience, either. Unless he's trying to win the Worst Assassin Ever award.

Legendary Merchant of Pins

Mwahahaha! Well an assassin who knows his targets are trapped and he feels as if no one is a threat to him...


He does seem an unorthodox assassin, that's one of the reasons I'm not sure, there are a few reasons that the place could be crawling with militia types, but it could also just be paranoia. Oh well, I guess we'll find out.

Well he may think no one's a threat but he probably didn't account for... the scrawny little street urchin... maybe he has a soft spot for Squirrels?

I've no idea where Alice's shot ends up. Do something fun with it if you like.

DSX says to feel free to have Cassie knocked silly by the kick.

Dance-oholic Minx

Yep, sorry Ralph that Cassie didn't pay more attention but the evil Wow has pushed her buttons.....and not in the way Ralph wanted to.


I think Alice's shot may have wound up in Ralph's shoulder. And no problem DSX I didn't really expect her to just leave Wowbagger to Ralph, of course I didn't really expect Ysillith to leave him to Ralph either. Hopefully we survive for button pushing later :P

I think it was Drake's shot.

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