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I'm finding it very interesting to read, myself. It's really enjoyable to me to see all the different traits that were hinted at in Doug's game actually coming out in the story.

Plus, it's giving me all kinds of hooks to bury into THE PLAN for when that actually surfaces. :)

(Yes, I am around, and yes, there is THE PLAN. I haven't posted in the Gameplay thread because quite frankly y'all don't need me to jump in just yet. You're doing great on your own!)

Are pulse-gun shots audible at a distance, or are they rather quiet?

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I imagine they are audible. They are still firing a projectile that is being propelled by some force. Unless you think the guns should run on steam, spirit-gas, or some other physical property which would be more quiet than gunpowder.

And everyone did remember it's basically just after 1:00am, right? If we assume the party started at 7:00pm or something.

Yep, I've been writing about the dim light, darkness, etc. And that means a floodlit, open airship hangar is a huge beacon for anybody out there.

And beats the heck outta me what pulse-guns should run on. They sound nasty!

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I got very busy over the past week and hadn't found time to keep up with everything happening. I'll break up my post into spoilered sections where I respond to things as they happen and bring me current...

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That is fantastic to hear! Believe me when I say that we are all very excited knowing we can look forward to that. :D

@Vorian: Just wanted to say, your RP is fantastic. Over at Our gaming talk in our 'mafia' chatroom, we always talk about your awesome posts.

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I'm really enjoying this, glad you guys made this game, even if I'm really confused as to what's going on. I've made Andrezi just as confused by having him not remember anything since the party, thus making us synch up and keeping things even.

Greetings all. Received a PM to head over this way, and I must say it's pretty awesome that you all continued on! Even though I had troubles getting posts in last game, I loved reading it all! I'd love to join in if still possible.

Dance-oholic Minx

Of course. Just pop yourself in.

General Eldon Gorski wrote:
Greetings all. Received a PM to head over this way, and I must say it's pretty awesome that you all continued on! Even though I had troubles getting posts in last game, I loved reading it all! I'd love to join in if still possible.

Throw yourself in any way you see fit! Actually, a General's arrival right about now could be hugely beneficial, as the aristocrats have suddenly found themselves in a bit of a tight spot!

I'll give the gameplay thread a quick read-through then, and throw a post up. Thanks very much, glad to become a part of this!

'Quick read-through.' *chuckles*

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If you make any sense of it please tell me....

I don't think anybody has puppeted Gorski, except to leave him in the ballroom with Kimefe and Bors. Seems highly unlikely for a Man of Action.

I just finished reading the gameplay thread, and I'm working on a post now actually. I must say things have taken some strange twists. I like it!

I'm still planning on poking my head in here at some point. Things are starting to normalize around here again so I think I can make time for this.

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Meowselsworth wrote:
In other words, she gives 'em hell.

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Rising to the elevation of the giants face: the bird gracefully stops ascending, Cassandra can see the beings dead eyes peering over the prow as it's mouth opens to swallow the vehicle whole. Then, the pull of the earth takes hold and the Ornithopter plummets away from the snapping jaws. Cassies stomach jumps into her throat and she pulls the wings into a roll. As they plummet to the earth the bird completes a roll so it's facing away from the monstrosity. Performing an Immelmann manoeuvre.

You pulled an Immelmann in an ornithopter. I think that's the coolest thing I've read all day!

Giant Tally

Starting lineup: 8

Jeraclya: 2
Vorian: 1
Cassie/Gajihi: 2

Remaining: 3


Dance-oholic Minx

This is an approximate run down of what has happened, names in blue are the last place we saw them.

  • Von Ryuko after failing to kill the Aristocrats, flees in his air-ship. He shelled their ships, trying to destroy them all.
  • Ingilstadt & WowbaggertIP fled too.
  • Meows Death was a ruse
  • Everyone takes off their masks, unilaterally revealing their beauteous visages.
  • The Group decide to Restore Baron Gigus to life.
  • The League - an organisation of the Noble Houses
  • Gigus Von Zombi's body is missing!

  • Shiny Blue dragon appears, it can change it's size.
  • Dragon injured by Von Ryuko's firing
  • Cassies ship dies and she transfers the Ancestral Spirit Engine to Rashida's Ament
  • Rashida Investigates the guest quarters, they are trapped and set on fire. Duke Leto had a bag of something vital.
  • Spirit Dragon has a connection to Gigus
  • Taraz opened Ryuko's throne and got a vital letter - then the throne revealed a passage.

  • Alessandra & Jin are aboard their exploding air-ship, both are hurt but Alessandra recovers quickly.

  • Taraz and Andrezi run down the secret passages find a lab containing Robots of all the party guests. Cassie-bot & Eldon-bot are not to be found....
  • Taraz knocks out Andrezi and he destroys the lab (or most of it)
  • Taraz & Andrezi goes out into the gardens, where they are attacked by men with pulse rifles. The Ferrus Lupus

  • Cassie goes for a bath in the large spa with Jeracyla the Spirit-Dragon
  • Cassie-bot meets up with Rashida & Meowselsworth in a hanger. There they find an Ornithopter.
  • Cassie-bot reveals the Rorensons worked with Von Ryuko.
  • Von Ryuko has been watching and calls upon 8 undead-giants to rise from the waves and kill them all.
  • Jeracyla takes to the skies to kill the insulting giants! She burns one up easily.
  • Cassie-bot & Meows fly off in the Ornithopter, where the robot jumps out amongst the pulse riflers.

  • Gahiji, Rashida's brother appears. He had been negotiating with Ryuko. Rashida frees him provided he doesn't kill any nobles.
  • Eldon goes from the ballroom, to use the 'Relic' in his battleship.
  • Gahiji meets Cassie and they go down the beach and kill a Giant, then
  • Vorian goes to his ship and Fires his massive gun, destroying a giant.
  • The leader of the Ferrus Lupus, Brigadier Rabek Darkov hi-jacks Vorians ship!
  • Cassie-bot lands in the garden and joins up with Taraz.
  • Rashida is attacked by Gahiji-bot; she destroys him.
  • Gahiji & Cassie flirt while they make there way to the landing pad killing things. Cassie fires a flare fire-work to cause a distraction.
  • Vorian and Meows escape and Meows uploads her mother's AI into the ship's computer.
  • Whilst they escape and meet up with Cassie. And Meows Mother purges the ship with super-heated steam.
  • Rashida meets up with Taraz & Cassie-bot where they find out the latters identity.

  • This is very useful. Thanks for doing the leg work on this DSX.

    I have a sort of idea developing for Whitey at the moment along with a few others in the works.

    If I'm not available and people need to bot unconscious Rashida, she's fatigued and hypoglycemic. Other than that, she's essentially fine. Feel free to haul her around as needed.

    It wasn't clear in the post, but the ornithopter referred to here is not the ornithopter Cassie just landed on the Ament.

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    Cassie DuSollier wrote:
    "Oui, he is an arrogant...., not a gentleman like yourself."

    Which is exactly why Cassie wants him to get under her dress...girls!

    *rolls his eyes*

    This story has some spice to it!

    Is Mimi (or anybody else) staying up to take further actions, or can we move things along to when everyone is awake? I have ideas for a segue post if everyone is ready. I think Mimi and Whitey are probably the only two who aren't in quarters or asleep.

    Totally not a Werewolf

    Unfortunately, it looks like I'm going to have to bow out.

    Between work and family I just don't have the time to consistently update this story... I'll try to come up with a good turnover/going away post to spell out where I saw things going with Alessandra and Jin and let you guys keep them as NPCs or drop them from the story gracefully.

    It's been great, I'll miss this game.

    Well rats. We've lost Alessandra (I just saw the post above - :( :( ) and probably Von Zombi and Taraz, from the looks of it.

    Should we continue with just the four of us? If so, are we ready to jump forward to the mainland?


    Yeah, fast-forwarding it to the arrival in Germany would be interesting.

    Of course, we still have to deal with Whitey, but as Mimi's creator it could be an interesting scene. Could be dealt with on land or with a new player.

    Alessandra & Jin could go off to the Alps in France. Where she can protect them politically and he can physically. There they spend the days skiing and the nights curled up by the fire with a good wine, good cheese and good company. A perfect end for the Lovers.

    We also had Gigus to re-embody, but with Smashtag disappearing, I'm not sure where to go with that one.


    I know, I think we push forward with lots of mini-goals... See where the story organically progresses.

    Maybe with 1-3 other amazing players we can make it even better!

    It can be left on the backburner for now. We have a pretty sizable agenda as is that will take who knows how long to get through.

    Questions from one seeking to possibly join.

    1) May I partake of your wondrous telling of tall tales?

    2) Edit: It would seem your group has landed. Whence and where, prey-tell, are they? And would something crashing into the local terrain be a bad thing?

    3) How many characters may one create and run?

    4) Are people not too distressed if characters are formulated by other game design standards? I inquire as to the 'bench mark'?

    5) The 'Game Master' has chatted to myself about your tale and it was they who shared this ink to myself.

    6) I currently have many ideas or characters, though utilizing the ideas of Iron Kingdoms Mechanika and such for the flavor.

    Hope this missive finds you all in good health and fine spirits. I look forward to reading your feedback. *Bows*

    Hello, mysterious stranger.

    1) May I partake of your wondrous telling of tall tales?
    Quite possibly! We could use one or two regular posters. Lay out a character concept in...er... do we have a recruitment thread in this campaign? I'm not certain. If not, we'll get one made.

    2) Edit: It would seem your group has landed. Whence and where, prey-tell, are they? And would something crashing into the local terrain be a bad thing?
    We are currently in Freidrichshafen Germany, home of the original Zeppelin, on the shores of Lake Constance (the Bodensee), having limped there in a damaged airship after being betrayed and almost killed by the host of a big party (the original mafia game).

    I'm not sure about having something crash into local terrain. What sort of 'something'?

    3) How many characters may one create and run?
    We all have one main character. A couple of us have created secondary characters who pop in and out as needed and support our own personal plots. For example, Duchess Kittington Von Meowselsworth has a daughter, Mittens, who has done something to adjust the timestream and restore her mother to life and is currently headed in our direction. Rashida Massri has her 'brother', Gahiji. And Cassie Du Sollier has her replica, Mimi.

    4) Are people not too distressed if characters are formulated by other game design standards? I inquire as to the 'bench mark'?
    The benchmark was for this mafia game

    5) The 'Game Master' has chatted to myself about your tale and it was they who shared this ink to myself.
    Our GM is currently AWOL. DSX is one of the players who runs Cassie. We'll have to see about getting the game taken over by one of us.

    6) I currently have many ideas or characters, though utilizing the ideas of Iron Kingdoms Mechanika and such for the flavor.
    Er, don't know Iron Kingdoms though others might. We have a freeform steampunk kind of setting - real-world Earth with alternate histories - and try to work off of the principles we lay down. For example, we seem to have gaslights, some sort of mysterious motive force for engines, genetic manipulation is advanced though highly isolated, and there are lots of airships around. And pulse rifles - nasty things. Oh, and avatars of gods. I suggest you settle in with a beer or five and have a good read of the original and this gameplay thread.

    Hope this missive finds you all in good health and fine spirits. I look forward to reading your feedback. *Bows*


    (Satyxis, Captain Adventurer)

    *Test, test*

    "Here! Avrethis? I don't think this set up is doin' anything!"

    *Zzzzk! POP!*

    We won't have a recruitment thread until Monday or Tuesday when the ownership is transferred, so you can lay out a character concept here if you like.

    Not wanting to seem too far over the top, but I am thinking of having Ysillith being of an 'Arcanemechanic' background. Hence her using all sorts of Iron Kingdoms Mechanika. Iron Kingdoms tech is kind of Steam-punk, with some magic thrown in to the mix.

    So...an boiler is used to spin an arcane-dynamo hence generating magical charges to power things. A large 'arcane fluid' filled box is effectively a battery.

    Her horns can be covered by a normal 'hat of disguise' if her appearance is too outlandish.

    Much cheers to all.

    Dance-oholic Minx

    Well Cassie is a spiritualist, steam-punk mechanic. So we have to be slightly careful not to over-lap our skill-sets too much. Maybe something more of a pilot & theoretical scientist?

    We are using no systems, so a 'hat of disguise' is not needed. Although a top-hat that covers or augments her horns might be interesting.

    What would Ysil's motivations being?

    I'm also curious about what she is. We're not using a system, but we've all been human or mechanically augmented cat until now. Where does she come from? What is she? I believe there are aliens in some of the backstories, so that should not be a problem.

    (Satyxis, Captain Adventurer)


    "Hey! Watch the hands!" (¬_¬) *Adjusts coat and hat*

    Right, seems I've been 'volunteered' to give ye all some exposition.

    M' name be Ysillith Mearlleux. That'd be Captain to any one serving under me.

    I've been sailing the seas of Caen fer as long as I've been able to call the Bonny D mine. Mine by right of power, strength and shear bloody mindedness. (¬_¬)

    Mine is a large clan, we've many a finger in many a pie. Myself, I've dabbled in the knowing of the arcane, both mechnika and spell slinging, though I'm not a master of neither, but I'm handy with how things work. I'm not afraid to get in and get dirty with the like of those who repair and fix things come the time when it be needed. Of late the Bonny D has been involved in some...lucrative sort of trading, since running a profit is always of concern for any ship's Captain.

    *Sigh* Truth be told, seems I've gone and burnt a bridge I didn't even know I were crossing and now, well...I suppose fate is leading me some where that at least t'will be interesting to go.

    Image of a Satyxis

    A handy page of Iron Kingdom lore

    Much cheers to all. (^_^)

    What has gone before:

    The ship heeled hard in the blustery swell. Her sails billowing and taught in their effort to capture as much wind and hence speed as she could. Her 'Moon' spars fully extended and adding that few extra feet to her yard-arms and hence increasing her area of canvas with which to keep her firm grip upon the winds that drove her.

    At the ship's helm, the Captain stands proud, hands firm upon the wheel, the long streamer of her sable tresses sweeping away from the seeming direction of the wind that filled the sails to bursting above being the obvious incongruity in the scene. A figure, one of the crew, bounds up the stairs to the flying bridge of the vessel.

    "Last boat is ready to away, Capt'n!" The woman, her brow adorned by similar, if smaller, horns declares. The 'Captain' turned from where her gaze continued to sweep the trailing mists through which the ship raced without seeming concern for where it was heading.

    "Aye, just finish setting up those switches then." She replied, indicating the large boxes lying upon the stern-castle deck...cables trailing away into ragged holes quickly chewed through the planking.

    The crew woman baulks,

    "Last long boat, Captain..." She replied, even as training moved her limbs to obey orders. In the distant fog, there came a brief flicker of light -then a sound as if of thunder. The crew-woman flinched, though the Captain spun the helm viciously causing the vessel to begin healing hard over, though little changed with her billowing sails, even as the wind across her decks shifted through ninety degrees.

    "Aye...last long boat and your getting farther from any shore to take you." The Captain raises her voice to call over the wail of sound as multiple shot screams past her turning hull, the maneuver causing the canon rounds to geyser harmlessly in the waters as the ships hull slices through the waters nearby.

    "You're sure Veswaith has everything rigged up the way she said?" The Captain asks, even as said controls upon their jury rigged stand are finally affixed to the decking by the captain's side.

    "Aye, Cap'n". The crew-woman affirms, even as she glances at her Captain from the corner of her eye.

    "Right then, nothing more t'do. I'll keep the Bonny on a course which'll take our trailing dog away from ye." Captain Ysillith sighs, "Get ye gone! You've the best of me swag in those chests. Enough for every man-jack of ye t' make a good start fer yerselves." Ysillith gives the crew-woman a lingering look as the swab stands, offers a hasty salute and then disappears back down to the main deck where the last of the ship's boats swings from its davits.

    Ysillith turns the wheel again, changing the ship's heading even as the few remaining crew work the ropes and hastily begin to lower themselves down to the black, rushing waters that stream past the fleeing Bonny D's hull.

    In the mists astern a larger, dark shape looms. Baleful green light emanating from its gun-ports and flickering over its railings. A corpse light more eerie than any 'St Elmo's fire' could ever be. Captain Ysillith sees the shape looming closer and grins.

    "Aye..and isn't there a something you should be deserving?" She asks of the looming apparition, before reaching over and working the controls upon the mounted box with one hand. In the cabin's below her feet machinery responds and mechanisms click onto place.

    From the stern of the Bonny D comes a great roar of flame and smoke as the ship's 'Stern chaser' cannons spit out their defiance at the encroaching undead Ghost ship of nightmare.

    More details and information for those who might wish it.

    Introduction to the Iron Kingdoms

    Totally not a Werewolf


    It looks like marking me as a 'previous character' caused the campaign to fall off my campaigns tab so I don't see updates any more. I still enjoy catching up on the story from time to time... would you mind moving me back over to the active category?

    (Satyxis, Captain Adventurer)

    I be happy t'vote ye back in, luv. (^_^)

    There are two places to mark somebody active: player and character. I've marked you active as a player. If that doesn't put us back on the campaign tab, post again and I'll make your character active. <3 Good to know you're keeping up!

    Totally not a Werewolf

    Marking me as an active player seems to have done it. That's an interesting feature; I didn't know the boards worked like that.

    @Ysillith: I still don't have the the time to jump back into an active role in the game. Maybe some day the lovers will return...

    In the meantime, Switzerland isn't a bad place to cuddle.

    DSX's Narrator Alias here.

    So I was thinking Von Ryuko is a player of games, hence the original Ball. He likes to have plans within plans, whilst being a showman. What about him hosting an Operetta for some other nobles nearby - maybe he is trying to sway them to his cause, or murder them....or maybe he is trying to expose his allies to us thus we go after them not him? Especially since we cannot easily strike directly at him without losing prestige.

    This is a bit of a long term plan, especially since we need to help Vorian.

    Well, there is still the question of whether or not our various "mission objectives" are all unrelated, or if they are all somehow interconnected. The latter has been hinted at a few times throughout, but I can't help but feel that having them all be directly related would be stretching it a little. Unless Von Ryuko is that evil. O.O

    (Satyxis, Captain Adventurer)

    I can live with a bad guy that evil.

    Ye should see th' one I left back home. :P

    Much cheers to all. :)

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