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A World Without End

Game Master pinvendor

Free-form RP in Alternate Earth.

The party is over; the aristocrats have survived the assassins, and Von Ryuko has fled. However, the mystery is still well and alive. Where will the aristocrats go? What was the purpose of the party? What is Von Ryuko plotting with these insane galas?

Cast of Active Characters:

Original Party Aristocrats
Cassie DuSollier
Kittington Von Meowselsworth II
Rashida Massri
Taraz Rorenson
Vorian Ritter
New Cast Members
Drake Khoth
Ralph Tyranis
Ysillith Merlleux

Cast of Active NPC's:

Gahiji - brother of Rashida
Mimi Von Sollier - replica of Cassie
Mittens - daughter of Kittington
Rabek Darkov - Brigadier of a mercenary troupe


Our Narrator
The Teller of Tales

Cast of Inactive Characters:

Alessandra Devries
Andrezi Denikov
Bors Zadaa
Eldon Gorski
Gigus Von Zombi [deceased]
Jeraclya Carewyr
Leto Atriedes [deceased]
Whitey McWhite [deceased]


Von Ryuko's Island - Somewhere in the Atlantic
Friedrichshafen - center of airship tech

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