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A Rise With A Difference

Game Master Dabbler

Current Characters


(13,148 posts)
Jakardros Sovark

(450 posts)
Max Hellspont

(183 posts)

Cookie Jar Pilferer 7
(4,150 posts)
W Canepa

Male Human Expert 2/Urban Ranger 1/Cutpurse Rogue 1/Street Performer Bard 5
(242 posts)
Loris Raknian
Albrecht Mihai

Male Half-Giant Monk (Monk of the Four Winds/Ki Mystic/Qinggong) 4/ Psychic Warrior 2

played by AlanM (198 posts)
Aylmora Mvashti

Female Human (Varisian) Wilder 6 {HP 53/53; AC 20, T 15, FF 15; F+6 R+5 W+8; Init+3 Perc+14} {Effects: Psionic Focus}

played by Max Hellspont (572 posts)
Fate and Fortune

played by W Canepa (386 posts)
Gob Slickarm

Male Blue; Humanoid (goblinoid, psionic) Nomad 3 (from Psionics Unleashed)/Witch 2

played by W Canepa (446 posts)
Rukus Graul

Male Half-giant Psychic warrior 5/Aegis (trailblazer) 1

played by hogarth (662 posts)
Ruan Mirukova
Sovereign Court Marcus Effington

Male Human Wizard (Transmuter) 2

played by Dabbler (179 posts)
Member of the Green Faith

Elan PW6 || hp 44 | AC 19 | T 14 | FF 15 | CMD 21 | F +7 | R +7 | W +6 | Init +6 | Per +13 | pp 16 || A 40/40 | BA 20/20 | Focused

played by jlord (631 posts)
Eando Kline
Vaclav Rennet

Male Human of Varisian and Chelaxian descent Cleric of Erastil 6

played by therealthom (652 posts)
Liberty's Edge Waifrin Goddon

Female Human Wilder 5th | AC13 | HP39 | Str 10 | Dex 15 | Con 13 | PP37/37

played by Dabbler (845 posts)

Current NPCs


This IS the internet you know ... Alegedly human Expert (IT) 5/Ninja 3/Witch 7
(9,394 posts)

played by Dabbler (935 posts)

Previous Characters

The Exchange AlanM

(462 posts)

Male Caffinated Aboleth Expert 7 (Obscure/useless knowledges)/Monk 2/Psychic Warrior 2
(1,452 posts)
Gob Sickarm

Male Blue Shaper 2

played by Adrian Granberg (13 posts)
Varisian Wanderer
Liberty's Edge Hector Malson

Male Human Rogue (Burglar) 1

played by Chris Parker (48 posts)
Spell Sovereign

Male Human Shoanti of the Shriikirri-Quah (Hawk Clan) Druid 1

played by Evan Whitefield (6 posts)
Lantern Bearer
Lejes Rimul

Male Half-Elf Oracle of Life 1

played by Yasha0006 (29 posts)
Spell Sovereign

M Elf Psion 1

played by MundinIronHand (33 posts)

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