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A New Start

Game Master sunshadow21

The untamed lands to the north and west present great opportunity, and also great risk, for those bold enough to make their own path.

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This is for the group heading into the untamed wilds, looking to build something new from the bones of the past that litter these lands.

Alright, I got background and everything should be in order I think.

I'm considering to change some equipment and a trait but, still thinking about it, will decide today ^^

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 5

I am pretty sure everything is correct.

I'll start to go over the details of everyone's character sheets and post notes about the world on the campaign info tab over the next few days.

Sounds good. I'm just touching up some final details but other than that I should be good to go.

If you could add your background to the profile, it would be much appreciated, as it would make it much easier to find. With that background, I would place your point of origin to be the northeastern Midrealms, along the shores of the Sea of Dreams, a great inland sea, where the influence of the Havens is felt, but not directly applied. By my calculations, you have 4 action points from STR, 3 from CON, and 4 points still to designate from DEX. You still have one point you can spend on Wis based skills, as you didn't buy your free trade point in Int, and 2 unspent points in Cha based skills. Rangers have a base of 2 + attribute modifier. Otherwise looks good.

A couple of notes at this point.

The names I'm listing are the commonly accepted names in the Havens. Certain areas, especially places like the Wastelands where the opinions of the residents are not necessarily going to match the opinions of the cartographers who establish the norm, or things like the names of the gods may very well have minor or major local variations.

Second, I will get a list of pertinent regional languages up tomorrow. All the standard languages are present, and used in their normal context. The only ones that tend to be rarer are the non-elemental planar ones.

Third, for your own sake, everyone might want to carve out a spot to list action points so they don't forget them.

I'm going to suggest one minor change to your background. The Wastelands, which is the closest region I have to fit, doesn't really dislike the Elder Gods, but unlike most of the Confederacy, tends to ignore them, despite the region's affinity to Tula. As an aasimar living largely amongst the monster races and other social outcasts, the rest of the background works quite well. Under skill details, you have Heal listed as Cha in the math breakdown, otherwise the mechanics look good. For your god, and ancestor, I think I will go with Pelina, who would have been a strong ally of Bahamut, and would be a good candidate for watching out for his people in his absence.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 5

Added back ground to profile and added actions as well as the Intimidate skill.

Fixed those issues on my sheet. Any detailed info you have on Pelina would be great. Garrett won't be a really outward paladin in a d&d sense for a little bit. I'd say most abilities he has, he would consider coincidence. Detect Evil would be like a gut instinct and smite will be like an adrenalin rush sort of deal in his eyes. Gotta play that INT 8 to it's fullest, right?

I think mine is fine, but we have a rather lively bunch ^^ we are all very physical and hopefully we can somehow get some decent ranged damage as well.

High Elf Fighter (Tactician)

Thanks TVoW, I've had a really busy and out of routine week. I'll get Talathel's sheet fixed in the next 24.

The Voice of Wisdom:
I was thinking of taking the eldritch heritage feats with the dragon bloodline for some proper fluffing. Was Pelina a dragon herself or just in league with dragons?

Eldritch Heritage
Improved Eldritch Heritage
Greater Eldritch Heritage

Also, what is your stance on gestalt characters? It just came to mind while I was looking up those feats, figured I'd ask just for fun.


Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 5

Evrail is going to be a switch hitter. So going to soften up any enemies we see before they rush at us.

Garrett Snow wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

The actual dragon gods are departed. Pelina is usually depicted as a human female much akin to the greek goddess Artemis, and would have been a significant ally of Bahamut's, as well as one of the first to understand the danger of the dispute between Bahamut and Tiamat spreading into an uncontrollable wild fire. Eldritch Heritage Feats would be fine, and quite appropriate for your character. I'm not overly familiar with the gestalt rules, so you'd have to provide a link to the source, but from everything I know about that kind of thing, they should be alright. Having the paladin skills be innate and not obvious is also beneficial from the point of view of the fact that many people, especially in your home town, tend to rather suspicious of paladins.

EDIT: Disregard the bit about Pelina, I got my wires crossed between her and Starian.

One thing, if folks could incorporate whatever information they mentioned during the recruitment conversation, as well as any future conversations, it will be easier for me to find it, and use it in play.

The Voice of Wisdom:
Cool cool. I'm kind of relieved that you're providing a deity for me. I had put together a stat block like the ones you have listed already but then I started to worry about writing the mythos in a way that wouldn't mess up the way you envisioned your world and Gods.

Here is a link to the rules for Gestalt Characters.

Some players find it a bit confusing but it can be really fun to mix classes and roles. **Just know that I'm already super excited to get this game going as is, I'm not trying to push folks away with a new mechanic.**

I think the majority of the things I've sited in the recruitment conversations are in my background. I basically spent that time trying to find the character's voice.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 5

Just looked over your gods again to pick a deity for Evrail to follow and I like Starien. I was wondering if there was anything that Starien's followers did to honor him.

I love the background, and I'm going to go a bit farther afield for your home. One of the bits of land the Tunoth have claimed for themselves is a peninsula in the far north of Mariki, cut off from land access by the northern climate. At some point, your strength and fighting prowess, as well butcher skills, which is as close to cooking as many of the sailors get, landed you a berth on one of the summer voyages as a marine and cook. Eventually finding yourself down in the southern climes over the course of a year or two and working out of the Tunoth settlements in this region, you found some reason to stay, and pursue a career outside of your native culture, and in turn, to apply for this opportunity; perhaps you sought to understand your rage in an environment that wouldn't hurt your family, or perhaps some scandal tied to your friend forced you to find a place to let things cool off for a bit, or perhaps something else. I'll leave the precise details to you. Mechanically, everything looks good.

For Pelina and Starian, I kind of pictured Apollo and Artemis, only with gender reversed, just to make things interesting. I didn't see the point in reinventing the wheel when the Greeks had already done most of the heavy lifting for me. Pelina would be like Apollo, so associated with the sun, oracles, etc, while Starian would be hunting, the moon, etc.

Works for me. The sun gods tend to make good token deities for paladins.

If you want to play a gestalt character, I think we could work with it, toning it down to something managable. I would say not all of abilities of each class. HD, BAB, Saving Throws, and class skills would be paladin based, plus Perception (bloodline skill), Fly, Intimidate, and Know (arcana). Most class abilities will be either sorcerer based or be the healing/defensive abilities the paladin possesses. Assuming paladin/sorcerer (draconic), I would emphasize the sorcerer over the paladin abilities. Basically, while you may have dragon blood, it's not type specific, and the aasimar blood is still dominant, so unless you specifically try to awaken the dragon blood (via traits, feats, quests, etc), it's not going to be strong enough to show through visibly in ways stronger than claws and tougher skin. Basically, you would end up as a semi-holy warrior on an unknown quest to help the dragons gods recover with the help of your sponsor, Pelina.

On the paladin side, lose the alignment requirement, aura of good, detect evil, smite evil, and holy champion; Divine Grace would be split up to give you half Charisma at level 2 and full Charisma at level 10; Divine Health would be broken up so that at level 3 you gained a bonus to saves vs disease equal to half your level, and full immunity would be granted at level 11-13ish; Auras: keep the same number of uses/day as currently written (they just aren't tied to smite evil), no aura of justice, aura of faith, or aura of righteousness, Aura of Resolve expands at level 13 to include compulsion effects; Channel Positive Energy, I'll have to see when the time comes, but I'm disinclined to allow it, as it wouldn't really fit the flavor, would likely simply push Divine Bond to level 4; Divine Bond, aside from previously mentioned, would stay the same; Lay on hands and Mercy would stay unchanged

On the sorcerer side, you get the bloodline, but not the energy resistance (as that is already part of your race), the wings would have to be judged when the time comes, bonus feats would also be a no, as the paladin defensive abilities cover much of the same ground, bloodline arcana and breath weapon I wouldn't give because I would actually rather treat your bloodline as generic dragon rather than a specific type. I would still give you the bloodline skill, bonus spells, the claws, and the bonus to natural armor for class abilities. Spellcasting would be spontaneous like sorcerer, with the number of spells/day reduced by 1 at each level, and the number of known sorcerer spells would be reduced by 2 to make space for the cure spells (stabilize for the cantrip) and a single paladin spell of your choice.

Updated campaign info with a few new links. I created a group on Photobucket you can upload pictures of your characters to, if you want to, and find all the public maps.

I like it! With these changes I could fill in a lot of the white spaces our party has. I would definitely play with these changes so long as the rest of the group supports it. Thanks for taking the time to come up with these modifications, VoW.

The Voice of Wisdom:
After having a chance to sit and think on this for a day I've decided to simply take the regular line of paladin instead of the mixed class. I think it would be more fitting from a character level to just stick with one line of development rather than spreading myself thin to incorporate 2 clearly opposing classes.

I'll still take the heritage feats when I'm able but they'll probably be with the Celestial bloodline so things feel a bit more organic. If dragons were solely mystical/heavenly creatures I would probably go back to the Draconic bloodline but otherwise I'd like to embrace the 'power of the Gods' thing.

I'm happy with taking the role of self-healing punching bag during battle and faceman for diplomatic scenes and role playing as a proper paladin should. If we recruit any more, I can be a rogue's best friend.

Depending on how powerful you plan to make your 5/10/15/20 traits, the sorcerer stuff would be welcomed additions. I would love to eventually get a pair of wings on Garrett and level him into a sword archon type warrior. Basically everything an Aasimar Paladin should be.

Garrett Snow wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

That works. I'm still debating the exact details on the traits, but definatley believe that personalized ones will get used more than generic ones.

Do you have an idea of what we can expect in this campaign or are you going to keep that to yourself until gameplay begins?

That depends largely on where you end up. Each region has it's own flavor, and you're going in a direction that leads to several possible regions. Initially, you'll be dealing with animals, magical beasts, bandits, and other fare typical of what you would find on the border between civilization and wilderness. What you encounter after that depends on how close to civilization you choose to stay.

I'll get the game thread up later today or tomorrow.

Game thread is up.

Dark Archive

GM W.R. Monger

Alright ^^

I'm going to try to find a few more people to help this along.

Dark Archive

GM W.R. Monger

Sounds fine by me.

Yeah that would be awesome. Your other thread seems to be going great!

Finally got the basic history of the world typed out and posted.

Does anyone want to do any shopping before I move you on to the next scene?

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 5

Just want to get started or trade some stories.

You can start RPing further introductions now if you want. I'll get you started on the road later tonight, and start to work new people in, as I get their characters worked up.

Sounds alright let's get some more RP going then.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 5

Would know that they spit acid and like to dig?

Sounds likely or in the worst case that they like to dig only.

They like to dig, they use tremorsense to hunt, and they have acid. They are quite common, and while the farmers couldn't give you details or the precise terms for their abilities, they know enough to recognize ankhegs when they see them.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger 5

Alright thank you, did not want to clog up the game thread with my questions.

Edit: I have handle animal, so Evrail might do well as the driver.

HP 12 | AC 14 | T 14 | FF 10 | CMD 14 | F +1 | R +6 | W +2 | Init +4 | Per +3

I am here, ready to go whenever. Just let me know. If I need to add anything to my profile I can.

HP 12 | AC 14 | T 14 | FF 10 | CMD 14 | F +1 | R +6 | W +2 | Init +4 | Per +3

Was reading over the gameplay thread to catch up. I have two questions, what's the ATA? Where is the party?

The ATA, Aquayn Trade Alliance, is the group that orignally sent the party out in an effort to expand their influence. They are currently a couple of days travel north of Borentia heading to a farm to arrange for lodgings for the night, the same farm, interestingly enough that you are approaching in an attempt to secure aid for the small traveling troupe you are a part of, as one of their wagons had an axle break on the main road nearby. You'll be showing up just in time for round 2.

HP 12 | AC 14 | T 14 | FF 10 | CMD 14 | F +1 | R +6 | W +2 | Init +4 | Per +3

Borentia is the one slightly SW of the Barrier mountains, where the Captomil Peninsula joins the mainland correct?

Yes, where all the roads come together.

It may take a while for this to come together if we're waiting on Talalthel. Not sure if he'll be joining us at this point.

Einar - don't forget your ACP, brother. Your ride mod has given you the best chance to ride your own horse if you've 37.5g to spare. Like I said in the IC, my ride skill is countered by my ACP so it'll be a while till I get to take of my training wheels. Err, *wagon* wheels.

I figure he can catch up later if he surfaces. For now, I'm operating under the assumption he's lost to us.

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