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AD&D Greyhawk Adventures: The Temple of Elemental Evil

Game Master Anselth

Current map

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Gnome (hp=5/5) AC=6 THAC0=20 Illusionist/Thief 1/1 xp 0/0

Gnobby concentrates hard and has the illusory axe come down in a vicious overhand swing, the large axe connecting brutally as only a Hero of Hommlet can wield it. If Jozan has been to the keep and studied a tapestry carefully, he may notice some similarities between the illusory Rufus and the battle attire of young Rufus, but Gnobby has kept the face and mannerisms quite like the elder Rufus he has just met.

Before Jozan can react (and realize the axe will connect with absolutely no sound), Gnobby concentrates primarily on keeping the chameleonlike image of background in the place of his dimunitive figure and carefully steps past the obviously distracted fighter. Gnobby throws the plate of food at Jozan at approximately the same time as the axe strikes to create some sound as he draws his weapons.

Gnobby was subtracting himself crudely from the background with his illusion assuming an axe to the head would distract Jozan from noticing any imperfections in his crude background over himself 'psuedo invisibility'.

The Exchange


will save: 1d20 ⇒ 5

to hit: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 1 = 15

damage: 1d10 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9

to hit: 1d20 - 4 ⇒ (13) - 4 = 9

attack: 1d20 ⇒ 2

Jozan doesn't even have time to scream before the axe falls. He clutches his hands to his chest and stares down at the gaping wound, seeing blood flowing from his chest, not realizing it's a figment of his imagination. He staggers back and draws his sword, swinging wildly at the image in front of him, screaming loudly in imagined pain. He doesn't even notice the platter that crashes into the door jamb next to him. Gnobby is barely able to duck as the sword passes inches above his head, hacking a chunk out of the wall to his left.


Podo/Pettry/Gnobby suprise: 1d6 ⇒ 2 The companions will get to act for two segments before Jozan realizes he's been had!

Jozan initiative: 1d6 ⇒ 3

party initiative: 1d6 ⇒ 4

The party will begin acting in segment 3, Jozan in segment 4. Please declare your actions for both the suprise round and the first round of combat.

The Exchange


Tarmin Wis: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10
Galavaine Wis: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8
Andre Wis: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

From outside, Tarmin and Sir Galavaine hear a ferocious yell and a crash from up above. Almost simultaneously, the din in the main hall seems to quiet. Andre's position at the opposite corner of the building muffles the yell, and he doesn't notice the change in pitch of the noise coming from the inn - perhaps the feeling of danger hasn't spread to the portion of the room closest to him yet.

Tarmin and Sir Galavaine:

There is obviously combat of some sort going on up above. Tarmin sees shadows through the window, but they are oblique and indistinct. You may begin acting in the 2nd suprise segment, and will continue on the party initiative of 3. Please let me know what you intend to do.


For simplicity's sake, I will put you on Jozan's initiative of 4 for this round only, and then put you back on the party initiative, as long as the other two inform you somehow of the trouble upstairs. Please let me know what your action is, assuming you are made aware of the situation.

Gnome (hp=5/5) AC=6 THAC0=20 Illusionist/Thief 1/1 xp 0/0

Phantasmal Force:

Phantasmal Illusion

Level: Illusionist 1

Range: 60 ft + 10 ft/ level

Duration: See below

Area of Effect: 40 x 40 ft square + 10 x10 ft square/ level

Components: V,S,M

Casting Time: 1 segment

Saving Throw: See below

This extremely flexible spell allows the Illusionist to craft a visual illusion of virtually anything that can fit within the spell’s area of effect. The spell creates no sound whatsoever. The caster must maintain his or her concentration upon the illusion, or it will evaporate, but while concentrating the caster is able to make the illusion move and respond to events. The illusion is dispelled if it is struck with a blow, a falling person, etc. There is no saving throw against the illusion if the observer believes it, and the illusion can actually cause damage to such a deceived victim. A demon wielding a sword can attack and do damage, and the appearance of a pit full of spikes can be fatal even though it is not real. If the observer doubts the reality of the illusion, he or she will be permitted a saving throw to see the illusion for what it really is. If one observer disbelieves the illusion and this disbelief is communicated to others, the others will also gain a saving throw at a bonus of +4. Note that the spell relies purely on a visual effect; it will have no effect upon a creature that does not see it. Furthermore, the lack of any audible component can make certain illusions completely non-credible. An explosion, for example, is not likely to be believed by anyone if it creates no sound. Various methods may be used by the GM to determine if an NPC or monster believes the effect of a phantasmal force, common sense being the fi rst thing to consider. A player who takes care to craft a believable illusion should be rewarded for skilful use of the spell, not forced into a table of random results.

Gnobby has the illusory Rufus hit Jozan quickly again, hoping the illusion holds.

Gnobby backstabs the startled Jozan with his longsword and dagger if he is still on his feet.
Longsword(-1)/dagger(-3)THAC0=20 +4 for backstab 1d20 - 1 + 4 ⇒ (9) - 1 + 4 = 121d20 - 3 + 4 ⇒ (17) - 3 + 4 = 182d4 ⇒ (3, 3) = 6

Gnobby, what are you doing up there?

Turning to Sir Galavaine, "I will watch here, they may need your healing skills inside, Galavaine. There's no telling what Gnobby's got up to" she says with an involuntary smile twitching the side of her mouth.

Turning, she now focuses on the window where the ruckus is happening.

Male Human Cleric of Heironeous 5, AC-1/0 Hits 45/45, xp 13,363.5/27,000

Galavaine nods and runs inside then upstairs.

Female Grey Elf Cleric 1/Ranger 1

Sallandrya in Elven Reverie state.

In her minds eye, Sallandrya saw herself as she had been when she was some two score winters younger, walking through a moon lit copse of tall and looming fir wood trees. Behind her stood her stern Lord-father and loving mother, and with them stood her older brother Solonius, who by writ and word of the Fey Queen would one day be patriach of House Thalanderond. A small noble house to be sure, but ancient and full of history as any in the Elven realm of Celene.

As for Sallandrya herself, on this, the first day of her hundered and first year of life, her naming day, she would be brought into the ranks of the Order of the Fleeting Hart, a branch of the clergy dedicated to the Great Huntsman, Solonor Thelandira. And while many would consider this a great honor, Sallandrya found herself with feeling for antipathy for her Lord father who had decreed that she would join the ranks of Solonor's priests.

"She is still a childe" her mother had said these past months, words unspoken by Sallandrya herself, but that echoed in her heart. She had no desire to be part of any organization where duty and doctrine would need observance, much less an ancient priesthood. Her Lord father and his advisor had retorted with "but she has the Gift" ...

"The Gift" - as what was called of her near mastery of a bow, for even before Elves twice her age had learned how to notch an arrow on training bows, Sallandrya had feld her first deer from nearly 1000 paces off with but a single shot. And her skill continued to grow. A skill Sallandrya had at first shown off in her youth but over time had resented for it led her down this path. How she resented her talent with the bow, almost as much as she resented her Lord father ...

The sounds from outside her door roused Sallandrya from her near trance state, with her keen Elven hearing and vision she readily attuned herself to her sourroundings, and with a fluid motion stood up, taking her sheathed sword from the bedstand table and made for the door. The sounds were on this floor, that she could determine. The Ranger unlatched the lock of her door and gently opened it to see ...

The Exchange


save vs. spell: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 2 = 12


Sallandrya sees two large men in armor, one bearing a sword and the other a large, two headed axe. The one with the sword is clutching his chest and is acting wounded, though it must be something that happened to him previously, as she can see no blood.

Sallandrya initiative: 1d6 ⇒ 4 Sallandrya will act at the same time as the party, starting next round.

Andre sees Sir Galavaine round the corner at a sprint, and disappear through the doors back into the tavern. He can react this round if he chooses.

Just waiting on Podo to run the suprise round. Gnobby, give me an intelligence check to see if you were able to maintain your concentration for this round, since the move and attack will be somewhat strenuous. Just need to roll under your INT score on a d20

Male Human Paladin 3 [HP: 30/30]

When he sees Sir Galavaine moving, Andre leaps to action as well. He races back into the Welcome Wench, following the Heironean's lead.

Female Grey Elf Cleric 1/Ranger 1

Is there anything Sallandrya can use to determine who is striking whom, and to what purpose? Or if these men are authority figures in the town or mere hire swords? Sallandrya is a long way from home and she is fully aware she has no 'jurisdiction' here. She readies herself but does not reveal herself either.

Male Halfling - Stout; AC-19/16/14, HP 9, CMB -1, CMD 14 Rogue / 1; Init +4, PER +6, F+2, R+7, W+1

Wondering what in the world has just happened to Gnobby's lost item mission, Podo shrieks and looks for somewhere to hide while he unwinds his sling.

1d100 ⇒ 50

He finds a good spot, but then a door opens behind him, and redirects the light casting his shadow upon the floor, much larger than he really is.

The Exchange


Rufus" attack: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (12) + 1 = 13

Save vs. spell: 1d20 ⇒ 2

Rufus" Damage: 1d8 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

Jozan steadies himself and raises his sword clumsily to parry the axe blow that never comes. Instead he feels a sharp stab in his kidney, the pain causing him to lose his grip on his sword. He reaches out to grab the door jamb, but overbalances and collapses on the floor, his eyes glazing over as they look back to see Gnobby withdrawing his dagger from his exposed side. The warrior sighs once, then stops breathing completely.

Podo becomes aware of the woman standing in the door behind him, and turns to see an elf watching the scene unfolding down the hall. Pettry bounds up the stairs, kneeling to check the man's pulse as Sir Galavaine and Andre come pounding up the stairs, weapons in hand.

Sallandrya sees the swordsman fall, noticing the gnome for the first time as he withdraws his dagger. She stifles a gasp as the man with the axe fades away, and is replaced by three humans who come up the stairs in quick succession. One wearing the robes of a mage, who kneels next to the swordsman and shakes his head, followed by two bearing the holy symbols of Heironeus and St. Cuthbert. She is unable to tell who initiated the attack, but the cleric and paladin do not seem to be threatening the gnome. She doesn't immediately notice the halfling, as he is out of her line of sight to the scene on the stairs.

Jozan is dead. I'll work out xp awards when I get home this evening

Female Grey Elf Cleric 1/Ranger 1

With one hand out stretched to show she has no ill intent, and with the other baring her still sheathed sword Sallandrya steps halfway through her door way ...

"I am ... a priest," the word seems uncomfortable for her to say "I know not what has transpired here but I may be able to aid the fallen man."

Sallandrya does not know that Jozan has taken a mortal blow, but keeps a wary eye on those who still bare arms.

Gnome (hp=5/5) AC=6 THAC0=20 Illusionist/Thief 1/1 xp 0/0

Gnobby puts Jozan's shield under his wound careful to avoid any blood spillage on the the ground. He shows some strength for a gnome and drags Jozan into his room. He waves Podo in afterwards and addresses the elfmaid with a bow, "Sorry to bother you maam, we are on the business of the Verbobonc leaders, very hush hush important business. Andre, a real paladin, can vouch for us downstairs, he has a holy symbol and everything."

After that, he closes the door and begins a quick search with Podo of the evil man and his room as only two 'experts' can.
Search 1d100 ⇒ 66

Male Human Paladin 3 [HP: 30/30]

Andre frowns as he sees Jozan's unmoving body on the floor of the inn, and sheathes his sword. He turns to address the elfmaid, "I apologize for disturbing your slumber, Your Holiness. I am Andre Girard, holy warrior of the Cudgeler, and this man harbored evil within his heart. Our intention was to find out what his intentions in town were - it seems things have gone slightly awry. I did not wish this man's death, though if he attacked Podo or Gnobby, it is an unfortunate and unpleasant outcome. If you have skill with the healing arts, then by all means, please attend to him."

He then lays a hand upon Sir Galavaine's shoulder, whispering to him while facing away from the stranger. "Assist this elf priestess in attending Jozan. I will see if she harbors darkness in her heart as Jozan did, and assist the others in finding anything indicating Jozan's business in Hommlett." He then enters the room, giving the indication that he is supervising the investigation, but surreptitiously looking into the elf's soul.

Yep, detect evil on Sallandrya. I know I won't get anything, but it's too coincidental not to do so. Plus, Andre's a blunt instrument. Then, aid Podo and Gnobby in searching for kloos!

Male Human Cleric of Heironeous 5, AC-1/0 Hits 45/45, xp 13,363.5/27,000

Sir Galavaine waits to see how the initial situation pans out, standing next to the door as it closes. He fingers his lightning bolt symbol gently.

Female Grey Elf Cleric 1/Ranger 1
Gnobby the Gnome wrote:
"Sorry to bother you maam, we are on the business of the Verbobonc leaders, very hush hush important business. Andre, a real paladin, can vouch for us downstairs, he has a holy symbol and everything."

Surely any man may wear any symbol and trappings he wishes to ... Only the naive and foolish would take things a face value. - Sallandrya's thoughts are not evident on her face, but her concerns for the fallen man are out weighed by her now growing concern for herself, the fact she has been invited to enter a sealed room where there at least three 'men' who at first glance seem like talented cut throats ...

"When does the 'hush-hush' part of this 'business' begin? I am sure there are those in Verbobonc who heard your 'business' just now." - Sallandrya's dry humor wins few new friends.


holy symbol and everything ... lol

Female Grey Elf Cleric 1/Ranger 1
Andre Girard wrote:
"I apologize for disturbing your slumber, Your Holiness. I am Andre Girard, holy warrior of the Cudgeler, and this man harbored evil within his heart. Our intention was to find out what his intentions in town were - it seems things have gone slightly awry."

"No apologies are needed nor do you need to address me thusly, I am Sallandrya, Andre Girard, but it is truly a unique individual who can claim 'no evil within their heart', ... Surely the man did something vile to warrant such justice ... Or were your friends acting on your 'just insight'? For if it was the latter, I pray you do not see the 'same darkness' in mine lest 'things go awry' again."


I had no intent roleplaying a 'saucy Elf' ... But I like where this is headed with her character ...

The Exchange

Pettry stands up from checking the man for vitals, just now aware of the new individual in the hallway. "No! Ma'am, it wasn't like that at all. Gnobby, er, the Gnome...he made it look like Rufus...he's head of the town militia...wanted to talk to him. When Jozan opened his door, he swung at the image first, and..." He looks at the others, clearly flustered.

"Why don't I go get Tarmin and tell Ostler Gundigoot what happened?" The young mage disappears back down the stairs, quicker than the others had ever seen him move before.

As you suspect, the elf woman does not radiate evil in the slightest. As you assist in tossing the room, you find a rolled up piece of paper with the following on it:

Zert, I have word from Verbobonc that the Viscount is sending some sellswords to investigate our activities. Assess their strength as best you can, and weaken them if possible. Send word once you have further information. -L

Gnobby and Podo:
Between the two of you, you find the following:

his pouch, with 20gp,which I assume Gnobby grabbed almost without thinking
Another pouch, sitting on top of his bed, with 27sp, 12ep, and 40gp.
a locked coffer, hidden under his pack and some unpacked clothes
A small wooden shield

When Sallandrya and Sir Galavaine examine Jozan, they find the man to be well and truly dead, beyond any magic they have the capability of using. The man's scale mail is only partly donned, and not fully fastened, which provided the means for Gnobby's dagger to slip through. Upon further inspection, Sallandrya can find no sign of the wound she was sure the dead man had been favoring. Aside from his armor, he also has a longsword and dagger.


Gnobby: 50 for killing Jozan
Podo: 15 for participation in the fight
Party: 150 for RP/story to this point.

Crouching in the dark outside the Inn, Tarmin ears pick up the unmistakable sounds of struggle then silence.

Waiting a few moments, then thinking " If Jozan was still alive or consious I daresay I'd still be hearing it ! Hopefully, Gnobby and the others were unscathed!"

Standing, placing her arrow back in its quiver and unstringing her bow, she walks back to the front of the Inn.

The Exchange

Tarmin enters just in time to see Pettry come flying down the stairs, though when he sees her he gives a quick nod and heads over to the bar. The patrons are clearly interested in what is going on or has happened upstairs, but none have moved further than to stand up in their seats.

Intent on getting to the stairs Tarmin moves through the crowd of people as if they were bushes and trees in the wild, most do not even notice her passage until she is well past where they are standing. Finally , she is at the bottom of the stairs, takes a look at where Pettry is in hushed conversation with the innkeep, then strides up the stairs.

Gnome (hp=5/5) AC=6 THAC0=20 Illusionist/Thief 1/1 xp 0/0

Gnobby calls out the window, "Tarmin, come quickly, the bad man is dead."

After Tarmin arrives Gnobby rushes to Tarmin,
"What really happened is the bad man swung the sword and I defended myself, you were right to warn me."

Gnobby motions to Podo and speaks, "Podo, why don't you unlock the coffer while we talk. Better check it for traps, that Jozan was a bad man."

Gnobby then explains how Jozan was the spy and he and Podo were going to expose his evil ways. Andre detected evil on him, and he even would have lied and swung at Rufus had Rufus been here.

Male Halfling - Stout; AC-19/16/14, HP 9, CMB -1, CMD 14 Rogue / 1; Init +4, PER +6, F+2, R+7, W+1

Podo makes a wide birth around the still form of Jozan, not really believing he was he doesn't really like dead bodies, approaches the coffer. His eyes light up at the prospect of "finding" something.

1d100 ⇒ 32 Search for traps (35%)

1d100 ⇒ 56 Pick lock (45%)

Gnome (hp=5/5) AC=6 THAC0=20 Illusionist/Thief 1/1 xp 0/0

1d100 ⇒ 53 pick lock 35

Kneeling down to look Gnobby in the eye, Tarmin places a hand on his shoulder and says "I'm glad you weren't hurt but I knew you would take care of yourself."

Giving him a smile, Tarmin finally notices the additional person crouching over Jozan's body. A startled look crosses her face , immediately replaced with a wide grin. "Sallandrya!!!" she cries, stepping across Jozan's body to gather the equally surprised elf in a hug. Holding the other elf at arms length by her shoulders, Tarmin says "What do you do here, Sallandrya!! Last I saw you, you were off for religious training in the capital." Turning to the others she says "Sallandrya and I trained together for months on the Pomarj border, she gave me pointers on my archery and I helped her with her tracking and woodcraft. To see her here.... it pleases me greatly."

Female Grey Elf Cleric 1/Ranger 1

The look of surprise on Tarim's face is matched by the one on Sallandrya's. Yet she had just seen an armed man disappear into the air, perhaps some other enchantment was afoot, and now targeting her. Sallandrya, showing a smile on her lips but still on her guard spoke in quick, rushed Elven:

::: 'Sister' Tarmin, by all the stars in the night sky, how have you come to be in such a place, you are a long way from our Homelands, and yet here you are ... Just as on the night I last saw you!:::

Sallandrya has set a verbal trap to ascertain if this is indeed the true Tarmin.


I have sent you a PM

In Common:

"The grace granted to me by the Great Hunter is considerable, but your skill with the blade and the Art have rendered this fallen man beyond my abilities. I truly hope his death was both warranted and unavoidable. May he find peace in the next life."

In Elven to Sallandrya:
Be at peace my dear Sallandrya. We both know that the sun was high in the sky when last we met. Your caution is appreciated, but it is I, your friend Tarmin.

Male Human Paladin 3 [HP: 30/30]

After finishing his scrutiny, Andre relents. "I do not, Sallandrya, at least no more than any soul not committed to the wicked ways. Therein lies the difference - this man, Jozan, had lived an evil life, and welcomed the darkness into his heart. I sense no such shadow upon you." As Tarmin and Sallandrya speak, Andre assists in the search of the room.

Andre swears a mild oath as he discovers the paper, and reads the contents of the parchment to the assembled group. "It seems this Jozan was in league with a man named Zert - if he wasn't Zert to begin with - and that this Zert was to keep a close eye upon us for 'L.' I wish we could have been able to follow Jozan, we might have had a lead on who he was working for."

Gnome (hp=5/5) AC=6 THAC0=20 Illusionist/Thief 1/1 xp 0/0

"We mayn't have seen the last of Jozan."
Gnobby examines Jozan carefully.

The Exchange

Not sure what you're looking for, but you don't find anything more on Jozan than the others have noted. He's definitely deceased, however, as the body is already cooling.

I think Gnobby is just closely 'studying' the fallen Jozan so that he can better make an illusion of him later.

Tricksy Gnome. ; )

Female Grey Elf Cleric 1/Ranger 1

In Elven:

::: It is good to see you here then 'sister' Tarmin, may it be the Hunter's providence that has brought our paths together far from Home. And if these are your comrade in arms ... :::

shifting to the Common tongue:

I am made happy and filled with relief that I pass your scrutiny Andre Girard, for the wrath and blade of one such us you should not be taken lightly. Sallandrya says with a wink and a wry smile. Then she continues to the group:

I know not what has transpired here, but you have with you one I have come to trust and admire.

I will assume that some brief yet intriguing explanations are made between the party and Sallandrya, just to speed up this part.

I am Sallandrya Iramnine of the House Thalanderond, the Lady Tarmin can vouch for me for the moment, just as she has just done for you with me, my word and deed and bow will show my worth should our paths continue on. And since your comrade has gone to fetch the inn keeper, have you ascertained where his allegiances lay?

The Exchange

After a brief time, Pettry comes up the stairs with two local guardsmen. He informs Andre that Ostler said they should take the sheets off the bed from the dead man's room and use them to wrap Jozan's body in. The guards would then transport the body to the church for burial.

Pettry seems to grow a bit when you thank him for performing this simple task, as if the praise raised his self-worth somewhat.

I need to know if the party removed anything from Jozan's body - weapons, armor, etc.

Surprisingly, the guards don't carry the body down the stairs, but rather lower it out the window to another man who waits below, near where Tarmin had been watching the Inn. The guards explain that the town leaders want to keep anything that smells even mildly of the Temple quiet as much as they can.

Once the guards depart, the group is left standing in the hall. The night is still somewhat young, but a long day awaits.

Female Grey Elf Cleric 1/Ranger 1

We should make quick inquires with the Inn keeper if Jozan was seen here having dealings with others, perhaps how long he has been in residence here, and if there is anyone else staying here by the name of Zert, also Anselth, did the party notice anyone at the inn take special interest on what was going on when the commotion occured?

I am asking as a player and not Sallandrya, I don't think she would have had a chance to look, but were there any special markings on Jozan's weapons?

Gnome (hp=5/5) AC=6 THAC0=20 Illusionist/Thief 1/1 xp 0/0

Gnobby and Podo would have stripped him clean of wealth. If none of his weapons or armor were of particular quality (sufficient to enchant) Gnobby leaves them. Gnobby was looking for a holy symbol to prove he was bad too.

The Exchange

None of the equipment he had was particularly well made or valuable, though you did find a small key. He did not have any holy symbol or other identifying items on him, either.

Tarmin, Sir Galavaine, and Andre did not notice anyone taking more than a cursory notice of the group, and after the noises from upstairs, EVERYONE was paying attention.


Don't forget to take 10% more if you meet the ability score requirements for your class. I'm not keeping tabs on this, so make sure you adjust accordingly if it applies.

Female Grey Elf Cleric 1/Ranger 1

I would like to make quick inquires with the Inn keeper if Jozan was seen here having dealings with others, how long he has been in residence here, and if there is anyone else staying here by the name of Zert, also if he does have contacts, we have the advantage (for the time being) that they are unaware of Jozan's fate, I'm sure we can find ways of using that to our group's advantage. Perhaps the party's 'diplomat' should make said inquires. And how about posting some of us in Jozan's room just in case he's associates make their way here tonight?

Male Human Cleric of Heironeous 5, AC-1/0 Hits 45/45, xp 13,363.5/27,000

Galavaine takes his turn to read the letter and then heads downstairs. Noticing the level of attention he is getting as he steps down into the common room, Sir Galavaine smiles calmly,

"The ruckus is finished and there is nothing to see upstairs. I am sorry to spoil your evening. How about some ale to end the matter?" He hands a gold piece over and pushes the three jugs towards the patrons with a wave. He sweeps his white cloak out of the way with a small courtly flourish.

He tries to find Ostler, otherwise he broaches the subject of Jozan and Zert with the bar staff. Sir Galavaine tries to keep the matter anything but serious.

Tarmin reassures Sallandrya "The Innkeeper is an ally, he knows of our presence and our purpose, he is wholly the Viscount's man.".

She then moves to the window in Jozan's room and looks out; seeing what can be seen from this vantage : is there anything of interest that someone in league with the Temple would want to keep track of.

The Exchange

The Inn's patrons return to their business quickly, squabbling over just who the cleric had proffered the pitchers of ale to first. Sir Galavaine and Sallandrya have no difficulty getting Ostler Gundigoot away from his other customers for a brief while. "Jozan didn't meet with anyone that I can recall, though I will ask around with my staff over the next few days. The name Zert is unfamiliar to me, I'm afraid."

From the window you can see the several rooftops, beyond which rises the Druid's grove. You can also see the tower and the ongoing castle construction if you stand close to the wall.

Female Grey Elf Cleric 1/Ranger 1
Anselth wrote:
The Inn's patrons return to their business quickly, squabbling over just who the cleric had proffered the pitchers of ale to first.

I like your descriptive text Anselth, I can really picture that scene in my mind's eye.

'Is there anything we should look into futher? Or perhaps we should consider the benefits of eary rest, and reconvening our inquiries ere break of day.'

Male Human Cleric of Heironeous 5, AC-1/0 Hits 45/45, xp 13,363.5/27,000

Galavaine leaves the jugs to the patrons and wanders back to the rest.

"Mine introduction may not have been forthcoming....." change to elven tongue "Sir Ferman Galavaine son of Harquine Galavaine, the former envoy in the Decade of Sunleaves to Celene from the church of Heironeous. At thou service."

The knightly priest takes her hand and brushes his lips gently over the top as he bows.

"My pleasure - and I believe that you have the the right of it. Bed and rest followed by a breakfast. We travel into the wilderness tomorrow and perhaps you would wish to accompany Tarmin? Our mission is simply to cleanse a decayed stronghold of banditry and other misguided souls."

Male Halfling - Stout; AC-19/16/14, HP 9, CMB -1, CMD 14 Rogue / 1; Init +4, PER +6, F+2, R+7, W+1

Tugging insistently at their new friends cloak, Podo takes the opportunity to introduce himself.

"Hi I'm Podo". "If you ever lose anything, and need me to find it, or just want me to hold onto something for you so you won't lose it...I'm your man"..."or Halfling"..."You get the point".

Gnome (hp=5/5) AC=6 THAC0=20 Illusionist/Thief 1/1 xp 0/0

"Podo is also good at dispatching fully cooked carcasses of all manner of delicious creatures. Speaking of delicious, I have worked up a thirst and appetite. Galavaine would not have ordered wine without a few roasts to go with it."

Gnobby whispers to Podo.

'I have your cut.' and passes a purse with 10gp over.

Male Human Cleric of Heironeous 5, AC-1/0 Hits 45/45, xp 13,363.5/27,000

"Pies followed by a full meal with the Lords Rufus and Burne, tis more than sufficient for my stomach. Good night!"

The warrior priest goes back upstairs and tries to sleep, despite the thoughts of tomorrow and the adventures to come. A ruined moathouse, former abode of the Temple. Bandits aplenty. Maybe the odd orc or goblin. Surely this would satisfy a grand tale far and wide. A tale of bravery and honour coupled to a new home for several budding lords.

The Exchange

Podo and Gnobby manage to wrangle a few more pies out of Ostler Gundigoot as the evening wears on, sharing ale and stories with whichever patrons happen to spend a time with them, and somehow they manage to break even on the night. Pettry and Sir Galavaine retire early.

The others are able to avail themselves of some stories of the area, but little is forthcoming that seems like it will be of use in the task that lays before them. Typical stories of bandits and orcs and goblins, and more fantastic ones, such as the one told to Andre by one farmer who claims he saw a frog big enough to swallow one of his sheep.

The overall mood of the town is good, and though they know of the bandit attacks, few seem troubled by them or aware of the threat from the nearby moathouse. Most believe the moathouse collapsed and swallowed by the bog surrounding it.

The character of the townspeople is impressive. Strong, self-reliant, and good natured, the people here have lived on the edge of danger for so long that it doesn't seem to phase them. Though no one mentions the temple, some of the townsfolk steer the conversation away in hushed tones, obviously unwilling to name the place, lest its shadow rise over them again.

Though I'm jumping ahead to the next morning, feel free to spoiler me anything you may want to ask about before leaving. I'll fill in any details as appropriate

When morning comes, the group wakes refreshed. Podo and Gnobby are the first downstairs, followed shortly by Tarmin and Andre. Pettry, Sir Galavaine, and Sallandrya are the last to arrive after prepping their spells for the day. Ostler Gundigoot provides them with a simple breakfast, and offers to pack them meals of hard bread, cheese, and sausage for their day. Otherwise, he suggests stopping at the Traders' on their way out of town if they require any supplies.

Female Grey Elf Cleric 1/Ranger 1

@ Sir Galavaine
Despite herself and the akward foreignness of having a bearded human kiss her hand, Sallandrya is actually a little charmed by Sir Galavaine's gesture - perhaps all those tall tales about Half Elves running around may have a small grain of truth after all.

@ Anseth then @ Tarmin then @ Group

Sallandrya will offer to share her room with Tarmin for three reasons:

1. Safety in numbers, and they can start a pattern of keeping watch, while one is in Reverie the other can keep guard, might as well adjust to each other sooner (and in the comfort of an Inn) than later. And not many things are going to get a chance to surprise TWO Elven Rangers!

2. Sallandrya has a plan; the small town (hamlet) of Hommlett, for the most part, knows of the Viscount's team of new arrivals, as they did not keep their purpose hidden - most, if not all of Hommlett does not connect me with the group. Tarmin and I will determine a spot some two miles outside of town where I will meet the group later, I intend to let the group leave, hang back and WATCH to see who takes a keen interest on the groups departure, or if the group is even followed from town, I will then leave through a different route and meet up with the group. I will not even leave the Inn with them.

Since the group will be traveling at the pace of Podo and Gnobby (little guys with big hearts but small feet), I should be able to catch up even after counting for the delay of keeping watch. Does that seem sound?

3. Its GOOD to see a trusted and fellow Elf so far from Home, despite her confident outward appearance, her being away from Celene unnerves Sallandrya.

Before retiring for the night, Tarmin reminds everyone "Remember that Jaroo, the Druid of the Grove , offered us a blessing on our departure. Such a boon is not to be forgone. Good night."

Tarmin agrees with Sallandrya 's watch plan and show's her the maps showing where the path to the moat-house begins off of the main road. She suggests that Sallandrya meet the group there.

The Exchange

The tavernkeeper also informed you that Jozan had a horse, saddle, bit, bridle, and lance that were kept in the stable. As it is now ownerless, you are welcome to the animal.

Sallandrya could easily give the group a half mile head start and catch up on foot, longer if she rode the horse. Alternatively, Podo and Gnobby could use the horse. Sallandrya could still move swiftly and catch the group using some shortcuts.

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