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A Crown for the Dead

Game Master Wrath

Carrion Crown adventure path -

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Male Human DM/32


Female Half-Elf Cleric/2

Lucem wanders through the market place enjoying the sun on her face and being able to let her hair out. She hoped that letting her hair out would help mask her elven features. But the weird looks she would occasionally catch of people staring at her told her otherwise. She was also ejoying watching the poor town boys fawning all over Koal. knowing that they had no chance.....probably didn't have a chance.....may not have a chance with her. Boy were they trying hard.
Occasionally people would come up to speak to her as a cleric. She would talk to these people about every day life and then subtely bring the converstaion around to the events that were happening in the town and see what information she could get.
1. 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14
2. 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19
3. 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8
4. 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 2 = 16
Sense motive:
1. 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7
2. 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19
3. 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19
4. 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13
Not sure what/how many you needed DM.
Lucem saw Kendra and her giant shadow go by and had to smile how out of place ulric looked following Kendra like a lamb following a shepherd.

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Unbreakable) 2

I'm really not finding that funny at all for it's not up to you to say how my character is behaving IC. She's more the sheep and I am more the shepherd guarding against wolves. So please stop this before it becomes an issue. I am exhausted, I have two screaming babies so just do as I ask thanks.

Fair enough too Ulric. I make the mistake of putting thoughts into characters heads at times as well, mostly for narrative purposes. Let me know if I ever go to far with that (that goes for any of you).

At this point, I would say that both Koal and Lucem have their perception of what is happening, while Ulric actually knows what is happening. I think to put this into more perspective for some folks, I figure Ulric to be more like the princes body guard out of game of thrones (The hound) rahter than some love sick puppy. I'm pretty sure no one would trease that guy at all. heheh

Ultimately, let's respect the wishes of the player and move on. On that note, I'll give Brethan a chance to respond by tomorrow before moving things on some more.

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After spending some time talking to the locals, Lucem discovered that there was still one person living in the town who was alive at the time of the great fire. She was a dwarf, and ran the forge in town (unsurprisingly).

When Lucem approached, the forge seemed to be in full flow, unlike the rest of town which seemed to use this day as a day of rest. She entered the forge, feeling the heat from the furnace bathe her face and upper body, but revelling in the heat as only one of Sarenrae's chosen could do. It felt more like the warmth of a summers day than the oppressive heat of a metal melting fire.

The woman behind the bellows was as short and stocky as any dwarf, her chest and arms well muscled, though definetly showing the feminine curves of a dwarven woman. She wasn't attractive in any sense of the word that Lucem could describe, but there was certainly an air of femine senusalness about her as she worked the bellows and picked up the forge hammer.

Lucem's appraoch to her was greeted with barely a grun of acknowledgement, but ny the time the priest was ready to leave the forge again, the two of them had struck up a sort of mutual respect for each other. It seemed she was quite a devout girl, and the fact Lucem was both a woman and a priest made her open to conversation where others woulf merely be rebuked. She had agreed to meet Lucem at the feast to discuss the fire at days end.

You did well there actually. I will have to look up the dwarfs name again sorry. will post that later. I would normally do this in character in a PbP but this game only progresses fairly slowly so I just used narrative style instead.

Female Half-Elf Cleric/2

Consider it done Pete, the idea of the hound changes my perspective somewhat.

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Unbreakable) 2

It's good that came up in the end as it allows the clarification of his persona. Thanks boys. Picture the hound but cleanly shaven.

Male Human Barbarian lvl 1

Can i think on how the sheriff was able to come up without me knowing?
perception - 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21
knowledge nature - 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25

Diplomacy - 1d20 ⇒ 20

"Sheriff if that ale is in a quiet spot I will come have a drink with you. Though you owe me nothing for the help provided what do you know of the graffiti" [i](aggitatingly scratch at nuts)

On talking to sheriff I will not say much other than how I came to pay my respects. I will ask what the mood of the town folk is towards Kendra and whatever rumours he may know of.

Male Half-Elf Rogue / 2

Archeos will spend the first half of the day at Kendra's resting ... then in the afternoon he'll venture out (trying to stay as unobtrusive as possible) and look for anyone who stands out as "offical" or wealthy. He'll also spend some time apraising the local offices (town hall, sherift's joint ... what accounts for the jail / drunk tank here).

Any of the town goverenance observed I'll try and tail / eavsedrop on ... but I'd rather miss out on something than risk spooking them / tipping my hand so I'll be extra cautious.

Of course twilight is when the fun begins :))

Rolls in case you need em:

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (15) + 8 = 23
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (20) + 8 = 28

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25

Back from Holidays


Archeos spends the day drifting non chalantly around the town, paying close attention to folk who look wealthy enough. There seem to be a few in town, some are obviously passing through but at least three he marks are local nobles of some description.

Marking these folk, he gets close enough to listen in but doesn't pick up on much except a general sense of unease from the local. Everyone seems to be focused on the strange events that have been taking place since Lorimar's death. While the local yokles seem to be blaming the new folks in town, the sherriff and the local councilors apparently feel there is something more ominous occuring. Even the old priest of Pharasma has been suggesting influence from the old Haunted Prison may be suddenly reaching out to town.

The two councilors he tails for most of the way spend their conversation discussing this issue and whether they were going to send the sherriff and his men up to check it out. They seem to be of two minds on the idea though, with some concerns about how dangerous it is and whether it will leave the town undefended if the orcs raid.

"What we need is some capable folk who can check the place out and let us know what's occuring eh? These folks that Lady Lorrimar has staying with her seem likely enough, despite what the commoners think. Perhaps we should approach them at the feast tonight.?

He doesn't get more than that though, and really the rest of the day passes too rapidly to get decent info about any of teh buildings.

Brethan Snowspitter wrote:

Can i think on how the sheriff was able to come up without me knowing?

perception - d20+6
knowledge nature - d20+6

Diplomacy - d20

"Sheriff if that ale is in a quiet spot I will come have a drink with you. Though you owe me nothing for the help provided what do you know of the graffiti" [i](aggitatingly scratch at nuts)

On talking to sheriff I will not say much other than how I came to pay my respects. I will ask what the mood of the town folk is towards Kendra and whatever rumours he may know of.

As far as Brethan can tell, the Sheriff is just very good at moving quietly when he needs to.

The man nods, and takes the Barbarian over to the ale house where they spend some time swapping tales and generally staying out of trouble.

The Sheriff seemed like a stand up guy, having spent time hunting Orcs in the mountains in his youth, before moving to Ravengro a few years ago. His ability to track troublemakers and his knowledge of orc tactics made him a shoe in for the job when the old sheriff died in an orc raid. He'd held the position for 6 years now, and it looked like he knew his business.

By the time the feast and music was ready to start, the two of them had at least laid their respective concerns about each other to rest. In fact, Brethan had the feeling this man could be a good ally if needed. He seemed genuinely concerned about the strange markings and the way people had been acting in town recently, and he willingly shared this with Brethan by the time they'd drunk their third ale.

Evening, Ravengro day 6.

Choose one location to be at please. Choose this before reading the spoiler. Don't read the other spoiler. When you respond, can you please do so in your own spoiler tags to prevent others knowing what you chose. Ulric, if you're with Kendra still, please read the Feast as that is where she will be.

The Music Festival

The central part of town had a small stage errected for feast day. As the sun began to settle in the adternoon sky, a small group of the locals mustered on the stage with a selection of instruments. As one they struck up a lively tune and folks began to dance on the grassed area in front of the stage. The music was peculiar to the region, and the dances seemed to be of fixed patterns rather than the freeform dancing one saw in more metropolitan regions.

As the evening grew longer, the large farmhand in the back of the group stood up to play a melodic piece on his pipe. The song was sweet, and the folk in front began to dance in a slow circle, holding each close and smiling into each others eyes.

As this was happening, a low thrumming hum seemed to come from the edge of town, droning just in hearing range so that most people were just ignoring it.

Make a perception check please. No matter what result you get, you are aware that this humming noise is out of place so you can take actions as appropriate

You can be seated on the grass behind dances, dancing, leaning on the stage and watching musicians, or hanging back in the shadows when this all happens. Your choice.

The feast

The town hall has been opened wide and large trestle tables laden with various meats and vegetables has filled the place. The lines of pews have been pushed to the sides, allowing folks to move around the trestles and load up their bread trenchers with foods before sitting down along the walls and eating happily while mixing conversations.

At the end of the hall, sitting up on the raised daise, was a glamorous looking table where the local lords and rulers were seated. There were seven in total, including the Sherriff and Lady Lorrimar. Despite losing her father and the mistrust the locals seemd to recently have for her, it seemed the ruling elite of town still showed her respect.

Outside, the sound of music started up and progressed as people moved in and out of the hall. As meals were finished, the locals moved outside to dance and enjoy the evening which was unusually clear.

The sound of a sweet melody playing on a Pipe carried through the air, and everyone paused to listen to the talented player. As they did, the doors and windows to the hall all slammed shut at once, causing everyone in the hall to jump.

Perception checks please. No matter what you roll, be aware that this is a very unusual situation and so you can post a reaction accordingly.

For this situation you can think of yourselves as seated and eating, or at the tables getting food, or standing near Lady Lorrimar as a gard (but not on stage)

Note for both areas, the places are filled with people. Visiblity is normal.

Male Half-Elf Rogue / 2

Archeos will attend the feast seeing as how the councilors suggested they may wish to speak with us there

Mr DM:
If I get the chance I'd like to tell the others what I heard ... if not ... o well :)

Male Half-Elf Rogue / 2

Archeos, who was in the shadowiest local he could find (with the best lines of sight to escape routes and Lady Lorrimar) will immediately look around the room Perception:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (9) + 6 = 15. He will then get up and move to try and get a better look around the room and at the people in it. Archeos is specifically looking for anyone of note (officals or anyone who looks out of place or not surprised), trying to get a better look at the main doors and will be moving in an attempt to look like he's just trying to get more food Bluff:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14
Second Perception: aimed specifically at the front doors:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

Female Half Elf Wizard / 1

Koal is where ever Kendra is. Perception check 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13, Spellcraft check 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (2) + 12 = 14, Knowledge Arcana Check 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (12) + 8 = 20, Intelligence Check 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5, (which ever applies). If Kendra hasn't already noticed the phenomenon, she will make her aware. Then she was cast detect magic, and observe the area in general.

Male Gnome Oracle

I was attending the music festival.

Perception roll 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (13) + 8 = 21

Because I consider myself a bit of a musician I will be leaning on the stage and watching musicians.

If there are other members of the group at the dance, I will move toward them, to see if they can hear the hypnotic background hum.

Then as a group, we or just me, can move quietly to investigate.

Stealth roll 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (12) + 1 = 13

further perception 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11

Sence motive 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

Female Half Elf Wizard / 1

OK, so I didn'r read everything before responding, even the bit I was supposed to... what can I say. What is the 'rule' for changing your actions? Obviously, Koal will NOT be casting a spell in a dining hall filled with people (if I can correct her actions). Alternatively, she will get up, and go have a look outside, perception check of 13 still stands? If she is able to cast detect magic without everyone being aware of her casting (paranoid locals and all), she will do so.

My apologies Mr. DM :)

Koal wrote:

OK, so I didn'r read everything before responding, even the bit I was supposed to... what can I say. What is the 'rule' for changing your actions? Obviously, Koal will NOT be casting a spell in a dining hall filled with people (if I can correct her actions). Alternatively, she will get up, and go have a look outside, perception check of 13 still stands? If she is able to cast detect magic without everyone being aware of her casting (paranoid locals and all), she will do so.

** spoiler omitted **

Hehe, so consistent Dave, even in a PbP :) . I'll use your new action when I've heard from the others, specifically Ulric, as I think Chris and Con are on holiday still.

Female Half-Elf Cleric/2

For the DM, Eh!:
After the heavy news of losing a friend and having to afront misguided locals at the funeral Lucem thinks that watching the music festival will brighten her spirits and hopefully improve her opinions of the locals. Well knowing there will always be some misguided fools in any group to sour the whole.
Lucem will stay back from the stage to be able to watch the whole stage and take in the ceremony of the dancers. She'd note that the structured dance would be similar to ones of older times that greeted the starting of the seasons.
Perception 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13
Can I hold on my action till I know what I perceive? If not.....I might ask a local nearby about the noise or go investigate, I'd prefer to investiagte with someone I know, can I see any others from my group that I can team up with? Jusst giving you options incase I cant get online.

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Unbreakable) 2

As you suggested Prime, Ulric remains with Kendra.

Ulric has remained within a manageable yet respectable distance of Kenra the entire day. He was well use to his role but not so much in densely populated surrounds. Regardless, the signs he was looking for were all the same. He managed to pick at the food, never letting himself be truly preoccupied by the food.

Perception 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4

Everyone freezes when the doors and windows slam shut. Ulric too is taken completely unaware by the event. He was not expecting anything like that to occur. Reflexively his hands immediately fall to his flail and he leaves his shield upon his back for the time being.

He calls to Kendra. "Come to me my lady. Keep low till we know what this is." Ulric then scans the crowd giving warning eyes to all and decides to equip his shield.

Male Human Barbarian lvl 1

I am in the dining hall at the feast. Getting something to eat after my ales and chat with the sheriff.

perception -1d20 + 9 ⇒ (13) + 9 = 22

I look around for the cause of the seemingly rude interruption. I recall the hand that seemed to have a mind of its own in a graveyard not that long ago.

I put my food down and head towards the nearest wall checking my weapon as I go.

unless the DM has already had plans for me in my absence

The music Festival


Malstrom and Lucem looked around for the sound of the humming noise. Both of them catch sight of two bloated looking insects drop from the shadowy eaves of a nearby house and look around momentarily at the crowd. Their wings beat in a strange harmony to the music of the piper. Both Malstrom and Lucem realised these creatures must be at least the size of a halfling for the two of them to see them so clearly from this distance. They had to act fast, for it was clear the creatures intended to attack the nearby citizens any second now.

You guys both spotted them and have higher intitiatives. No magic in the air as far as you can tell. You both know roughly where you are in relation to each other. The place is roughly filled with people, which I'm not going to place as it will crowd the map. At the moment, movement is as normal, but when the crowd panics, it will be halved due to difficult ground unless you can muscle or dodge your way through. Take actions as you will

Map link

The feast hall

People stood looking at the doors and windows in some confusion, unsure as to what had happened.

Brethan's natural instincts told him trouble was coming and as he moved towards the wall, he noticed the nearest lantern beginning to flair with heat.

Ulric was caught off guard, but still had the presence of mind to call Kendra to him. The young woman stodd to aquiesce, a look of concern on her face at the strange event.

Koal moved to the window, looking out carefully and wondering if she should cast magical sight to see what was occuring, but events moved so fast that her spell wasunable to come to fruition.

Archeos caught sight of the lanterns falring momentarily before the things exploded into flame, covering the walls and at least on of the locals in incedary oil and lighting the hall up brighter than should be possible.

Ok, the lanterns explode in energy showeing nearby areas in flame. On the map, the square affected by flame has a torch in it. The flame closest to Brethan has a burning citizen in it. You can choose to save them but need to take a reflex save of 15 or get bunrt in the process.

For this round, only Brethan and Archeos can act as they saw the flames coming. After that, Everyone goes at a higher initiative than my fires any way. So, I need two actions from archeos and Brethan, and one action from Ulric and Koal. Cheers

Map link

Map link for feast hall (hopefully)

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Unbreakable) 2

Ulric involuntarily and only momentarily ducks low at the sound of the explosions. Having seen the torch explode he knew panic may ensue so his eyes stay toward Kendra, he remains where he is.

Perception 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 = 13

Male Human Barbarian lvl 1

Reflex - 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18
Shemaks balls, she's burning! Get me flour" yells Brethan

Brethan reaches in to grab the young lady alight in the flames of the exploded lanterns. He grabs her and....(previews reflex roll)
...throws her to the ground rolling her to extinguish the flames.

Brethan then gets to his feet and readys for battle, still unsure how to fight back against a flame.

"Flour people, douse the flames with flour" yells Brethan
Intimidate - 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26

Male Half-Elf Rogue / 2

Archeos will go to the nearest table and grab flasks of any drinks he can see and then throw them on the fire at J11.

Low wisdom = use water to put out fire

Presuming this has a positive effect he will continue with this course of action ... failing that he will head Brethan's advice and grab any flour like substance he can find and try to put out the fire.

Male Gnome Oracle

Malstrom quickley strides over toward the middle of the room, looking to meet up with Lucum (m,18).

When in motion Malstrom will discretely draw his dagger and equip his Buckler.

At this stage I do not want to alarm the crowd as I do not want a stampede.

Female Half-Elf Cleric/2

Lucem will move forward to N19 and figure that together with Malstrom their chances would improve. Depending on how busy it is where she is in relation to the crowd will dictate whether Lucem withdraws her scimitar. If most of the crowd is between the two and the stage Lucem will draw the scimitar with her offhand so as to draw as little attention as possible. What will a perception at this distance reveal? 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (15) + 6 = 21

Female Half Elf Wizard / 1

As Koal made it to the window (but unable to cast detect magic), I have assumed she is able to see outside.

Perception check for outside: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14. Can she see the 2 bugs? Is she aware of the link between the piper and the creatures? Is the piper one of the 2 farm-boy brothers?

If yes to the above, she will inform the guys inside the feast hall whats going on.

If no to the above, seeing the guys have control of the flaming girl, she will still endeavor to find out whats happening outside.

I am making another assumption, that people in the feast hall, other than ourselves, will attempt to put out any fires?

The Music Festival(Lucem and Malstrom)

The pair of adventurers moved through the crowd in a hurried fashion, readying themselves for trouble when they saw the insects come into view. Neither of them wanted to panic the dancers and other festival attendees, but all hopes of that shattered when the giant creatures swooped.

They were roughly the size of large dogs, with huge leathery wings. Long and pointed proboscis pretruded from their heads, and their segmented eyes gleamed dully in the evening light as their heads scanned the crowds for victims. Almost as if fated to do so, the insects' vision fell upon the two travellers and they closed rapidly.

Segmented leg tried desperately to grasp the two, but the things missed as they swooped past and up, out of reach.

You will need to ready actions to attack these things unless you have ranged attacks. They effectively hover 15 feet above you and make swoop attacks to try and grapple, at which point they stick those needle noses in and suck blood. You now recognise them as stirges.

Map link

The feast hall(Brethan, Koal, Archeos and Ulric)

The feast hall rapdily filled with screams and the press of people who desperately pushed towards teh exits. The double doors to the hall seemed to be held with some preternatural strength however, and despite numerous people pushing, the things wouldn't budge.

Brethan had managed to drag the woman nearest him out of the flames and rolled her around to smother the flames. She lay at his feet, groaning and clutching her burned face and arms to he. She was alive, but needed medical attention rapidly in order to survive the night. Around him, people were cowed into action as he screamed orders into their faces. Three or four of the townsfolk looked desperately for flour or dirt to throw over the flames but there was nothing at hand. The big barbarian did notice large tapestries haning on the walls though. Whatever they were made from, the fire wasn't consuming them with any ease at all. Maybe they could help with the flames.

Archeos had responded to the call, but had merely grabbed the nearest liquid he could find. Throwing with with some force, he watched in horror as the liquid merely spread the oil from the lantern all the more across teh wall and floor. People screamed even louder and rushed against the thief as the area near him erupted into flame.

Ulric watched as Kendra rushed from the stage and leapt into his arms. She looked panicked, and clung to him desperately, pinning his sword arm in her fear. Ineed, the amount of fear in the room was disturbing. These people were on edge even more than he though, and for a frontier town used to raids from Orcs, this type of disorganised fear was not what the warrior expected at all.

Koal found she wasn't looking at the show grounds at all, but rather found herself staring up at the looming shadow of the old Prison itself. A shadow seemed to hang over the place, darker than the sky around it, as if great clouds had accumulated over just this part of town and threatened to release a torrent of hate and malice. As she stared, she noticed two sparks of fiery red racing down the hill towards her positon. At first she didn't know what she was seeing, but as they drew nearer, the wizard realised she was seeing two flaming skulls hurtling through the air. Insticntively the young elf woman knew they were coming towards her position. If she hurried she thought she could get off one long range spell before they arrived, but it would be a close thing.

Ok, the place is now considered difficult terrain as the townsfolk panic. Each square of movement costs twice as much to move through. Ulric is grappled at moment, but it shouldn't be too hard to break it. This may cause Kendra to become more fearful though. Brethan and anyone else who wants to can attempt to rip down a tapestry and use it to beat flames out. Move action to rip down a tapestry, strength check of 12 needed to do so. Standard action to use it beat out flames. Reflex save of DC 14 to beat flames out without getting burned yourself. If you fail, the flames go out, but you take d3 fire damage (you can roll).

Koal, there are two skulls coming towards the place very rapidly. You can cast a spell at medium range or longer and it has a chance to hit. There is a shut window in front of you, but most magic can pretty much blast though it. You'll only get one off before they come through the nearby windows. This may put you in harms way of they come at your window though.

Map link

Female Half Elf Wizard / 1

Round 1. Protection from Evil

Round 2. Magic Missile @ skull 1d4 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

Round 3. Force Bolt @ Skull 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2 ...etc

Last post for 2 weeks; off to NSW.

Male Half-Elf Rogue / 2

Archeos wil move to grab the nearest tapestry and use it to try and smother he flames.

Strength - 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 2 = 16
Reflex - 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14

Woooo .... I pass .... Thought I was going to have to cut a tapestry down

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Unbreakable) 2

With no immediate threat to himself or Kendra, Ulric is not too concerned about Kendra's panicked grappling for now. He attempts to use his composure to calm the clinging female.

"Calm yourself lady for your panic may prevent me being able to defend us both."

He looks about whilst he is hampered for any emerging threat within the room.

Perception 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 2 = 15

Female Half-Elf Cleric/2

Lucem mentally curses herself for leaving her crossbow in her room at Kendra's Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! No, I won't need any more weapons. No, there won't be anything wrong at a festival. No, nobody will cause harm somewhere with so many people. Stupid!
She draws her scimitar no longer concerned for causing panic A scimitar or a pair of flying, blood sucking, killing bugs. Yeah, right how much panic am I going to cause?
Lucem turns to Malstrom I'm going to cast shield of faith on myself and try to draw them down so we can hit them. Unless you have something hidden under that dagger that can get them from here?
Lucem casts shield of faith on herself. AC is now at 16.
If Malstrom doesn't have any other ideas Lucem will try to get the attention of the bugs.
Mr. DM can I do all this in one go (cast and draw weapon)? If not I'll take the shield over the weapon. Also is there anything hanging up i.e. streamers that would cause the bugs to fly lower for longer?

Male Human Barbarian lvl 1

Intimidate 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25
"I need a Cleric or healer now!. This woman needs help." yells Brethan

Brethan then grabs at a tapestry to smother the closest flames.

Strength - 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9
reflex - 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

"Ahh the effort of grabbing that woman has dulled my effort. I must do better. I can't even pull this stinking tapestry off the wall"

Male Gnome Oracle

Sorry Lucem, I have nothing to that can damage them from a distance. We are just going to have to skewer them before they drain our carcuses dry

Malstrom readies an attack for when they swoop past. He will also fight defensively.

1d20 + 0 ⇒ (9) + 0 = 91d3 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5

Been having more trouble with the boards and the map tool this week. Stupid computers. Going to update this without maps sorry. Assume everything is within at aleast move distance of you for teh following encounters. That should simplify things a little.

The music festival (Malstrom and Lucem)

The fat insects continued to buzz menacingly around the two companions, barely holding their postion as their distended abdomens weighed them down.

Malstroms defensive stance allowed him to avoid the creature facing him, but he was so busy keeping it at bay that he failed to land a blow either.

Lucem was less fortunate. Despite her protective wards, the damnable thing latched its barbed legs to her and its needle like proboscis sunk into her neck. Her head felt immediately dizzy as blood began to siphon rapidly into the creatures body. (Lucem takes 1 con damage. Remember to modify fort saves if necessary).

One is still hover attacking Malstrom. Lucem is grapple attacked. She will need to make a CMB attack vs its CMD of 9 to rip the thing off. Lucem can't attack it except for this, but Malstrom can. Its AC is effectively 12 while grappled, but a critical miss will hit Lecem instead !

The feast hall(Koal, Brethan, Ulric and Archeos)

Archeos beat at the flames near him, putting out one patch without too much difficuly, but watching as another part spread nearby. His earlier efforts had left him in trouble in terms of he spread of the fire, but he realised if he focused his efforts now, then he could put this part out soon enough and rush to another part.

Brethan's strength failed him as the firm material of the tapestry held firm against his ministrations. He bellowed in frustration, but then two other pairs of hands gripped the thing and helped him tear it down. Two of the townsfolk nearby had rushed in to help him, more scared of this raging hulk of a man than they were of the fire itself. Between them, these three could make great headway against the fire if they could focus their efforts.

Unfortunately, at this point a new force entered the hall. With a piercing scream of cackling insanity, two fiery skulls burst through the windows of the great hall. One of the things punched cleanly through the chest of a man who had been trying to open the window they came through. His eyes widedn in shock as he looked down at the gaping hole, its edges blackened and seared from the intense heat of the skull. He topple sideways, dead before he hit the ground.

Koal had just managed to put up a protective wards on herself when the skulls burst into the room. She saw the man fall and grimaced at the mess. This was getting worse in a hurry.

Ulric continued to hold Kendra in a protective grasp, though now he realised his situation was less tenable. The two skulls represented a serious threat that he couldn't defend against with this woman clutching him in her terrified graasp.

Ok, Brethan and Archeos can easily fight fires now, putting out two pathces a round of focused fire fighting. ALternativel, they can try to rope locals into by diplomacy or intimidate which then frees them up to fight. A DC 14 check is required to succeed, which then lets you act normally for the round.

Koal is going to arcane blast one of the skulls, but it won't drop it. Ulric needs to beat a CMD of 10 to get out of Kendra's grasp. Once he does he can act normally as well (she isnt a combatant so I'm ruling its a free action to try and break free. If you fail teh free test, you can make a normal test as well, but that means you can't do anyhting else for the round except move.)

Remember, each of you can effectively reach at least one skull or a patch of fire, for ease of use without a map to reference.

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Unbreakable) 2

"Kendra, let go right now or you will die for the sake of your crazed panic!"

Diplomacy 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (5) + 0 = 5

If she refuses to release then he will remove her.

CMD 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14

He will then remain between Kendra and any threat, not moving more than 10ft from her side.

Male Half-Elf Rogue / 2

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (7) + 1 = 8

You lot fight the fires, we'll kill the skulls!

Attack: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20
Damate: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6
Sneak: 1d6 ⇒ 1 I can always dream

Archeos draws his short sword and strikes at the flaming skulls.

To do list: Kill these things, put out fires, berate idiot villagers

Male Gnome Oracle

Malstrom leaving all sense of self preservation behind (not defencive this round) lunges forward to slice the discusting insect away from Lucum.

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 131d6d3 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6

Female Half-Elf Cleric/2

Lucem feels the shield envelope just as one of the bugs flies straight for her. She doesn't dug in time, she feels the hooks on the bugs feet take hold of her skin and secure themselves. For a moment there's a piercing pain in her shoulder which is suddenly followed by a warmness and a sense of nothing wrong with her shoulder. The realisation that the bug had embedded its proboscis into her shoulder was quickly followed by a feeling of being....Its draining me!!. Lucem could start to feel weakness creeping in. As Malstrom Lunged at the bug draining her, Lucem struggled to wrestle herself from its grasp. Not able to effectively use the blade of her scimitar, she could only pummel it with the handle and the flat of her blade.
CMB 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 2 = 15

The music festival

Lucem screamed and struggled against the horror of being drained by the overlarge insect. With a great heave, she wrenched it from her body, tearing the proboscis out with a gout of blood.

The creature buzzed angrily in her hands momentarily, and then Malstroms sword punched through its abdomen, again spraying the priestess in her own blood.

The thing stopped moving and hung limply in her hands and she dropped it in revulsion.

Almost imediately, the other insect buzzed in, grasping Malstroim this time and sinking its needle nose into his neck. Lucem could see the read ichor flow through the hollow tube and watched in horror as its stomach began to distend with its feeding.

Same rules for Malstrom here. Grappled and being drained. You've lost one Con damage at this stage.

Go ahead and read the section below as well. However, neither of you are aware of the situation arising there yet.

The feast NPCing Brethan and Koal for this scene to keep us moving

As the flaming skulls burst into the room, the fires flared with renewed life. The shattered glass allowed the outside air to flow in and fan the flames with oxygen.

Ignoring this for the more obvious threat of the skulls, Brethan, Koal and Archeos all unleashed attacks against them. The horrible visages were terrifyin to look upon it seemed, but were hardly a match for these three. Both of them exploded under the onlsaught, setting more fires where the flaming skulls crashed into the floor of the hall.

The destruction seemd to end the hold on the main doors however, for they suddenly gave way under the combined weight of those trying to get free. The cool air of the evening rushed in, even as the townsfolk rushed out.

The relief for those who had fled was temporary though. The light of the blazing hall behind them cast an eerie light over a scene of horror that staggered down the main road from the Dead lands. The shambling corpses of a hundred dead townsfolk moved in jerky spasms, their bodies in various states of decay. As the townsfolk rushed from the hall, a mass of groans and tormented half screams rose from the dead, and their pace quickened. They could smell the living and the flesh enticed them forwards.

Ok, so I moved that along after a rouond where everyone seemed to hit the skulls. When I NPC PC's they're more effective than my Witch damnit!

Let's assume everyone is out side and grouped towards the rear of the crowd, and can see the undead horde descending on them. You need to thinkg Dawn of the Dead or walking dead here. Fighting this many zombies would not be conducive to good health.

It is heavy twilight, the people around you are panicked and you are a little disoriented from the fire fighting and current situation. What will you four do now?

For all of you to read

I'm going to run this next section without a map at this stage. This is to help represent the chaos of what's going on and will make it far more realistic in terms of getting separated and lost, a real possability at this stage. I'll describe options based on certain rolls I'm going to make for you.

Some times I'm going to spoiler info for a player, please ensure that only the player named reads this. These games are far more effective when you truly don't know the info behind a spoiler.


Male Gnome Oracle

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (12) + 4 = 16

Although he new the attack was coming, it still toke Malstrom totally by suprise, the sickening feeling of the like blood being drained from body. Malstrom hurled abuse at the bulbourus bug in a language no could make out. He reached over his head with 2 hands grabbing the hideous insect and ripping the needle from his neck.

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Unbreakable) 2

Ulric's focus is purely on getting Kendra out of town and back home.

Intimidate to get people to move 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20

Female Half-Elf Cleric/2

Still feeling lightheaded and slightly sickened with the thought of the long preboscus draining her life, Lucem turns to Malstrom to see the same thing happening to him. Watching the abdomen contract severel times then start to enlarge as it started to turn red almost made Lucem bring up the feast she had eaten earlier. Malstrom's abusive language brings Lucem to reality and seeing the probuscus being pulled from Malstrom's neck Lucem takes the oppurtunity to strike at the bug. The red, fat abdomen presents itself as a ripe target. Lucem swings her scimitar upwards, accelerating all the way to the bug.......
Attack: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22
Confirm crit: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14

Even tho we did crits last night. I forget what the damage is going to be and I can't remember what the AC is for the bugs. My scimitar damage is 1d6+2. Could you do the combat scene for me? Can there be a lot of blood if I rupture the abdomen, please. :) cheers. Or alternately I can do it if I do kill the bug.

Male Human Barbarian lvl 1

"Sheriff where do we rally? What is the town strongpoint?" yells Brethan as he thinks rapidly for the best tactic to employ.

"I wonder if we can burn them all, or do we run" Brethan thinks to himself

DM how far are Lucem and Malstrom from where we are??

Busy weekend, update coming tomorrow

For all to read

As Malstrom ripped the offensive creature from his neck, Sabreen returned the favour of slaying the creature for him. The stench of acids and rotting blood flowed over the litte halfling as the creatures distended abdomen ruptured. Red blood and strings of clotted gore rained over the little man and for a moment he gagged.

The two travellers looked at each other in shock for a moment, both of them spattered in their own partially digested blood. A rushing woomp of noise made them turn and they watched as red flames leaped into the air from the town hall.

A large group of townsfolk had fled to the front of the building but were now running and screaming towards the dancing square. Beyond them, just viisible in the light of the fire, a horde of shuffling dead moved inexorably down the road to feast on the living.

Ulric threatened, cajoled and barged his way through the panicking crowd, dragging Kendra with him. His shield was slung, but his weapon remained tight in his grip. The girl was moving along with him now, finally beginning to get her wits about her.

"We need to get to my house immediately!" she shouted over the noise. "My father may have had some things that can help break the enchantment animating those poor dead things"

Ulric certainly wasn't arguing, he had been dragging her in that direction from the start. He could vaguely hear the sound of breathing beind him as Archeos also followed along. The roguish man had his weapons drawn as well, but for once he wasn't trying to stick to the shodows, but just ran for his life.

Brethan bellowed over the noise of the crowd to get the Sheriff's attention. The lithe police man turned and looked around, pointing back up the hill towards the stone building of the Church of Pharasma. "With the town hall burnt, the church is our safest building. We must get the people moving their. Surely the priests can stop these things."

He moved amongst the crowd then, yelling and cajolling the townsfolk to try and get them heading in one direction. A sudden red flare of light burst up into the air then, drawing the crowds attention to the sheriff. Koal had sent up a flare to get the attention of the crowd nearby and it seemed to be working.

In the magical light, Brethan had seen something more concenring though. A small group of children stood huddled in terror slightly apart from the crowd. No one seemed to be with them and the children merely huddled in the shadows of the nerest building as the sounds of screaming and the roaring flames terrified them. They certainly weren't moving towards the Church.

Well, you can flee, help move the crowd, try and slow the zombie advance, round up stragglers, assist a couple of the elderly, search for a few folks who weren't in the immediate area, carry a couple of kids or try something of your own devising. Things are going to get a little chaotic from this point.

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