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Carrion Crown adventure path -

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male Human

I don't suppose we could have a map of the town. If we have already had one then please point me in the right direction.

I am actually thinking of running, split the two groups of zombies and head to flank them then proceed to the professors house??

Other option is to climb. If we can get onto the roof of something with a one way access then Archeos and I should be able to hold them off until which point I am hoping for them to all crumble to dust!! hehehe

Before I did that I would like to see the topography and a map would certainly assist.

I have a ravengro map, but am not sure where we are or what building we are near in relation to zombies etc.

I'll try to put something together for you on maptools Creed's.

I'm deliberately not putting your locations on the Ravengro map to simulate the lack of knowledge you all have about town and the chaos this attack would cause for you, particularly at night time.

I'll have something wipped up soonish.


male Human

Ahh no probs mate. If we are meant to be confused then that's cool. Don't go spending time on map tools and such.

Male Human DM/32

And may we not die before we get to level 2.

DM_Waife_the_BiPolar wrote:
And may we not die before we get to level 2.

Death is a risk I'm willing to take with your characters (hehe).

I've designed this as a fairly balanced encounter for each group, assuming they don't end up making real stupid choices. Might be tight though.


Female Half-Elf Cleric/2

Hey DM,
What is around us at the bridge? Is the bridge over a river/stream or a moat type setup? How fast is the water flowing? Is there a wall stopping us from going over the side of the bridge or the river? Are there any obstacles blocking our escape?
Also do you want these sort of questions asked here or in the main dialogue?

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Unbreakable) 2

Are we level 2 yet?

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Unbreakable) 2

I'm getting ahead of myself. The profs going to kill me.

I've been amazingly uninspired to write anything or even think of anything roleplay related lately sorry. Not sure if holidays will make that go away, but will try to pick up my responses somewhat to this game.

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Unbreakable) 2

No probs Mr T. Any response is good.

Ok, here's a rundown of the loot you found at the old crypt a fews days past

A fair amount of useful material remains, including;

a dozen silver arrows,
four sunrods,
six flasks of holy water,
10 +1 arrows,
five +1 ghost touch arrows,
two +1 undead bane arrows,
five potions of cure light wounds,
two potions of lesser restoration,
a scroll of detect undead,
two scrolls of hide from undead,
a scroll of protection from evil,
an ioun stone that works like a floating torch (already claimed by Brethan I believe)

and a thin darkwood case decorated with an image of a scarab with a single eye glaring from its back—the same design that appears on the cover of the Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye among the books in the professor’s collection. The darkwood case is worth 50
gp, and contains three objects of interest—a spirit board with a brass spirit planchette, and four iron and glass vials containing tiny, churning clouds of vapor. The vials sit in velvet-lined indentations to the left of the spirit board and planchette, along with six empty indentions.

Note that the vials and the spirit planchette radiate necromantic magic. The planchette can be used to ask spirits simple questions. The vials are used in fighting nasty spirit emanations known as haunts. In game terms Haunts are like magic traps but can't be disarmed or dispelled.

- The village offers some mundane gear as well.
Anything you can think will be useful for 20gp or under. Note this is a loaner, and will need to be returned if possible at the end of the game. For ease, we can assume you will have it if it comes up.

The local alchemist has a few potions of Alchemists fire and acid flasks (3 of each). She makes a gift of them to you, and this amounts to a serious outlay for someone like her in a small town.

The elderly Lord Rendall gifts his old Master work suit of Half Plate and Master Work Heavy steel shield to Ulric (who's the only one who can use it I believe, especially since its human sized). Again, this is a loaner, and Lord Rendall would like it returned assuming you survive.

The church also supplies a wand of cure light wounds with 25 charges. I think both Lucem and Malstrom can use that.

The Sheriff provides Archeos with a "special set of Keys", which are in fact masterwork thieves tools. His own set in fact.
The dwarf who runs the forge in town took a shine to Brethan as well, she offers him a masterwork weapon for use (which ever is your weapon of preference).
Koal is provided a wand of shocking grasp with 15 charges by Kendra. However this is a second level casting so it does 2d6 damage.

Can folk reply in this thread with items they wish to claim, or maybe something they'd like to buy. Once I've heard from everyone, we'll move along to the Gaol itself.

Male Half-Elf Rogue / 2

I can use the arrows ... I'm not sure if anyone else in the group is an archer.

I also have use magic device ... so I might(emphasis on might ... cause my luck sucks big time atm) be able to lighten the load on the casters a bit.

Male Human (Varisian) Fighter (Unbreakable) 2

Interested in Sunrods x2, Cure Light x1.

Just letting the two of you who've replied know tht I'm still here. Waiting on some response from the others before moving on. It is the time when folks travel though, not surprising things are quiet.


ok, I heard from Lucem via email so that makes 4 players good to go.

I'll update in game thread later today, including some links to help you plan your approach and some more info that the townsfolk give freely after Malstroms stirring speach.

I'm guessing Brethan (creedo) is still busy doing family and holiday stuff, so will NPC him if needed til his return.

Haven't heard form Dave (Koal) at all. He was busy leading into this holidays though, so maybe that's why. I'll try and catch up with him sometime to see how he's travelling. (My lack of mobile makes that harder than I thought, truth be told.)


Female Half-Elf Cleric/2

Can I grab the wand, or would you like to roll for it Malstrom? I've just learnt hide from undead, so someone else can take those scrolls, unless ofcourse I'm one of the few who can read them. Can I grab some of the holy water and if noone wants to carry the box with the two vials and spiritual communications I;ll take it.

This heat is so draining. Will hopefully have somehting more comprehensive soon.

An interesting thing about the vials is that once they've been used to defeat a Haunt or spiritual emanation, they become loaded with necrotic energy. They can then be thrown like grenade weapons and cause d6 necrotic damage if they hit, with a splash effect.

Holy water is going to be the same. It acts like a grenade when thrown at undead, so backline folks are best taking them, since the others will be up in the faces of the enemy.

(Best thing about holy water is that it doesn't damage your friends with its splash. Things like acid flasks and achemists fire do though. So be aware of that )

And i agree about the heat. Lucky im on holidays in air conditioned comfort BWAHAHAHAHAHahahaha......errrr, sorry.


Male Human Barbarian lvl 1

Heat....what heat?. DM what does having a masterwork weapon mean for me?

Can i get 2x sun-rods, and a cure light. What does a potion of lesser restoration do??

Also just to fill you in I was up at gympie from Christmas til NYE, then have been working (did NYE at gold coast 8p-4a), since then and connie broke her leg (at the ankle) yesterday! So it's all go here.
I still have to level Brethan to 2 but hopefully will dig out that rulebook of yours and do that tonight. Can I get my weapon blessed by the clerics right at the start of our day so that it acts like a holy weapon against undead!?!?!?

I would also like to clarify the following words and how I have interpreted them:
teh - the
ehr - her
ususal - usual

I hope i got that right.....hehehe

<sigh> My typing sucks at the best of time hehe. Yes, that's most likely the correct interpretation of those words.

A masterwork weapon adds +1 to hit, but not to damage.

You can take the items you've asked for, though remember you have the floating Ioun stone that acts like a torch as well, so the sun rod may be superfluous (except as a throw down the long tunnel flare type of thing I guess).

Lesser restoration restores ability damage from things like poisons, drain, disease etc. Anything that puts negatives to a stat rather than hit points in fact.

Clerics can't bless your weapon as you've asked for :). However, you can coat a weapon in holy water so it does and additional d6 damage on the first successful hit, just like coating a weapon in poisons. This tactic also allows a non magic weapon to strike incorporeal undead, but once again, only for the first strike.

Man, your family must play rough, you guys are always breaking things. Hope she's ok mate. Let us know if you guys need a hand or anything while she's incapacitated.


Male Human Barbarian lvl 1

Thanks mate. I told her not to wrestle jack!! Just kidding. She actually did it just standing up from a sitting platform at Southbank...just her lucky day i suppose.

I suggest that the extra potions are carried by the clericy/healery person in the group to be dispensed as party loot when needed. Or I'll carry them if you like.

So I'll be carrying a masterwork greatsword then with a floating Ioun stone nearby....sun-rods are just for back up....just read some of my history and looks like i did claim the Ioun stone!!

Male Human Barbarian lvl 1

If I pray really hard whilst P I double 5'ing on my greatsword will that count as holy water.....or stagnant swamp water?

Female Half-Elf Cleric/2

If those arrows aren't needed by anyone else am I able to use them as bolts for a crossbow? I won't be greedy and take them all.

Female Half-Elf Cleric/2

Oh and good luck to Connie and the rest of the family Creeds. Since you have so many boys, get her a bell and they can wait on her.

Lets assume you can swap them to quarrels easily enough Lucem

You'll need to split them with Archeos though, as he's an archer rogue by trade.

Male Human Barbarian lvl 1

Hey Optimus, sorry, Narrator, i was wondering if there is any vantage point around this falling down building that would allow us to see into the second floor to try and decide if we are bothering with this building or not. I feel we are on the verge of chopping it down, as I don't think it wise to risk anyone walking into it anyone in the group able to fly??

Good question. Probably the balconies you've seen in the main prison may give you a better vantage point. No one can fly or levitate yet that I'm aware of.

I'm going to respond in game a little later today once I've worked a few things out. That will give you more thoughts on how to proceed I reckon.

Also, you could try boosting someone on a shoulder to seee inside the window maybe. The house is only a standard two stories, given how tall your barbarian is and maybe using Archeos or koal you could try a strength and accrobatics check to do the human pyramid thing. Lets say a strnegth check DC 10 and Accrobatics the same.


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