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A Coven of Queens

Game Master Nikolaus de'Shade

Four changelings enter the Stolen Lands...

A Coven of Queens Maps

Current Characters

Ishani Dhatri

Male Human Dungeon Master 2/Fop 1
(6,413 posts)
Changeling Cultist
Eliza Yarrow

Female Changeling (Green-born) Spiritualist//Hunter

played by inara14 (15 posts)
Galenna Icethrone
Evelynda Surtova

F Changeling Magus (Greensting Slayer / Kapenia Dancer) 1 // Witch (White-Haired Witch) 1 | HP 10/10 | AC 18/13/15 CMD 16 | saves +3/+2/+1* | Per +2* (darkvision 60') | Init +2

played by eriktd (57 posts)
GM Nikolaus 'the Grimm'

Talmandor's Bounty Map || A Coven of Queens Maps

played by Nikolaus de'Shade (398 posts)
Pontia Runario

Female Changeling(Annisborn) Fighter (Unbreakable) /Witch (Circle Warden) 1 HP: 12/12, | AC 16/12/14 | F: +3 R:+2 W: +2 (+ charm/+ compulsion) | Per: +0 | Init:+2

played by Mark Thomas 66 (166 posts)
Ropefist Thug
Serena Grabež

Female Changeling Rogue \\ Brawler | hp 13/13 | AC 17, touch 13, ff 14, CMD 15 | Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +2 | Init +3, Perception +6 (darkvision 60ft.)

played by leinathan (57 posts)

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