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[5E] Reclaiming Blingdenstone

Game Master Tieren

DnD Next/5E playtest!

Looking to see if anyone is running or looking to run a playtest pbp?

Nobody? Surprising!

Silver Crusade

Isn't it against the ToS of the playtest to run it on a non-WoTC forum?

I would be interested. Unless Xzaral is right, I'll have to read through it again. Couldnt we just move it there anyways?

I'm interested. Don't want to break any rules, though, so another forum might be a good idea.

I believe they opened it up, so long as you're not supplying th materials around yourself. I'll look into it more though.

Thats what it looked like when I read the ToS, but I could be wrong

I have seen them being run over at Myth-weavers and RPGnet

Ok so on the dnd next playtest FAQ page, towards the bottom it specifically states that you can run a game on a play by post forum. The only requirements is that we don't post the materials, and all players participating have to be signed up in the test.

So, who wants to make a game?!

Pathfinder Modules Subscriber

Depending on your posting requirements and geographical requirements i'm interested!

Count me in.

I haven't read through the whole packet yet, I'm fine with running as a player or the dm. Dmwise it might be a little more time prep wise to look through the packet. But again, I can do so if no one else would want to try to dm the new system.

I'm totally in!

DL'ing the packet now.

Wonderful. I'm at work for another few hours but I'll do some heavy reading on the packet to get this rolling more.

But just as an interest count we currently have;


The latest pack was the warlock on wasn't it?

Yep. Pack #2

Thread has gone a little quiet. I wanted to check back in and let you guys know things have been slightly hectic with work, I've started reading through the packets a little more throughly. How is everyone else doing with reading? Anyone have ideas about what they'll be playing? I've got a couple days off coming up so I'm hoping to create a game discussion thread shortly.

I actually haven't yet downloaded the packet... o_O Getting on that.

Im feeling fighter, sometihng simple. I havent played DnD in quite some time

Looking through all the various PDFs... A lot has changed. How do you want us to generate whatnot? Rolling for abilities, starting wealth, starting hp, that sorta thing.

I made a discussion thread for us, feel free to head on over....


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