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[5E] Reclaiming Blingdenstone

Game Master Tieren

DnD Next/5E playtest!

Welcome to the Discussion thread for the DnD Next/5E playtest game!

Still a work in progress here but I wanted to give you guys some stuff to work with to start conceptualizing on your side.

For character gen, you guys can use anything that is in the playtest packet. After all, what kind of a test would it be otherwise?

Starting points: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.
Starting equipment: Use either your class/background starting stuff or you can use 150 gold to set yourself up with the equipment page.
Specialties: Please feel free to use these.

Bottom line, I want to follow the test as closely as possible at least to start it off. It is an adventure that is broken up into six different chapters, obviously as it progresses we can house-rule and such as we feel fit.

Dotting. Will get post more after i get home from work.

Male Human Male Human Commoner 1

Dotting. Going fighter

Stat array:

15, 13, 14, 10, 12, 8

All i know right now

I'd like to try this. I downloaded the packet a while ago, but then deleted it because I had no one to play with. I'll have to look at it again before making a character.

DM Jelani wrote:
I'd like to try this. I downloaded the packet a while ago, but then deleted it because I had no one to play with. I'll have to look at it again before making a character.

sounds good, welcome!

There is so much goodness to choose from, but if nobody has their heart settled for a wizard, i would like to try one out.

Male Human Commoner 2/ Philosopher 2/ Gamer 5/ Writer 5

Seeing as we have a fighter and wizard spoken for already, and looking through the packet made me want to play it, I'm thinking I'll go rogue! Probably human, wood elf, or lightfoot halfling... I'll figure that out later on.

Can I just play the dwarf fighter pregen? I'd write a background for it and name it, but use the stats as presented.

Or if no one else is playing one, I could do the human cleric.

Male Human Mechanic /15, Father /15, Prof Gm /4.

Room for one more? My concept is a Hill Dwarf Sorcerer with the Knight background and the Guardian Specailty.

Str: 14
Dex: 13
Con: 12 (+1 race, +1 Class)
Int: 12
Wis: 8
Cha: 16 (+1 Class)

Shield and Battle Axe

Hey guys, sorry about the delay. Busy weekend with work (didn't get the time I had hoped.) pregens are totally fine with me! Kip, welcome! I think we have 6 with you but I haven't seen tocatta check in yet so that would put us at 5. I'm gonna start going through your characters here shortly. I know you guys are still working on fleshing them out and filling in points which is totally fine. I just want to get a look at it to see how generation goes as well.

I've been thinking about different concepts but i've finally settled for Atheron Uthlanist, a high elf wizard.

Atheron reached adulthood and left his elven home some thirty years ago. He has since then traveled the world observing the different sides of human society. Atheron quickly found that he could use his talent for magic to get by showcasing his art, at first as a street preformer and later as a stage magician. During these first years for his travels he went by the name Atheron the Magnificent, a name he kept even after his preformances got fewer and further between. He later became interested in anatomy when he practiced as a surgeon's assistant in the town mortuary. His interest grew and has for the past few years morphed into an unhealthy curiosity of the necromatic aspects of magic. As a result of his recent interest he has come to view human's (and similar humanoids) as tools and objects, rather than personalities.

Just to clarify, this is not going to be a evil character.

Atheron is quite tall and lean. He stands almost 6"4 but weights only 92 lbs. His continued endeavours with necromatic magic has brought some changes into his appearence. There are hints of grey in his otherwise raven black hair, and his skin is slowly turning more and more pale.

His appearence is not the only thing that has been effected by his necromatic studies. His demeanor is more distant and cold. He speaks efficiently and to the point, and is very correct when he adresses other people (at least as correct as i'm able to be, with english not being my native language and all that....). Atheron's research has also caused him to shred most feelings. This includes the tyranny of fear, with one major exception. He is terrified of wild animals. Any wild animals from the tiniest mouse to the largest bear. If he encounters any animal he will be unable to act rationally until the creature is gone or he is assured that the creature is domesticated. Oddly enought this phobia does not include magical beasts.

The stats portion:

Atheron Uthlanit the Magnificent
High elf Wizard (+1 Intelligence)

str 8
dex 14
con 10
int 17 (15 + 1 race + 1 class)
wis 12
cha 13

Hit points: 4
Magic attack bonus: +6
Melee attack bonus: +1
Ranged attack bonus: +4
AC: 12

Cantrips: Detect Magic, Light, Magic Missile, Mage Hand (from race)
Level 1 Spells: Sleep, Comprehend Languages, Cause fear

Speciality: Necromancer

Equipment: Spellbook (from class), replacement spellbook (75gp), Quarterstaff (8 sp), Traveler's clothes (2gp), Backpack (2gp), 4 belt pouches (4 gp), Bedroll (1gp), Blanket (5sp), Scroll case (1gp), 3 pieces of chalk (3cp), ink pen (2cp), two ink vials (20gp), Flute (2gp), Waterskin (2sp), 20 gp worth of ritual components which should leave me with 21 gp, 4 sp and 95 cp.

I'm abit at a loss what to use as a background. Do you have any suggestions?

If you think this is an ok concept i'll create the character profile.

By the way, are you able to add me as a player in this campaign? That way i can keep track of this thread in my "My campaigns" page.

I'm going on vacation tomorrow. I honestly won't have time for this until I get back on the 6th. If that's too long and you guys want to get started without me go ahead. I would be happy playing either the dwarf fighter or the human cleric. I could write a background for them, but since its a playtest in a generic setting it's not gonna be super detailed. (There are no details to attach the characters to. The cleric doesn't even have a deity!)

Male Human Mechanic /15, Father /15, Prof Gm /4.

Thanks :)

Harbek is the first son of Eberk, King of the Toruum clan. He was first in the order of Stone Wall, the clans knights, until his Draconic heritage showed itself. He still strives to protect and is a steadfast companion. He is loyal to his friends and a champion to the weak but when his will slips and his magic overpowers him he tends to become reckless and cruel. 

The mountain halls of Toruum were under attack, Harbek was with his father defending the main gates so far they had held the goblin invaders at bay. Suddenly a runner came up with a message. Eberk turned to his son. " They've blown a hole through the tunnel walls in the eastern network. Take 30 dwarves and stop them getting through! "

The eastern network was a newer section and the tunnels were already rigged to collapse should the worst happen. The fighting was bloody and the goblins outnumbered them but the dwarves fought well as a unit and for every dwarf that fell three goblins well with him. Still it wasn't enough, it looked like they'd need to collapse the tunnels... Harbek felt the rage welling up inside him, a cruelty that he'd never felt before. Fire burst forth from his hand scorching many goblins and a few dwarves who'd got in the way Oh well, that happens. Wait that wasn't right? thought Harbek. He broke ranks charging into the mods of the goblins, his battle axe swinging and chopping and more flames. He fought until there was nothing left to fight, he never could remember exactly what had happened that day only that his father had found him there still hacking at the mutilated goblin corpses, alerted to his condition by a trembling lieutenant.

His father knew all to well what was wrong with his son. It was written in their families cronicles. The Curse of the Dragon. " I should make you clanless for what you've done Harbek. You killed you own men! " Harbek hung his head in shame. " But I won't " Eberk continued. " You need to leave my halls though. I'll not have that curse under my mountain! Go out into the world and see if you can bring honor to your name somehow, search for a way to break the curse. "

Harbek's power comes from his great (many times) grandmother a wicked red dragon who disguised herself as a dwarf and married Kildrak the then king. He mined their mountain kingdom showering her with gifts. Her greed could not be sated and many years later the dragon revealed herself and destroyed the kingdom killing many dwarves. Once every five generations or so the curse of the dragon comes out. Harbek has the worst recorded case so far.

Like I said above I'm going for the odd mash up of Sorcerer with the background Knight and the speciality Guardian, I think it makes for a fun character.

I'll get the character written up under an alias :)

male Halfling (Stout) warrior levWarlock LVL-1

Healer, Sage, Warlock, Halfling (Stout)
Str;12+1 Hp;6 Ac;12 Weapons;Warpick, Sycthe, Armor;Leather, Shield,
Dex;10+0 Gear;Grappling Hook, Healing Kit, Hooded Lantern, Backpack, 5sp
he was born in a small village he hear of a way to help the gnomes who one of his mates was so he went.
(Will make beater) Made with 30gp

male Halfling (Stout) warrior levWarlock LVL-1

oops Did not mean to post hear.

Serpents Skull Fighter 1 | AC: 17, T: 12, FF: 15 | HP 12/13 | CMD: 16 | F +5, R +2, W +1 | Init: +2 | Perc: +3 (+2 Metal or Gems) | Hammers (5/5)

Not much movement here? but here's Kip84's character.

@ Patrik. I would suggest Sage. It doesn't fit perfectly but it would get you undead lore...

Male Human Commoner 2/ Philosopher 2/ Gamer 5/ Writer 5

Sorry it's been a bit! I have character stuff laid out on sticky notes on my computer, just haven't put them into an alias yet!

Male Human Mechanic /15, Father /15, Prof Gm /4.

Dm Nixon, are you still interested in running this? To be honest I wouldn' mind Gming.

I'm going to withdraw my participation from this game. There doesn't seem to be enough interest to get this off the ground which tells me that if this game got started the risk is high that it would die out within a few hundered posts.

Male Human

Did this game die?
I was following the recruitment a bit, and would love to get in on a DnD Next game. If you've lost your party's wizard, I'd gladly grab that role.

Just curious.

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