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Amazing 609 Now Available

Amazing Stories 609 Cover

Our Price: $3.00

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The March issue of Amazing Stories is now available exclusively as an online download here.

It's $3 for non-subscribers, and free to current subscribers (though it doesn't count against your subscriptions).

It's a full-length magazine, packed with the same content that it would have had, had it been printed as a regular issue. It includes brand-new short fiction from Ben Bova, Robert Sheckley, George Zebrowski, and Sarah A. Hoyt, as well as articles on Constantine, Clive Barker, Jeff Smith (Bone), A Sound of Thunder, and Son of the Mask. As usual, the issue is rounded out with news, reviews, a crossword, a Q&A with Lucius Shepard, and more.

Click here for details, and to purchase the issue.

We're still working on the future of Amazing Stories, though we don't have anything specific to announce at the moment. Rest assured, when there's news, it'll be posted here first.


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