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Amazing Stories™ and Undefeated® Going on Hiatus

Paizo Publishing uses break to examine unique opportunities

Paizo Publishing, LLC, publisher of special-interest gaming and entertainment magazines DRAGON®, DUNGEON®, Undefeated® and Amazing Stories™, announced today that it will temporarily suspend publication of two of its titles—Amazing Stories and Undefeated. Despite respectable sales and increasing circulation, both periodicals face substantial market pressures and competition. Paizo intends to use the break to explore unique opportunities to revamp and reposition each magazine.

“We remain quite proud of these titles, and are presently considering a number of options that should provide a long and exciting future for both magazines,” says Lisa Stevens, co-owner and CEO of Paizo Publishing. “Both Amazing Stories and Undefeated are doing well in their respective niches; nevertheless, we believe that they could be even more successful. We certainly value the support our subscribers and regular readers have shown to Amazing Stories and Undefeated, and we hope that this hiatus will be brief.”

Amazing Stories #608 went on sale January 4, with Undefeated scheduled to reach newsstands on January 18. These will be the last regular issues printed prior to the hiatus. As Paizo is still developing plans for the continued publication of both magazines, at this time subscriptions are not automatically being cancelled or transferred to other titles. Subscribers wishing to cancel their subscriptions can contact Paizo Publishing at Plans are also underway for subscribers and visitors to the Paizo e-commerce store-- obtain an exclusive e-copy of Amazing Stories #609 in early February. Back issues of both magazines are also available at the Web site.

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