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Word is Getting Out

Like the tortoise said, slow and steady wins the race

After more than two weeks of intense activity, we've finally got issue 608 pretty much finished and almost off to the printer. Though we can't reveal the contents just yet, rest assured, it has some truly exciting content (and that's not just marketing hype).

Yet, as refreshing as it is to have that hurdle nearly behind us, perhaps the best feeling we got this week came from reading a wonderful review of issue 605 posted on, a fun pop-culture Webzine. We were also recently critiqued at Tangent Online, a leading science-fiction review site, and we know a number of other print and electronic publications have got reviews on the way. Of those pieces that we have read thus far, nearly every review has been quite positive, which helps to confirm that we're on the right track with what we're doing.

However, as always, we know we can't do it without you, and we're eager to hear your input. Things get busy sometimes, and we may not post on the blog as often as we'd like (a situation that should change after the holiday crunch), but we're always reading and checking in on what's being said.

We care about science fiction, fantasy and supernatural storytelling, and know you do, too. Slowly but surely, we're making a difference.


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