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Catching up

Amazing Stories 607 Cover

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Sorry it's been so long since we updated the blog - things are a bit hectic here at Amazing Stories. Jeff, the new EIC, is still in the process of moving to Seattle, so we've had to telecommute with him for the past few weeks. He's in the offices for a week before heading back one last time before his early December move.

In the meantime, Theresa, the art director, is prepping for a short leave of absence, so we're trying to get as far ahead as we can while she's still here.

We're continuing to project ever further into the future, and now have a pretty solid feature list though issue 613, though fiction isn't slotted much further into the future than 610.

We're wrapping up 608 in the next few days, and it's looking very good.

607 should be in the postal system right now - we've posted the cover image and contents here. When you get your copy, let us know what you think on the messageboards!


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